Became an Academy Penetrating Spearman chapter 19

19. First Friend (5)

19. First Friend (5)

“That Half Moon Bear looks strong.”

“Definitely different from other Half Moon Bears.”

Usually, when a bandit leader roams around, elite bandits or henchmen roam around.

However, in the case of Half Moon Bear, there are no elite monsters, it is just divided into Half Moon Bear, Red Half Moon Bear, and Big Half Moon Bear.

Of course, since it was an executive level, there were 2 additional Half Moon Bears around.

“Uh, what should I do, Mr. Shihan? Ju, there are two more around. Mmm, shouldn’t we step back?”

To be safe, Pamela suggests retreating, but you don’t have to.

No, I didn’t want to.

If you got the achievement by catching the bandit executive, you should be able to get points along with the achievement by defeating that Red Half Moon Bear, who is of the same class as him.

‘How can I miss this?’

“Don’t worry. We’ll be able to deal with it.”

“That, but…!”


I said it with determination to penetrate Pamela’s anxiety.

“Trust me.”

[The anxiety has been penetrated.]

With the expected beep, Pamela was silent for a moment, then nodded.

“Oh, I understand. I will, Mi, I believe in Shi, Shihan.”

The piercing spout technique also showed an excellent effect in managing morale.

“Thank you. I will trust you too.”

“You mean me, me, me? Joe, it would be better if you believe in yourself rather than me.”

“No, what do you mean I don’t trust you, my friend and colleague?”

“Chi, Chi, friend and colleague…! Ugh…!”

Pamela looked at me, clutching the wand.

“Hee, hee, I will do our best so that Shi, Shi, Shihan can believe!”

I could see Pamela’s will rise even more at the word of her friend’s trust.

“Okay. Then, Pamela, ask for the tendrils of tenacity.”

“Yes, yes!”

Pamela used the skill to straighten her head.

“Vine of tenacity!”


A vine of tenacity that wraps around the two Half Moon Bears as well as the Red Half Moon Bear.

I rushed right in time for the vines to appear.

Until now, I deliberately did Tenacity Vine to match up with Pamela, and then waited patiently for Pamela to use her next skill.

But Pamela is facing three monsters right now.

It’s not going to happen, but maybe the remaining monsters will jump towards Pamela while I kill the other monsters.

Eliminate that possibility first.


He thrust a spear into the middle of the forehead of the Half Moon Bear, who hadn’t stood up yet.

[You have penetrated Half Moon Bear.]

Immediately after pulling it out, he twisted his body and thrust a spear between the eyebrows of the next Half Moon Bear as if to open a linkage.


[You have penetrated Half Moon Bear.]

Clearly pierce the forehead Half Moon Bear pierces the foreheads of two animals and kills them at once.



“Crush nails!”

Even without a long signal, Pamela, who has become accustomed to repeated hunting, immediately uses the crushing nail.

The Red Half Moon Bear, which clearly tries to shake off its vines and rises faster than the normal Half Moon Bear, gets a number of crushing nails.


He roars and stands tall, trying to swing his arms.

It was too slow for me now.

It didn’t even feel like a threat.

By far Pamela has shown her skills.

So, let’s show Pamela that I used my skill, even though it’s fake, towards this executive monster.

“Lee Yeon-chung.”

Saying the name of a skill that actually existed, he quickly followed the trajectory and slashed the spear toward Red Half Moon Bear’s neck and stomach.

[You have penetrated the Red Half Moon Bear.]

As it is a single object, notification came out only once.

Judging from its size, I think it could still move more to the point where it gets pierced through the neck and stomach rather than the brain.

But what I’m currently equipped with is a Critical Hit Damage Set.

From noble mtl dot com

If you attack with a penetration skill that has a 100% critical hit, the damage inflicted on the opponent will be greater than simply penetrating.

As evidence of that.


After quickly piercing Red Half Moon Bear’s body, he stepped back and Red Half Moon Bear fell forward, bleeding profusely.

[Achievement: Defeated Red Half Moon Bear.]

[Achievement Reward: 2 Points, 2 Fame]

A very pleasant notification rang in my ears.

His points were higher than the bandit executive Rubid, but his reputation was low.

I guess the difficulty of catching the Red Half Moon Bear is difficult.

‘Perhaps being subdued and getting more word of mouth is that bandit officers are better.’

Anyway, it’s only good for me because I got more points.

Unfortunately, it would be better if I could get the title of bear hunter like bandit hunter.

‘It’s not conscientious to get a title in one day that you’ve been hunting for over a week.’

As I penetrated, I wiped off the blood on the spear and looked back to see Pamela coming towards me.

“Poetry, poetry, poetry!”

“Thanks for the timely magic, Pamela.”

Pamela was delighted this time, not doing her self-deprecation and shaking her head.

“Heh, hehehe. It’s because Mr. Shihan told me what kind of magic to use in advance.”

“Is that so? I only shouted my name.”

Of course I did it on purpose.

“Because I’ve been using tenacity vines and then digging and shattering nails. Heh, hehehe. I was able to notice that.”

“I see.”

