My Childhood Friends Who I Thought Abandoned Me Are Obsessed With Me
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My Childhood Friends Who I Thought Abandoned Me Are Obsessed With Me

Read full chapter My Childhood Friends Who I Thought Abandoned Me Are Obsessed With Me, Light Novel My Childhood Friends Who I Thought Abandoned Me Are Obsessed With Me english, LN My Childhood Friends Who I Thought Abandoned Me Are Obsessed With Me, My Childhood Friends Who I Thought Abandoned Me Are Obsessed With Me Online, read My Childhood Friends Who I Thought Abandoned Me Are Obsessed With Me at Noble Machine translations.
날 버린 줄 알았던 소꿉친구들이 내게 집착한다
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2023 Native Language: Korean Posted by: Noble nible Posted on: Updated on:
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Synopsis My Childhood Friends Who I Thought Abandoned Me Are Obsessed With Me

Didn’t you guys hate me?

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  1. G says:

    Up until chapter 40 or so is good, but it really loses everything it had going for it in the academy section .

  2. Lio says:

    please upload New chapters

  3. Lio says:

    its a good story hope to see the new chapters

  4. Kyryuu says:

    Actualizar por favoooor

  5. Kim dahshi says:

    Ok now why don’t up again please update come on

  6. Primordial noir says:

    Guys, honestly it’s a very good novel for a romantic one. There is the tsundere and jealous fights, but it’s mainly focused on romance and it’s a harem.Well those who like harem can dig in immediately. Although it’s quite slow.

  7. rob z rob z says:

    And the p!sser of it is that there are kernals of a good story here, if the author had just focused on that one aspect and not blended this all together in a generic harem mess. If the story was just about Cecilia and Chloe and the misunderstandings with the MC, and seeing how the two women develop given their political constraints, that would have been a great story. Or if it was just Ennis and became more a romcom like “I met the demon lord at the academy and she fell in love with me”, that could have been fun as well. Or if Yujin (Eugene) … nope, sorry, no way to fix that dumb@ss story – she needs her gender revealed and to get friendzoned ASAP.

  8. rob z rob z says:

    I was a fan of this first part of this novel. However, the novel’s academy arc in this latest update goes downhill rapidly. It’s becoming much more like a (bad) Japanese web novel: MC is now a colossally dense MC, the plot has degenerated to nothing more than a generic ambiguous harem novel set in a fantasy academy setting, and the female MCs are losing any real character development but instead are defined by nothing more than their desire for the MC. The pre-academy arc and maybe the first couple chapters of the academy arc were a solid 7.5/10. The latest update is 3-4/10.

  9. I think it’s still an enjoyable read.

  10. bruh says:

    So-so average novel.
    Forced misunderstanding galore from the two childhood noble girls with a crush on mc, which could had never happened had both of them just told MC their respective “plan”. MC is quite naive and dense too, quick to come up to a conclusion that is so far from the answer.

  11. It’s not too bad, but I will read it when the novel is finished. The story is filled with misunderstandings and miscommunications between the MC and the heroines, which might irritate the reader. The MC misunderstood his childhood friends, who ignored him while, in reality, they were threatened by their parents because of the MC’s position as a commoner. There is a heroine who takes advantage of this situation by lying to the MC about her childhood friend’s real situation because she wants to monopolize the MC. Heroines are obsessive about MCs and attack each other to monopolize MCs. The MC is dense, easily deceived, and manipulated by the heroine; maybe this is not a protagonist that many readers like.

  12. Extra Extra says:

    TY for the update.

    I want to read the new chapters but I’m too preoccupied with playing TotK atm

  13. Although I seem unnecessarily harsh in my comment, I actually enjoy this novel fufu

  14. Rascal says:

    Update pls

  15. Extra Extra says:

    It’s great, really enjoying this novel so far.

    More updates, please.

  16. Alguno me puede pasar el raw aver si hay mas capitulos? me encanto la lectura de hecho quede con ganas de mas

  17. rob z rob z says:

    Agree with the two comments above – this was enjoyable and worth a read.

  18. Glavio says:

    It’s not bad, I honestly recommend reading it

  19. Unlike the cliche name this was a good read. It’s not a masterpiece like u might have guessed but a fun read. Characters are nice, the story is nice and the mc is nice. I usually dislike stories that have too long pre-time skips (I mean childhood parts) but this was a good passing time. Slice of life parts aren’t boring too

  20. zedtype says:

    And yet anything that they touch is always about system even though it’s already proven that ancient Chinese isn’t fit for that type of genres…

    Like ffs system this system that. Now it’s time to uninstall winsystem.

