Became an Academy Penetrating Spearman chapter 50

50. Uninvited Guest (3)

50. Uninvited Guest (3)


“What! You mean that happened while I was away!”

After Tuo Jin left, Pamela made medicine again, and Yeon-hwa was sitting in a chair drinking tea calmly, when Atzbal returned.

Since it is the same group, Tuo Jin came to visit today and told him what had happened, and Atsubal clenched his fists.

“To think that such an event happened while I wasn’t there! Keugh…! But I can’t forgive that Tuo Jin guy! How dare you insult this Portis, to which I belong! Shihan Lee! Be sure to destroy him!”

“I already think so. Did you have a good time with the Yu-Hee-Jae group?”

When I brought up the Yu-Gi-Fest, Atsubal frowned.

“Those guys… I overpowered them with my Berserker Spirit Deck the other day when I visited them… I immediately made a counter deck.”

So to speak, you went with the same deck this time and got counterattacked.

“Laughing triumphantly enough that you only won once… I’m going to make a new tactic deck that will keep them on their noses until the next time I visit!”

“Yes, do your best.”

Isn’t it Atzbal who is enjoying the academy life the most among us?

“Poem, Mr. Shihan!”

Pamela came over with a bottle of her medicine.

“My, drink this tomorrow!”

“What is this?”

“That, that…! It’s a medicine that temporarily energizes the body! It won’t dramatically increase your strength… But you’ll feel more energetic when fighting!”

So, is it like an aphrodisiac?

“Drink this! My, tomorrow, that person, please scold me!”

Pamela, in her own way, was angry with Tuo Jin and tried to help me.

It’s a long-awaited gift, so let’s accept it.

Besides, it’s an aphrodisiac.

If it’s good for your stamina, you should eat it.

“Thank you.”

I received the stamina pill from Pamela and put it in my inventory.

And the next day.

“Gulp! Gulp!”

After lunch, I took energy pills before entering the sparring class with all the Fortis members.

Shortly after I swallowed the medicine, I could definitely feel my body’s blood circulating rapidly and naturally energizing my body.

“It works right away. It’s a really good medicine. Thanks, Pamela.”

“Oh, no! Hee, please do your best!”

Dalian I entered the classroom.

The Dalian classroom is open to other cadets for free use like a gymnasium when classes are not held.

On top of several sparring grounds, there were also cadets engaged in sparring while operating the sparring grounds.

Then, in one of the classrooms in Dalian, Tuo Jin and other cadets dressed in Luong-style costumes were seen.

“The Xing family also has Shen and Lon families.”

“Are all of them members of the Yeomryonghoe?”

“Yes, that’s right. Not all of the Yeomryongkai… But at least they have their place.”

I heard that Tuo Jin is sparring with me, so I guess he came to see me.

As we approached, Tuo Jin, who was still smiling, spoke first.

“Welcome, Ms. Shu Yeon-hwa. And… You came without being afraid.”

“Why should I be scared?”

“Ha, that petty pride is only now.”

“Shouldn’t we wait and see?”

“Ms. Shu Yeon-hwa still protects this guy. hahahaha, where on earth do you see potential in a guy like this? Oh, did you like his face? I really can’t stop either.”

“Tuo Jin.”

Tuo Jin was speechless at Yeonhwa’s cold and sharp words and eyes.


“If I say more than that, I’ll consider it an insult to the Shu family. I didn’t join the Yeomryonghoe just because I liked my face? Even if you think about it yourself, you’re not spouting nonsense.”

“Hmm. That’s rude.”

“I wish I knew. What…”

Yeonhwa looked up at me and smiled.

“It’s true that I like Shihan’s face. He’s a handsome man, right?”

No wonder Yeonhwa likes my face.

It’s said that it took 2 hours to make a big face.

“Thank you. You are a pretty beauty too, Yeonhwa.”

[Praise resistance has been penetrated.]

“Oh-ho-ho-ho! That makes sense!”

“…Start quickly.”

Tuo Jin urged couples, as if Yeonhwa and I didn’t like complimenting each other.

Climbed into the arena, activated the barriers in the arena, and confronted Tuo Jin at a distance.

So, besides us, the eyes of the other cadets in the training room were focused.

“Isn’t that Tuo Jin? Besides, there are members of the Yan Dragon Association nearby.”

“The person you’re dealing with is… Oh, that guy who is rumored to be making progress lately. Was it Shihan Lee?”

“You mean the guy who single-handedly annihilated the gang of bandits that were active in Valendia? Besides, he recently created a group and gets more rampant.”

“Why are you two in the arena?”

