Became an Academy Penetrating Spearman chapter 20

20. First Friend (6)

20. First Friend (6)


After subjugating Half Moon Bear.

Sihan Lee and Pamela returned to Lukedia Academy to finish their report.

Pamela, who is currently resting alone in a room at an inn, thanks to Lee Si-han’s care to restore her body exhausted from climbing the mountain.

“Best friend… hehehe, hehehe, hehehehe…”

He was giggling while replaying the words Lee Si-han said to him over and over again in his head.

The word that Shihan Lee brought up today is the best friend.

Pamela laughed while playing those words over and over again in her head while waiting for the carriage, riding the carriage, and getting paid.

Knowing that, Sihan Lee also asked for a break right away.

The intention was not to disturb the happy time alone.

Pamela has had no friends since she was a child.

There was a reason she was a witch’s apprentice, but she also had Pamela’s personality, so she had no friends.

Children of the same age who stutter and laugh gloomily when something good happens, and on top of that, say what they know quickly in order to be friendly with them, and leave because it makes them feel bad.

So, for Pamela, her friend was like a fantasy animal.

However, it was not enough for her to tell her to be her friend, so a being appeared who told her that she was her best friend.

This is Shihan Lee.

Pamela still doesn’t realize that Sihan Lee became friends with her, but she really liked it.

My first friend.

First Friend.

A friend like that told me he was my best friend.

That was Lee Si-han, who showed great skills in the mountain as well as in the entrance exam.

Completely penetrated the golem made at the academy with its core.

Even when dealing with Half Moon Bear, he acted calmly and easily defeated it with his overwhelming skills.

Pamela doesn’t know much about her spearmanship, but when she thinks of the passers-by struggling in her entrance exam, it’s clear that her Ishihan skill is overwhelming.

However, Sihan Lee is not only equipped with skills.

She was also kind and had a wonderful personality to Pamela.

To put it likewise, he was the saint himself.

‘He listened to my story without hesitation….’

Especially when the wagon asked me to talk about herbs.

Pamela felt like she was having a happy dream.

Pamela also knows from her experience so far.

Other people don’t like to talk about herbs.

In particular, when I bring up the topic of insects, they frown or leave immediately.

However, Sihan Lee asked me to tell him about his medicinal herbs.

Add to that.

‘Ha, I told you to tell me one more time. hehehehe….’

What Pamela said because she sped up, she didn’t hear it and asked to repeat it.

Pamela accepted that she was interested in herbal medicine to the point that Ishihan wanted to hear it again.

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‘Ho, if you’re Sihan, you might also like stories about insects… Ah, no ha, don’t think recklessly! Herbs are okay, but insects can be distasteful. Um, but if it’s Mr. Shihan… If you like it….’

In her head, Pamela imagined her Ishihan delighted to hear her own insect stories.

-Oh, are there insects like that? Very interesting. Thanks for listening, Pamela. Also you are my best friend

“hehehehe… To say you’re the best friend is overrated, Mr. Shihan~.”

Pamela swayed, embarrassed by Lee Si-han’s imaginary lines.

It is unknown if Lee Si-han really likes to talk about insects.

But there are many opportunities to know him in the future.

There are many schools in the academy, but classes are not divided into schools at all.

All cadets in the early stages of admission must first take classes at a set time.

After taking basic classes, each new student is given a choice.

That means you can choose and take classes in your field of interest at a fixed time.

It didn’t matter which school the class was in.

Cadets who mainly use swords can take classes from the magic school, and cadets with the purpose of development can take classes from the new school.

Or, I didn’t have to take classes other than the ones I had to take in common.

The academy is a place where talented people are gathered and nurtured, but how they want to grow is left to the cadets’ autonomy.

However, as long as I didn’t take the class, I check twice a year to see how much I’ve grown in that time or how much I’ve accumulated useful results to the world.

If the cadet is judged to be unable to produce any results 4 times without any special reason, the cadet will be expelled from the academy.

In other words, in addition to the common classes, Pamela can follow Sihan Lee’s class if she wants, so she can have conversations with friends in the same class.

Even if it’s not that, Pamela is in the same group as Sihan Lee.

There were plenty of opportunities to talk while doing the same group activities after all classes.

“Same group… Same group as Shihan… hehehe, hehehehe. Huh!”

While giggling again, the negative thinking built up from her childhood alerted Pamela.

This is not the time to wander.

Although she suggested the same group.

She said she was a friend.

That’s because the magic learned from Master helped Sihan Lee.

