I Became a Blind Swordsman at the Academy chapter 198

198. Confrontation

198. Confrontation

Jetto is put in a dangerous situation.

That was absolutely not what they wanted.

But things happened, and each of the three had different thoughts.

Someone was making the current situation to their advantage.

Someone was feeling annoyed.

Someone else felt a ‘sense of release’ whose meaning was not clear.

It was Yuri who broke the stillness that had flowed in the room.

“I’ll protect the plot. Then, okay?”

“Do you protect it?”

“It’s simple. Shouldn’t we just kill all the assassins who are aiming for Zeto?”

“How are you?”

“…Why are you suddenly quarreling?”

Yuri glared at Eisel, who was spitting out her sullen voice.

“Cadet glass… Cadet Eisel, isn’t that what you want to say that it’s impossible for a cadet glass to stop alone…?”

Kaen said, holding out her palm and gesturing to calm down.

“No, it’s because I’m good enough on my own.”

Aisel immediately corrected Kaen’s words.

“Why are you saying I can’t?”

“How many assassins are really after Zeto’s throat. Even if you stop them, how many do you think you can take down? Four? Five? Unless you eliminate the underlying ’cause’, the number is It doesn’t matter. The problem is that Jeto’s life is constantly being threatened.”

“The root cause…? The client?”

“I managed to get there.”

“But there is no such thing as a requestor here…?”

“Of course, there are quite a few of them. There is always a ‘bank’ between the client and the assassination guild.”

‘Bank’ is slang for a huge intermediary institution in the underworld.

When a bank receives a job, it connects the job to a specific person or guild.

A bank with a systematic system in many ways is managed by three organizations in a balanced way.

Because exchanging and receiving requests directly for things like contract killings was risky in itself, it was common to use a bank that was easy and convenient to handle work in the back world.

Of course, in the case of this collection, the important point is that it was a ‘white request’ that anyone could access the information, rather than entrusting it to a specific guild or a specific person.

Information Because he often hangs out with the guild Black Hand, Eisel was quite quick-witted about the way the world went on.

“So only I can protect Zeto.”

“… Ha.”

Eisel’s determined voice.

Yuri burst into laughter as if she was dumbfounded.

“I wonder if it’s too dangerous for you to step forward in the first place? Is there any reason why you, a noble daughter of a famous family, should step forward?”

“Because I said I would protect Zeto.”

“You don’t have to keep it. Because I am.”

Eisel, who didn’t like the fact that she was talking to them in the first place, said that and fired at her.

“Ah? So Jeto went looking for you…”

Yuri slurred her speech.

At the same time, the sound of grinding teeth was heard.

“…Keep talking.”

The light in Eisel’s eyes had disappeared as she spoke in a low-pitched voice.

“Why? It’s true? You haven’t been able to keep your ancestral rites once. So… I’m nervous about you, so I’m saying I’ll protect your ancestral rites myself. Do you have any complaints?”

Yuri ended up touching the bomb.

Nervous warfare becomes more intense.

“Jetto and I…!”

They say they love each other.

So don’t talk so selfishly as if Jeto and you, who are nothing, don’t deserve me.

Aisel, who was about to bring up such a story, was interrupted by Kaen’s gentle voice.

“Now, now… We don’t have to fight each other raising our voices…?”


“Anyway… You don’t intend to tell Cadet Zeto about this, do you?”

Kaen continues to play the fool and retraces the situation step by step. She seemed to be simply replaying it, but she was sending a message to Jeto not to tell him about it.

Because that was what she wanted.

“You know Jetto’s personality, right? He’ll definitely try to solve it alone. That will make him more dangerous.”

At Yuri’s answer, Eisel thought to herself.

‘As if you know something about Zeto…’

Kaen calmly leads the situation.

Anyway, it seemed difficult to come up with the word cooperation in this situation.

“I agree with the opinion that it would be dangerous for Cadet Zeto to go out as usual.”

It doesn’t matter if we don’t cooperate, but we had to sort things out.

“But soon we’ll be going to the east. We’ll have no choice but to leave… Even if they don’t know the academy’s schedule, if they run into assassins…”

“It seems unreasonable to kill an assassin in front of Zeto’s eyes.”

“I see… Should I tell the instructors about this…?”

