The Harem Is an Unforgivable Master
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The Harem Is an Unforgivable Master

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하렘은 용서할 수 없는 스승님
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2022 Native Language: Korean Posted by: Noble nible Posted on: Updated on:
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Synopsis The Harem Is an Unforgivable Master

I was possessed by the game after seeing the true ending of the game that took 5 years to change.

It was good that he became a disciple of the continent’s most beautiful and sorceress, the Great Witch of the Cold.

“Send me to the academy!!”
“If you go, you’ll make a harem! Absolutely not!”

Because of this fucking world, I have to set up a harem that I don’t even have in my heart so I can walk on a sweet love story with him… The

teacher is a harem crasher.

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  1. Reader_X says:

    I love this 10/10 i hope for more
    I like how this isn’t poison and the obsession is kinda okay in my opinion and there’s R 18+ but they only do it in their soul so they’re still virgin XD

  2. Kii Hh Kii Hh says:

    Sigh!! Already 2 weeks has passed and there is still no new ch.

  3. Hooked to this novel says:

    Are there any new chapters after ch 151? Noble pls translate more chapters of this novel I am already hooked to this. This is my fav
    Novel of this site. Pls translate more chapters of this,

  4. Mark says:

    This should be more like “My master thinks that a harem is an unforgivable sin, so she will keep harem candidates in check through force and intimidation”

  5. Erish says:

    Lies he likes harem

  6. Abs says:

    Okay in the end he becomes a kind of slave

  7. mark says:

    Okay, she finally lets him to attend the academy after taking half of his soul and putting a soul chain on him

  8. Does no one report the poison percentage?

  9. Zdoger says:

    Reading such novels, one often has the feeling that the authors do not understand what video games are, how they work and how they are created. At least they could use metroidvania instead of rpg.

  10. mark says:

    The MC transmigrates as the protagonist in a game where he is supposed to become a hero after enrolling in an academy. But his master decides to crush the plot by refusing to allow him in enrolling in the academy. This is the plot in the nutshell.

  11. Blue Shadow says:

    And i have question, whats is symbol H and N on the cover??

  12. Blue Shadow says:

    Harem crasher is a person who doesn’t like harems and want to destroying the harem relationship so there only pure love From 1 person.

    Honestly from the title i dont understand a thing.
    But from the tags there’s is no harem but pure love so will we see only master-disciple relationship?

    And from synopsis MC doesn’t like the harems but he have to do it for his master?? He do harem so he can lovey dovey with his master, that just… Complicated. Well its Pure love story so its will wholesome i guess

  13. 2 3 says:

    Haram is unforgivable master

  14. Extra Extra says:

    So no harem, then?

    Not for me if that’s the case.

  15. Q D Q D says:

    D*mn it, the author used AI to edit photos from Character Gawr Gura, this is a blatant piracy.
    And I’m sure the cover doesn’t contain the content of the story, the author just added it to attract readers

  16. Hadig says:

    What is harem crasher even mean?

  17. Kirill Popov says:

    I just didn’t understand if there would be a harem here or not?

  18. Vince Boy Vince Boy says:

    He needs to get a harem for a true ending but teacher isnt gonna let him thus shes the harem crasher and will try to stop in the story id mu assumption

  19. I think mc’s master doesn’t want mc to build harem. I don’t know why mc needs to build harem but master tries to prevent it so that’s why this has harem crasher.

  20. Arcus 101 Arcus 101 says:

    …What does ‘The harem is an unforgivable master’ even mean. And is it just me that also can’t understand the synopsis too?

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