If you are relieved by the fact that you are in the same group and can’t grow at all….

-It’s been so long, but I can’t grow like this… Disappointed as a friend. Get out of my group, Pamela. These locusts are less witches!

Thoughts with some pretty negative fabrication passed through Pamela’s head.

“Oh, no no!”

Pamela shuddered and shuddered and screamed as she wrapped her head in a situation that was frightening just by imagining it.

“Ah, ah, ah, no. Go, go, I have to be strong. I have to work hard so Shi-shihan doesn’t abandon me…!”

A barely made first friend.

In order not to disappoint Ishihan, who called himself her best friend, Pamela ignited her desire to be strong for the first time in her life.

‘When I become stronger….’

-Oh, Pamela! My best friend! How strong! I am so proud! Please continue to be my best friend!

“No, of course not! Mr. Shihan! hehehe!”

It was Pamela, swaying back at the happy imagination.


The next morning.

After dinner, I spoke to Pamela.

“Then let’s go to Valendia, Pamela.”

“Yeah?! That, that, that, what, what do you mean?!”

‘It looks like you didn’t listen to what I said yesterday.’

On the way back to Valendia by carriage.

I kept talking to Pamela, who was grinning.

“Pamela, we’re going to be a group now. According to the group’s purpose, we’ll be traveling to many places.”

“hehehe, hehehe, that’s right~.”

“So, I’m going to go to Valendia and get the equipment you need.”

“hehehe, I think it’s good~.”

“Okay, then we’ll leave tomorrow morning.”

“Yes~ heh, hehehe…”

‘You’re really understanding, right?’

I skipped the answer because I was doing well, but I think I need to explain it again.

“Didn’t you tell me yesterday while riding back in the carriage?”

I said the same thing to Pamela as I did yesterday.

“So I’m going to go to Valendia from now on.”

“That, that’s what it was. Ah, ah, I’m sorry! You’re offended by me ignoring your words? It’s bad to ignore even a friend. You shouldn’t do it! Alas! I’m sorry! I’m sorry. “I’m sorry for being a stupid, stupid witch who ignores my friends! No, I’m sorry for comparing myself to the Earthworm-sama who enriches the land!”

Pamela bowed her head to me.

“No, it could be because I was tired from climbing the mountain.”

“Oh, that, that, it’s not like that…”

Don’t worry, Pamela.

I also ignore most of the second half of what you said.


“Yes, yes!”

“Let’s go. Do you have anything to pack?”

“Oh, no!”

“Then let’s go.”

“Yes, yes!”

Ignoring Pamela’s low self-esteem apology, I set off for Valendia with Pamela.

And two days later.

I arrived in Valendia in almost 5 days.

“Hey, this is a bar, bar, Valendia…”

“Is this your first time in Valendia?”

“That’s why… I took a carriage on a different route and arrived at Lucidia Academy as well.”

“Okay. Then let’s finish our business and go to the cafe I recommend. Their cookies and… Apple pie are very delicious.”

“Yes, yes!”

After getting off the carriage, Pamela and I headed to the Cats store.

An employee of Cats Company recognized me.

“Lee Si-han!”

“Is Sasha in her office?”

“Yes! The boss is inside.”

“Good. Are you meeting any guests?”

“No. You are alone.”


“If you are with me…”

“He’s a friend. He’s someone I’ll introduce to Sasha.”


Nodding his head, the employee went back to his errands.

“Hey, hey, hey, Shih, Mr. Shihan.”


“Ji, ji, the staff uh, they treated Mr. Sihan very politely, but Shih, Mr. Sihan was a nobleman by any chance?”

“No. I am only acquainted with the president of Cats.”

“Ah, I know the president of Han Chamber of Commerce…! Uh, uh uh…”

I think Pamela thought I just came to Cats to buy her equipment.

Well, I didn’t say it in detail in some parts.

Because you can enjoy a lot of Pamela’s bewildered appearance on that side.

Look at that fish-eye trembling with dumbfounded eyes.

Isn’t it a very nice look?

The fact that there is no live community function, which is sometimes the case with game Bing novels, is very divided, so it is a shame to see it alone.

Then, I arrived at Sasha’s office with Pamela.


First of all, knock as a courtesy.

“Yes, who are you?”

“Sasha, it’s me.”


Suddenly after a while! And the office door opened.

Sasha, her eyes wide open, greeted me with her unique mischievous smile.

“Oh~boo~! After failing the exam, you decided to work at a merchant!”


He took out an academy badge from his inventory and showed it.



There was no playfulness in her tongue-clicking.

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