Became an Academy Penetrating Spearman chapter 17

17. First Friend (3)

17. First Friend (3)


After finishing the meal, I immediately went to the adventurer’s guild reception to confirm the request.

“May the light shine upon you! What is your business?”

Unfortunately, unlike the game, at the reception desk of Lucidia Academy, there was another person other than Daisy, who is everywhere.

“What are the monster elimination quests that can be hunted around here?”

This is the first time I’ve heard of this place, so it showed the adventurer badge in the inventory.

Following me, Pamela hurriedly took out her badge and showed it to the receptionist, who smiled broadly.

“Wait a minute.”

[Slime Eradication]

[Eradication of Goblins]

[Elimination of Half Moon Bear]

[Eradication of Wild Wolf]

What the receptionist brought out was a request to eliminate monsters that can be hunted near the Lucidia Academy map in the game.

But one of the monsters I know was missing.

A monster that is not a story boss, but is stronger than other monsters and drops skill and weapon level up materials.

It is a field boss monster.

If it’s near Lucidia Academy….

“Are there no ogres?”

“Ah… Are you talking about extermination of ogres? Are you two currently enrolled in the academy?”

“No, I am a prospective student. I passed the exam yesterday.”

“I see. You can fight ogres, of course. But… I can’t recommend it. Ogres are strong monsters. I recommend that you try after gaining more experience at the academy.”

I guess there were ogres after all.

However, from the receptionist’s point of view, he must be advising newbies who are just about to enter the academy because they think they’re about to lose their lives doing a high-difficulty request.

I also didn’t plan on going right away because I don’t know if my skills will be used by Phildo Boss.

Shaking his head, the receptionist said something reassuring.

“No, I heard that there are ogres near Lukedia Academy, so I just asked.”

“I see.”


“Yes, yes?”

“What kind of request do you want to take on?”

“My, what request do I want to take on? Uh, uh. Uh, I’m Shihan-san’s request, whatever, whatever… I like it. I think Shihan-san’s choice would be better, better than me. Do.”

“I see. Then… Let’s do this.”

I chose to fight Half Moon Bear.

In Rupan, they are stronger than slimes and goblins that can be caught around level 12.

And it’s a monster on the same level as the Stone Orc I caught alone.

If you want to see Pamela’s skills, this should be enough.

“Okay. Could you tell me your name?”

“This is Sihan Lee.”

“Pa, this is Pamela.”

“Yes, Mr. Lee Sihan and Mrs. Pamela, I will accept and process the request to defeat the Half Moon Bear. Do you know the location of the Half Moon Bear?”


I know it’s about east of the game location, but you’d better ask about this.

“Then let me explain.”

The receptionist’s explanation was the same as the direction I knew. However, he kindly told me where to go to the door and where to ride in the carriage.

This process was similar to what Daisy told me when I went to hunt the stone oak.

When I said that I had nothing more to ask after the explanation was over, the receptionist said with a smile on his face.

“Then I wish you success in the quest. May a brilliant light shine upon you!”

Following the receptionist’s guidance, I went to the East Gate bus stop and rode a wagon.

Pamela, who was sitting across from me while moving in the carriage, glanced at me and fidgeted with her fingers, asked me.

“Hey, hey, hey, hey! Shi, Shihan!”

“What is it?”

“Ho, ho, do you have any hobbies, hobbies, or hobbies?”

“A hobby?”

“Yes. That, that… I heard that friends have hobbies and share them… Ah! If you don’t want to say it, ah, you don’t have to! Rather, it was uncomfortable when someone like me asked what your hobbies were? Did you feel bad? Sorry. I’m sorry!”

Refreshingly, he answered Pamela’s question while ignoring the latter part.


“Oh, are you eating?”

“Yes. Eating is my hobby. I also like sweets.”

In the first place, the only thing to enjoy in this world is to eat.

Even in the game event, there was a scene where the main character nodded happily while eating various foods, so the food in this world was not bad.

Other than that, I also appreciate the gachasan characters I saw in Rupan, but I can’t say that out of my mouth.

“What are your hobbies?”

I already know about the character settings, but I asked.

“Well, I’m just… reading books. Suh, there are a lot of books at Master’s house, so I liked reading them. And then… hey, herb collecting and insect nets that are good medicine… oops! Oh, no! This, this is not it! It’s reading and herbalism!”

Pamela hurriedly inserts the word insect collection.

It must be because of the traumatic past when I brought up the topic of collecting insects when I was young and the kids in the neighborhood hated it.

“Reading and collecting herbs… good hobbies.”

“A good hobby, Joe?”

