Time Stop Swordsman With Romantic Concept
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Time Stop Swordsman With Romantic Concept

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낭만 컨셉의 시간 정지 검객
Status: Hiatus Type: Author: Released: 2022 Native Language: Korean Posted by: Noble nible Posted on: Updated on:
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Synopsis Time Stop Swordsman With Romantic Concept

A sword with an embarrassing bug was in the inventory.

When I draw my sword, time stops.

Let’s stick to the concept of something like this.

I want to make a name for myself as an Eastern romantic swordsman with conviction.

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  1. Enoh says:

    Very similar to Blind Swordsman except the MC is more fleshed out to me and that’s perhaps thanks to his willingness to roleplay. It really does seem like a fanfic-type story (Fanfic as in copying an established premise) with the author making the MC behave in a different way.

    MC gets transmigrated into a bug-filled game that he’s been addicted to playing as one of his favorite characters. Only with a new caveat of finding a sword that stops time so he rolls with it. The MC creates a new character background over an established existing character in the game. Making him a Mysterious Eastern swordsman with a tatami hat and sunglasses. He carries a bugged sword that freezes time and does negative damage to what the game determines as living things. His eyes are blind but the MC can see perfectly fine.

    So MC makes a plausible background with the in-game scenarios and lore. By using these in-game rules he can gain certain skills. He learned a mysterious martial art from a master that passed away that gives him the ability to see with the mind’s eye. Thus he becomes a blind swordsman from a foreign land that regretted his life choices and decides to not take another life while on a journey of wandering. He’s going through a pacifist route but not a true pacifist route just one that makes him not be the executor as he’ll explain and tells other characters in the story. His no-killing rule is only for himself and not others. So if he captures a criminal but someone else kills them it doesn’t circumvent his rule.

    There are all the familiar tropes you see in these types of Academy novels (Even the overused regressor character in a downward spiral) and the MC roleplays his background setting to the letter. MC also processes his thoughts and actions quite clearly. So you clearly know what and why he’s doing it. He willingly activates and goes through flags even if he doesn’t have the same feelings the characters do. MC manipulates according to the rules and roles he sets with his game knowledge. He knows about the butterfly effect and willingly ignores it to get the best circumstances for himself in his role.

    So far it’s pretty good 8/10 very similar to Blind Swordsman with a better MC (IMO).

  2. Sneeze says:

    @SenatorArmstrong so much that they forgot you need to clear the neutral route first in order to unlock the pacifist route.

  3. SenatorArmstrong says:

    Author played too much Undertale Pacifist Route.

  4. As someone who clicked because cover and romance in the title, I am waiting for non-action-related opinions before acknowledging the poison count

  5. Tuner says:

    When an author blatantly copies another’s premise and character yet somehow makes it worse because they want to change things so it’s not plagiarism yet they don’t know what do to.
    At least there was a plausible explanation for Jeto not feeling anything when killing in the latest chapters, and it’s not weird seeing Jeto do his pseudo time-stop (slowdown) because we’ve been explained it’s process and limitations.
    Yet here we have none of that, and the author refuses to make the main character kill even a fly because they either doesn’t know how the main character’s reaction should be written or can’t think of a good enough excuse or explanation for the MC not feeling a thing if he decides to truly set him as yet another emotionless bot.

  6. Poison Taster

    If you don’t like a mc who can kill don’t even bother
    Mc is weak and strong
    It readable but if you want action don’t bother.

  7. DoorKun says:

    Maybe I’m blind but i see Academy tag, without any mention of word Janitor

  8. Kirill Popov says:

    Chapter 9. Without murder, it’s boring.

  9. Kirill Popov says:

    Well, the chapters are few, fashionable and read.

  10. Tian says:

    Been paused? I refuse to test if it’s poison

  11. Hhkl says:

    Damn its the same consept as “a blind swordman at the academy” novel.

  12. We urgently need a poison tester, guys!

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