Academy Protagonist, Disturb
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Academy Protagonist, Disturb

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아카데미 주인공, 방해합니다.
Status: Completed Type: Released: 2021 Native Language: Korean Posted by: Noble nible Posted on: Updated on:
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Synopsis Academy Protagonist, Disturb

Academy Protagonist, Disturbed raw mtl
The cost of playing all year round just before the completion was too severe.

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  1. Fritzy says:

    MC with kazuma vibes

  2. Ryuu says:

    If this novel going to update? Can you please retranslate them please. I need to remove my brain to read this before so I don’t want to remove it again!

  3. very good novel has 356 chapters. I was quite entertained

  4. Common Bandit says:

    Good Novel but the MTL is bad even for this site’s standards.

  5. Shinigami Shinigami says:

    Will the cover girl be in the MC’s harem?

  6. At this Rate, Soon Truck kun will become unemployed
    PS: really Kazuma Vibe

  7. D F D F says:

    The MC is like Kazuma, I like his vibe lol.

  8. Are there more chapters? When will it be updated?

  9. If the novel is finished, please update the next chapters. Thank you.

  10. Hey guys, I need a new “text reader” app, does anyone have a good suggestion?

  11. I L I L says:

    Hello, can you update it? I checked the source and there are about 330+ chapters.

  12. Good novel, but is it not completed yet?

  13. Love this novel. It’s really fun reading this story. While reading the vibe will make you happy. Rating 10/10

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