  21. Takerial says:

    I was reincarnated as a SSS-Rank Side Character so I summoned a shadow to be my porter but it seduces my childhood friend so I went to the Academy where all the Villainesses are secretly obssessed with me.

  22. Carlos Niggelson says:

    Yh like the Chinese have a better vocabulary: heavenly, dragon, emperor, urban, ruthless, ancient, heroic, Phoenix

  23. Wry Vent Wry Vent says:

    It’s alright. Slow start, 50 chapters just to get to the academy.

    MC dies from overwork and possesses some orphan extra in a romance novel his friend reads and tells him about. He has a status screen and starts at a monastery as a war orphan. He meets and takes care of, accidentally seduces, both the noble heroine of the novel and the noble villainess of the novel who are taking refuge there due to the war. After the war is over, the villainess and heroine leave the monastery and cut off contact with the MC. MC is sad, doesn’t know they did so to protect him cause a lot don’t like nobles getting close to commoner war orphan MC. 5 years after they meet, MC goes to academy where all the novel characters are.

    I thought the character interactions were kinda cute, MC is a dense protag, kinda makes sense. Before he enters the novel he was a poor orphan who did nothing but study to earn money, not that good with relationships. The systems/power scaling of the world seem kinda iffy. MC uses 2nd hand knowledge from the novel to get ahead. Seems to be more of a misunderstanding novel than a regret/revenge novel.

  24. I mean it’s decent, I just can’t get over how the MC was like “oh yeah they’re nobles so I might as well forget about them” AND THEN DOES EVERYTHING IN HIS POWER TO NOT.

    Bro… you literally prepared yourself to leave them and gave them good memories to look back on, and did you even get the coins you were promised? Cmon bro, 100k coins and you got 0. The war ended 5 years ago too, you got scammed! Personally, I wouldn’t take that.

    Aside from these criticisms, it’s kinda your usual academy type story.

  25. says:

    damn it, no poison tester has yet returned alive

  26. Diass says:

    I will make new novel titled “the SSS ranked hero is abandoned by his childhood friend the porter, so he seduce the demon queen and become the heavenly demon to conquer murim, but the saintess possessed by the player, reincarnated paladin, and regressed northern duchess are obsessed with him, it’s too late to become academy janitor to survive”
    Synopsis: regretful

    1. Enter says:

      +ntr tag plz

  27. mf academy is eastern too lmao

  28. Lenges Chandran says:

    Murim mtl sucks

  29. Feng says:

    I need murim please. I can’t drink western poison anymore

  30. swadf says:

    @zedtype LMAO now i want to read that novel hahaha

  31. The duchess needs more updates says:

    I’m borrowing this for my meme collection

  32. vektor 189 vektor 189 says:

    Sir @zedtype, you missed “SSS legendary class with the FFF-rank broken skill and I started with 999 trillion points”

  33. zedtype says:

    Cough cough cough.

    SOLO RETURNER MAX LEVEL NEWBIE PLAYER POSSESSED REINCARNATED REGRESSOR HERO that CUCKED by PORTER and turned into TYRANT DUKE in ACADEMY swore to REVENGE on his CHILDHOOD FRIEND and the HEROINE which somehow now OBSESSED with ME because they also RETURNED into the past to correct their mistake but it’s TOO LATE so I seduce the VILLAINESS POISONOUS DUCHESS NOBLE LADY and escape the plot with MAXED STATUS but why? THE LAST BOSS is aiming for my butt?

  34. Xraider says:

    Alright I read all 51 chapters.

    Crappy synopsis: man grows up and trains to become doctor. Man dies from overwork and reincarnates to a novel his friend really liked and talked about. He ends up in a certain monastary where he meets said titular childhood friends, spends time, builds bonds but it all ends because they are important nobles and the circumstances that got them in the monastary have disappeared. They vanish without a trace and cut all contact. The story really starts here, after the 31 chapters, which are a long prologue.

    MC isn’t a psychopath, complete wuss or weirdo. He is normal man who likes money due to his Earth childhood and has certain sorrows because the relationships he had with said titular childhood friends did not end in a way that would give any sort of closure.

    I kinda liked this one, will come back if they update it.

  35. Mamito0924 says:

    These people need urgently to expand their vocabulary.
    Abandoned, Academy, chilhood friend, hero party, Saintess, Become, Wizard; I know the titles comes from a translation and maybe in korean is differente but is exhausting and repetitive already.

  36. says:

    I will pray for you poison tester

  37. Are there poison testers?, I will try this poison

  38. Q D Q D says:

    Nooo, another misunderstanding novel =((

  39. Carlos Niggelson says:

    Dig in boys

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