“Yes, reading to gain knowledge and collecting herbs that are useful for life are good hobbies. If you don’t mind, can you tell me about herbs? It will be helpful for future requests.”

In fact, you won’t be able to recover your physical strength by putting food in your inventory and eating it right away like in the game.

In the end, the only thing that matters is to be healed by a healer or take care of medicines yourself.

With that in mind, gaining knowledge about herbs will definitely help.

“Yes, yes! Let me tell you! Heh, heh heh heh…”

Pamela giggled in praise of her own hobby.

“Well then, let’s go, starting with simple herbs. Oh, I’ll tell you!”

Pamela was very excited when she was about to tell her about her favorite herb.

She learned her knowledge of her herbs from Pamela until she reached her destination. She

Stuttered her words, but when she said something she knew, Pamela spoke very fast.

She’s fast, so when it’s hard to understand, she doesn’t ask me to speak slowly, and when she asks me to explain again, she says it again, slightly slower this time, without Pamela showing her displeasure.

She’s not the type to point out mistakes, give her a chance to speak up again, and she won’t have to hear Pamela apologize for her low self-esteem remarks.

Eventually, her carriage stopped and we arrived at the mountain where the Half Moon Bear is.

“Then let’s go, Pamela.”

“Yes, yes!”

10 Minutes to climb the mountain with Pamela.

“Heo Eok! Heo Eok! Poetry, Sihan! Heo Eok! Now, wait a minute… yo!”

Pamela was breathing very hard.

I never thought I would have this much stamina.

From noble mtl dot com

In the game, all the characters ran around and climbed walls until their stamina was used up.

I guess that’s not the case in this world.

“Are you okay?”

“Sorry, guilty, sorry… Sorry… Ke-hoo! Ke-hoo!”

“Before you apologize, breathe evenly.”

“Yes… Swoop! Ha! Swoop! Ha!”

She stood still for about three minutes before Pamela raised her head.

“I’m sorry. Bar, grab my ankle…”

“No, I only thought about my case and didn’t consider your physical strength. I’m sorry.”

“Si, si, si, si-han, you don’t have to apologize! This, it’s all because of me, who is slow like a slug and has low stamina…”

“It’s okay, Pamela. I just need to build up my stamina.”


“If you’re going to go to the academy, you’ll definitely be inconvenient in many ways with your current physical strength. So, if you need physical training, I’ll help you.”

He put his thumb up reliably.

“Uh, um. That’s okay, it’s okay! You can’t take Shihan’s time for something like me…!”

Because she doesn’t want to exercise, Pamela rarely says no.

But that kind of refusal doesn’t work for me.

With determination.

Pamela said it with her will to penetrate the heart of rejection.

“I’m fine, Pamela. It’s enough if I grow up with you. Let’s do our best together.”


[The denial has been penetrated.]

“Uh, uh uh, uh… Uh… Uh uh…”

Pamela stammered, stretching her words, but then she looked away from her.

“Now, please take care of me… I’ll…”

You accepted my offer.

I once again realized the convenience of the penetrating muzzle technique.

Of course, the thought of rejection has been pierced. The feeling of not wanting to do it or feeling uncomfortable will still be there, so let’s say a little more.

“I understand that you’re nervous. But don’t worry. I’m not going to blindly make you run by my standards. Just slowly increase your stamina to match your pace.”

“Yes, yes…”

It doesn’t seem to be very effective, but you can prove this later when you train your body, so there’s no need to obsess over it.

“Then let’s start again. Let’s go slowly this time.”

Resuming the search for Half Moon Bear, I moved up the mountain at a slow pace.

When Pamela’s breathing seemed to be quickening in the back, she took a rest and started again, repeating 2 times.

“…That’s it.”

Found the Half Moon Bear.

It is a bear-shaped monster with brown fur and white fur with a half-moon pattern on its belly instead of its chest.

At first glance, is it a half-moon bear? If you’re going to do this to the point where you think it’s a monster, you’ll just wear it on your chest like a black bear.

First of all, when I looked around, there was only one Half Moon Bear within the visible range.

Half Moon Bear hasn’t noticed us yet.

“Pamela. Prepare your magic. First, make the monster unable to escape with the tendrils of tenacity. After that, when I give you a signal, use the next skill.”

“Yes, yes!”

Pamela used the skill right away.

“Gee, the vine of tenacity!”

Vines protruded and wrapped themselves around Half Moon Bear.


At the sudden attack, the Half Moon Bear struggles and roars as it struggles to tear off the vine.

As soon as I saw Tenacity Vines activated, I immediately kicked the ground at Half Moon Bear.

It’s time to test how effective party play is at defeating monsters.

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