Nodding her head, Pamela chose a word she might like.

“You mean it’s the result of experiences and bonds?”

“Experience and connection…! Heh, hehehe. That’s right! It’s a friend’s connection!”

As expected, Pamela really likes it.

She has a smile that makes her face melt with joy.

If it was a game screen, I would have pressed the screenshot button right away.

“Pamela, let’s stop hunting Half Moon Bear. It won’t get dark on the way back.”

“Yes, yes! Mr. Sheehan!”

After taking out the 2 fallen Half Moon Bears and the Red Half Moon Bear’s magic stone, put the bodies in the inventory, we went down the mountain where the Half Moon Bears live and waited for the wagon.

In the game, you can reach the monster’s habitat right away by just running or using the mini warp stones installed in the middle.

There are no mini warp stones in this world, only warp stones.

Therefore, in order to arrive at the monster’s habitat, when you find a wagon heading back to the place where you started, even when you ride a wagon that regularly passes in the same direction, you ride it together and return.

By the way, as soon as you see the wagon, you must take out your adventurer badge and hold it up high to prove that you are an adventurer, not a bandit or thief.

It was similar to raising your hand toward the bus at the bus stop or showing a transportation card you took out in advance.

Pamela said as they stood and waited near the side of the road because they couldn’t see the carriage yet.

“Sir, Shihan. I, I, it was really freaky, awesome!”

“Is that so?”

“Yes, yes! Half Moon Bear is so easy to catch even without using a skill… Besides, the way he used his skill when catching that Half Moon Bear was freaking amazing! Quickly, he grabbed the Half Moon Bear’s chest and neck. When I penetrated, I was really impressed!”

“Thank you. It feels good to be praised by a friend.”


I was grateful, but Pamela was more thrilled.

“But Pamela, you were amazing too. At first, I saw how much your magic worked on monsters… It was more than I could have imagined. I’ve already told you how amazing I felt… I can’t tell you too many times. “

“hehehe, heh, hehehehe, no… Suh, the magic Master taught me is amazing. I’m~.”

Even though he speaks with low self-esteem, he likes his body as well as his face.

“You are also amazing for being able to use that magic skillfully. So, Pamela, I have a favor for you.”

“Boo, please?”

Pamela looked up at me as she stopped her swaying body at the word request.

“Yes. Pamela, I plan to start a group after entering the academy.”

“That, a group?”

“As you know, the academy has a magic school that focuses on magic, a combat school that focuses on tactics and skills other than magic like me, and a development school and a new school, right?”

“Yes, yes…”

“But besides cliques, a group of academy cadets with the same hobbies and not attached to a school. That’s what a group is.”

In the event story, there was an event called the Academy Group Competition, where representatives of various groups competed against each other.

In addition to that, there were many mini-games to enjoy the group-made event.

“Well then, Shihan, what kind of group would you like to make?”

“It’s a kind of study group.”

“S-Study group…? But the things taught at the academy are enough…Isn’t it?”

“The learning I seek is not like that. It is a kind of strength.”

“Go, strength?”

I told Pamela the first step plan I would implement at the academy to finally defeat the demon lord of chaos.

“It is a study group whose main purpose is to train oneself more and acquire strength. Then, with the strength obtained, explore various countries, catch monsters, save people in trouble, and check the results. Monsters and Chaos It is a group that aims for activities that conform to the academy’s rule of protecting people from the cult.”

Actually, it’s a group to recruit and nurture a fixed party to defeat the final boss.

Of course, duplicate registrations are welcome, so if a gacha character that says you’re interested approaches you, grab it right away and make it as strong as possible… I will train you.

“Huh, great… a group with a purpose.”

“Yes. So Pamela.”

Pamela put her hand on her shoulder and brought her face closer.

“Would you like to join the group I’m making? If you, my friend, are in the group with me, I will feel reassured.”

“Yes!? I-I’m a group made by Shi-Han!?”


“Ha, but I, hey, I’m weak. I’m not that strong… Even if I use magic continuously, ha, I couldn’t defeat Half Moon Bear by myself…”

“I already said that it can be because it’s a weakening-oriented magic. But if you think that’s not enough, just improve your skills together.”

In the first place, even if you have a debuff character, if you bring your equipment and nurture it, you can take out Half Moon Bear in one or two hits with normal hits.

Even if this world is different from the game, it is impossible to catch the demon lord of chaos if you can’t do that.

Even if I can’t do it right now, I can raise Pamela like that.

“Uh, I have chills…!”


“Yes, yes!”

“Please. If I’m with you, my friend, I’m sure I’ll become stronger. Please join the group I’m making.”

The best explosive combination is possible only with Pamela.

But even aside from that, I really want to be with Pamela, whom I used to love.

She looked at me, Pamela was silent for a moment, then she opened her mouth.

“Si, Shihan…! Ah, ah, I see… I, I don’t know if something like me will be of great help to Shihan… De, I’ll go in.”


Successfully recruited Pamela.

“Thank you. You are my best friend.”

“Choi, Choi, best friend…! Ahhhhh…!”

Pamela trembled, engrossed in what she said about her best friend.

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