I Became the Demon Grand Duke in the Academy
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I Became the Demon Grand Duke in the Academy

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아카데미 속 악마대공이 되었다
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2021 Native Language: Korean Posted by: Noble nible Posted on: Updated on:
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Synopsis I Became the Demon Grand Duke in the Academy

One morning, when I woke up from a messy sleep, I realized that I had been transformed into a hideous vermin.
What does that mean?
What the hell, I’m f*cked.

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  1. Today cockroaches whether tomorrow in the future there will be academy dogs, birds, cats, wtf

  2. Bob Marley Bob Marley says:

    The novel was great and very interesting for me I was so on to it I had nightmares of cockroaches just like his skill black swamp

    10/10 would read and have nightmares again

  3. Phobi21 says:

    Well, since no one will volunteer, I’ll take care of this task myself.

    chapter 1.

    The beginning is terrible, everything is literally super fast without explanations, he gets run over, dies, reincarnates in another world, looks at a woman but cares more about her appearance than why she is there, then he sees her body and accepts that she is in the world of a game.

    If it wasn’t for the interesting concept that I reincarnated as a cockroach, I would have given up on this test already.

    Anyway, the review is that the guy is summoned in another world after his death, but he does it inside the body of a cockroach, which is the fourth duke of hell.

    It is also mentioned that his current body is not as strong as it seems, it just has the potential to be strong, but right now it is nothing but trash.

    Then it is also clarified that the world he traveled to was the future of the game he played.

    I’ll be honest, the narrative can be comical, since it plays with the repulsive appearance of the protagonist that makes his summoner faint, but, personally, I don’t find it funny.

    Anyway, that’s just a personal opinion, I’ll continue with chapter 2.

    Episode 2.

    The summoner and the protagonist begin to talk, I am surprised by the calm attitude of the protagonist to accept his situation, even more so when he has such an ugly body… it doesn’t matter.

    After that, the story continues… the registration of the summoning with the academy, the arrival to the classroom, the discrimination towards the protagonist, then the fight against the bullies and finally the return to the summoning space, where even there is a television that makes the protagonist happy.

    Damn I can’t. This is pure poison to me.

    Perhaps for others this novel is super funny, but I hate reading novels where for the sake of comedy they put aside all common sense, this novel is undoubtedly my weakness.

  4. Lku says:

    @calm down bro

  5. Souvik Giri says:

    So, now a days even cockroaches started to attend academy..🤣😂! What the hell is wrong with these academies??!!

  6. Extra says:


    Don’t be a wet blanket dude. That’s not cool.

  7. Do says:

    Instead of asking for poison testers, just go read the first 5 chaps. I’ve seen many novels people said were bad in the reviews, but they are actually not so bad at all and each people’s opinions differ from each other. So, it is okay for people come post their reviews here, but please don’t fill it up with your “any poison testers?” nonsense.

  8. kk77 says:

    wow i never in my life would have imagined seeing a metamorphosis fanfic where mc gets isekai’d by truck-kun to live out a academy harem fantasy. they even share names lol.
    the treatment ol’ samsa deserved, not the belaboured murder by neglect at the hands of family he got

  9. Insufferable says:

    Man, I want to live in that world just for the fact that cockroaches don’t exist there.

  10. Bob Marley Bob Marley says:

    How far have we fallen, even cockroach nowadays get their own harems

  11. Q D Q D says:

    Why have to be academy? Too many academies for the day T.T

  12. ZZZ says:

    MC possesses the SSR ‘Grand Duke’ Cockroach Demon Lord from the summoning gacha game, summoned by the Hero’s half-elf descendent long time after game’s story.

    MC played the gacha game for a long time so he has lots of knowledge. He also has access to the wealth and influence of the Demon Lord he possessed.

    MC needs to slowly grind EXP and get resources to ascend his character. Max limit of his character is Ten Stars, with his available resources he has reached Two Stars already. (Chapter 10)

    Doesn’t seem to be harem at this point (since MC is literal immortal cockroach lmao).

  13. Never mind guys, he IS a literal cockroach but a demon duke so OP (The tags already shows it) and he has a transformation ofc

  14. Considering the cover page and having not tasted the poison yet I think the dude isn’t a literal cockroach but a demon called Beelzebub. It’s just my guess so we’ll wait for the poison testers

  15. Atra says:

    By looking at the cover and read the first chapter, he die and then end up become a a summoning (monster?) which is a cockroach.

  16. Will there be volunteering for this one
    Poison testers

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