“I think it’s good to inform the instructors just in case you don’t know. I don’t think the instructors will readily inform Zeto, who is responsible for this.”

“That’s how big it is…”

“Don’t worry, Kaen. I’ll keep an eye on Jetto somehow so he doesn’t get noticed. You just hold on to Jetto.”

“…Then I’ll make sure to hold on to it.”

Kaen smiled faintly.

Things were going the way she hoped.

At that time, Eisel, who had been quietly listening to Kaen and Yuri’s conversation, kicked off her seat and stood up.

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“I have no intention of cooperating with you guys.”

“Something like that.”

“Ah, Cadet Eisel…!”

Kaen chased after Eisel, who immediately opened the door and left the room.

“Cadet Eisel…”

At the end of the corridor, Eisel’s footsteps stop.


In the dark hallway, Eisel’s golden eyes were shining as she gazed at Kaen.



“I thought it was long. Why are you acting like such a fool?”

“Hey, smoke…?”

“At least for a friend in danger. What, did you want to act like that?”

“…What do you mean, Cadet Eisel?”

Kaen showed her absurd face as if she couldn’t understand Eisel’s words, and Eisel gave a fishy smile.

“That’s funny. The subject wearing Zeto’s clothes.”

“Cadet Zeto’s clothes…? This is just an ordinary shirt.”

Kaen said, lifting her own shirt.

She was actually a very ordinary shirt with no special features.

Eisel pushed her face into Kaen’s chest and sniffed at her.

“That’s the scent. The scent of Zeto.”

There was no way Eisel would forget that.

I couldn’t give a definite answer in Kaen’s room, but now I’m sure.

It was Zeto’s scent.

The body odor from Zeto’s arms.

Zetto’s clothes.

Until Zeto.

It was all her own.

However, Eisel was very uncomfortable with the fact that a woman other than herself was trying to take it and coveting it.

“If you want to act, you should have done it right. Wearing Zeto’s clothes and talking like that makes your intentions obvious, right?”


At last, Kaen let out a sinister laugh.

“…As expected, Cadet Eisel cannot be fooled.”

She stopped acting.

As Kaen revealed her true colors, Eisel gave a fishy smile.

“In the first place, it was too lax to pick up an assassination request while taking a walk. Did you meet an assassin who was aiming for Zeto today? Did you kill him?”

“Yes, I killed it. I, not Cadet Eisel.”

“I’m sorry… But I was busy as well. Of course, the person I dealt with wasn’t a low-level guy who carried an assassination request in his arms…”

“Oh, I see.”

Kaen replied in her calm voice.

Eisel stopped talking nonsense, and she got right to the point.

“…Get those filthy hands off Jetto.”

“Why should I?”

“After all, Jetto doesn’t love you. It’s because Jetto loves me, not you.”

“You are full of confidence.”

“Yes, I already checked.”

Eisel witnessed with her own eyes that Jeto’s curse vanished after he kissed her.

Of course, there is no way to prove this now that the curse is gone, but it was clearly left in her memory.

However, Eisel’s confidence was shattered by Kaen’s answer.

“…Then Cadet Zeto must have been the kind of guy who could kiss someone he didn’t love.”

“What do you mean by that?”

Eisel’s eyebrows twitched slightly.

At the sound of her kissing, Eisel growled as her gold flashed.

“I’ve kissed cadet Zetto. Once, cadet Zetto came first. Another time, I.”


“…If you trust me, it’s comfortable for me.”

Kaen smiled brightly.

Soon, ‘Zeto can’t do that.’ From Eisel, who was muttering her words over and over again, her gooey flesh leaked out.


Kaen did not give in and revealed her intention to kill.

In fact, all of her plans have gone awry for a long time.

“I have no intention of protecting everyone.”

Because Yuri was listening to their conversation.

“I am the only one who can protect Zeto.”

Yuri, who had blank eyes, left them alone and disappeared into the darkness at the end of her hallway.

Kaen clicked her tongue at the sound of Yuri’s steps behind her.

Since the three women had the same goal from the beginning, the picture of occupying the land that Kaen wanted could not come out.

It was really chaos.

Even they did not know where the end of this chaos was.

Only at the end.

He wanted it to be himself by Zeto’s side.

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