“Isn’t that right? Rumor has it that a member from a prestigious family in Luong entered the group he created and they don’t get along well.”

“One is the one called Divinity. The other is the heir to the Tuo family…”

As the number of whispers increases, people’s eyes are drawn to us.

Tuo Jin noticed that gaze and grinned.

“I’m sorry.”

“What are you talking about?”

“It’s been a long time since I’ve been in the middle of a long time since I’ve been in the middle of a long time… I’m going to break down here. And when the sparring is over, go straight to the new school or to the treatment center.”

Tuo Ji took out a Chinese-style long sword and straightened up.

“I’ll give you one arm to pay for your arrogance yesterday and today.”

He said that he would blow off one arm as if he were really considerate.

Even if you don’t have a skill called regenerative power, if it’s healing magic and restorative medicine in this world, you can attach it even if your arm is blown off, so you’re probably saying that.

And it is the national rule to give back to such a provocation like this.

“That word… I’ll give it back to you.”

I took out the New Moon Spear from my inventory and aimed it at Tuo Jin.

“I’ll treat the words and actions that insulted our entire group as one arm.”

“hahahaha, you’re so arrogant! Let me know it’s a topic!”

Tuo Jin maintained his stance and charged the ground with a spur.


As soon as he comes near with a spirit, Tuo Jin’s sword swings.

Tuo Jin’s movement was faster than that of a bandit executive, probably because he entered the academy first and did his own activities.

However, compared to when I caught the bandit executive, my agility, as well as my stamina and strength stats, are much higher.

And the window that is visible due to spearmanship mastery, which unfolds based on the level of ability that has risen, shows the trajectory of not only evasion and defense, but also how to move and defeat Tuo Jin in one shot.

I could blow it up right away like this, but… It will be very annoying because there is a possibility that he will not admit it and go further.

That’s why it’s not just a one shot.

‘Shows an overwhelming skill gap.’

In other words, I’m going to make fun of you.

The middle of the path of the great sword wielded by Tuo Jin.

I put the spear pole on the right side in front of my chest and gave strength.


Before I could fully swing, Tuo Jin’s long sword was blocked by my spear.


When Tuo Jin saw that the long sword was blocked, he tried harder, but he couldn’t push my spear away.

I had to use a little more force, but from the outside it seems like I’m overpowering Tuo Jin with full force.

‘It would be nice to invest in strength later.’

While Tuo Jin was trying to push me away from my spear, I fired a front kick.



Tuo Jin, who was hit in the stomach, was distracted and flew backwards without being able to escape.

However, I wonder if I’m not very good at it, so I got up right away by taking a fall.

“This guy…!”

Tuo Jin glared at me, frowning as if being hit in the stomach by me was humiliating.

At times like this, it’s polite to scratch the inside.

“If the attack is blocked, it will either increase the distance or launch another attack. hahahaha, what are you thinking about foolishly competing in strength? Attacking isn’t like that.”

Shaking his head, he pointed out like an old man and invoked the penetrating muzzle technique.

[The provocation resistance has been penetrated.]

“Aww…! Where are you giving the advice!”

Tuo Jin, his face flushed red, started attacking again.

While closing the distance at once, the sword was engulfed in flames.

“The salinity rampant!”

A skill that allows you to continuously wield a sword wrapped in flames by observing what you say before you completely swing it.

After fixing the spear, I responded to Tuo Jin’s skill.

The moment Tuo Jin started swinging motion, he kicked the ground and stepped back to a suitable distance before swinging his spear.


Deflected Tuo Jin’s blow with the blade of a spear.

However, true to the name of Nanmu, the long sword did not stop and continued to attack in a bounced state.

Then, he parried off each and every subsequent attack.


Every time they collide, the flames wrapped around the sword spread out in all directions and fade.

When not only the splashing flames, but also the flames engulfed in the sword completely fade away.


It was when Tuo Jin finished his skills and looked at me in disbelief.

“Bar, did you just see that? You deflected all your skills.”

“Does that make sense?”

“I couldn’t even see how it deflected.”

“Tuo Jin’s wild dance is so easy…”

“Oh-ho-ho-ho! It’s a deadline!”

The admiration of the cadets in the Dalian classroom, the astonishment of the Yeomryonghoe members, and Yeonhwa’s laughter reached my ears.

“Aren’t you going to attack more? Or is this just enough?”

“Wow, you’re bragging about just being able to block some attacks. That’s ridiculous! It’s going to end with this…”

“Then I’ll attack you this time.”


With the back of the spear, I first hit Tuo Jin on the chin.



One of the ways to play dog.

After completely destroying the opponent’s self-confident technique, he beats it like a dog.

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