My Magic Tools Are Selling Too Well
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My Magic Tools Are Selling Too Well

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마도구가 너무 잘 팔린다
Status: Completed Type: Author: Released: 2022 Native Language: Korean Posted by: Noble nible Posted on: Updated on:
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Synopsis My Magic Tools Are Selling Too Well

I happened to work at the Academy Alchemy Shop.

But even if the magic tools I made

sell well, they sell too well.

From author of moral rune

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  1. Kahwu Lol Kahwu Lol says:

    Thanks you, for your dedication

  2. Junior Daoist says:

    Thank you thousand posion immunity elder for your time, reading your summary this scripture is a little lethal for me.

    Actually, I am a CSE student.Should I work on an AI and train it to translate properly

  3. Harem ending with four lovers

  4. Just read the last chapter to see how it ends…..

    So from this point on there are spoilers…. for those who dont want to be spoiled dont read…..

    The MC kills the demon king and becomes the hero….. a harem ending with 4 wives/ lovers…….
    2 friends from academy…
    1 junior ( student of a professor)
    The non blood related sister…

    It turns out that MC was adopted to hide death of original son…. dont know the details but MC was taking sleeping pills for hallucinations and now has become normal after stopping them…. so there may be a good story behing them but i doubt it…

    i will most likely not be back to this novel soon… or i might not even read it again hope my comments help….

  5. Read up to ch 30

    My impression is that it is terribly boring…

    There is no goal…MC is just a lazy person in an academy… He is also a genius who knows alchemy, magic circuits and swordsmanship and can make magic tools… he made a powerful grenade and gun…….became famous….

    The most exciting portion of the book was when he cured a juniors mother but even that was just 2 or 3 ch…. seeing as how the story is complete by 100 ch… maybe there may be a background plot to it but it just doesnt appeal to me…. there has been a mention of demon poisoning MC sister and him curing it but it did not interest me much…..also the MC sister is not blood related…….so you can see where this is going… or at least that is what i understood from mtl… the area was confusing so i dont know if i understood correctly…also the junior whose mother is cured also goes into a yuri relationship with another student so no problems on that front…..

    If there had been some goal or background plot it may have been good but now it just seems boring…

    MC is also a simple local… which means no transmigration, posession, reincarnation or regression……

    Simple genius MC in simple academy life would be the best summary for 30ch

    Might continue reading it some other day but i am currently stopping…

  6. Junior Daoist says:

    It’s seems my courageous Senior Hidden has not returned yet and is either still comprehending this scripture or he died due to his grammer meridians breaking. Tbh I still think Charlie is at fault, he should have paid the rent also Senior please lend your baguette to Senior Dilution so he can dig his grave and I can place my soul destroying talisman on that damned man

  7. Dilution . Dilution . says:

    Gimme the damn baguette ur holding. I need to dig charlies grave with it.

  8. Sephir says:

    charlie he.. he’s already dead,now give me his money rent gotta buy a baguette

  9. Junior Daoist says:

    Your sacrifice will be passed down as a legend and I hope this won’t be your villain origin story if you do survive. Also, do not worry I will pay Charlie a personal visit if he doesn’t pay rent then I shall screw his aerial vent >:(

  10. Hidden says:

    It seems that I must step out of the shadows. If I do not come back, tell Charlie to pay his own dang rent.

  11. Junior Daoist says:

    Greetings Senior, I have read multiple mtls and my comprehension of dao has increased but still the fear of destroying my mortal grammer terrifies me

  12. Nightune says:

    Junior Daoist, you remind of the time when my seniors are telling me to master the Dao of Reading to truly master MTLs

  13. Junior Daoist says:

    Seniors who are wise in the ways of poison dao I summon thee please answer my call of plea and verify the potency of this poison

  14. DR says:


  15. Putu says:

    waiting for academy’s spearman next chapter

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