Not a Villainess but a Maid
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Not a Villainess but a Maid

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악역영애가 아니라, 메이드
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2022 Native Language: Korean Posted by: Noble nible Posted on: Updated on:
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Synopsis Not a Villainess but a Maid

In the Yuri romance game, I became the villainess character’s maid.

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  1. Lord kazuma says:

    Yuri is the best

    1. Daver55 says:

      For lesbians and cucks.

      1. This is why y’all need to take breaks while reading MTL. Look at this poor fool who thinks yuri is NTR

  2. Red Ballot says:

    Haters will be haters, I’ll just enjoy the ride without so much barking like those people

  3. [constellation of lily] says:

    Btw it’s not really TS more like gender swap

  4. [constellation of lily] says:

    So there’s alot of haters, I’m just going to leave my review. (No spoilers!)
    Personally I like it, would give 7/10.

    Okay so I see alot of people hating on the TS tag, but I’m gonna be honest, I didn’t notice it, heck there was barely any mention of Mc being a guy to the point you would forget it(heck maybe I’m blind(or Maybe I missed it)but I didn’t see any mention of it)

    Next is the plot I would say ‘meh’ not to good not to bad, just your typical fantasy academy story mixed with a little slice of life.

    Next is the romance, honestly it’s slow and frustrating, mainly because the author wrote this is a way where you wouldn’t be able to tell what the romance is
    (like I got confused, was Mc a bystander watching the heroines fall for each other, is Mc a dense JP harem protagonist, or is the villainess the fl, which she is…)

    Heck aside from the typical fanservice stuff the jealous stuff and the teasing the heroines do with Mc it was confusing, only in the latest chapters were you like FINALLY!!(not saying there was progress before that but it was just annoying, again mainly because the author was trying to match Mc with the other heroines)

    Yeah that’s it, it was an enjoyable read for me, honestly read up to ch 30 If you can, you’ll understand what I mean by the romance being frustrating and the story bring meh.

  5. It feels so good that people got triggered by tags. Hahaha…

  6. Pure Candy says:

    Yuri and TS is not good. ı am on my way

  7. Bro, why can’t I post any comments here?

    1. Well, it seems I can. I guess there are some words that are blacklisted? I don’t know.

      Anyway, since there is a TS tag here, I better just leave. I don’t want to envision a guy in a girl’s body acting like a girl……

      It makes me want to puke.

  8. This is disgusting 💀🤢

  9. God Heaven God Heaven says:

    Why does the ts tag seem to trigger people? What does it stand for?

  10. What is wrong with TS Yuri? I see even more people crying when there is TS and the MC shows a little hint of having a romance with a man. Also Snow white novel was popular, did the testers of that one die and the people of this section are their descendants?

    1. It is not about TS and Yuri being together. It is mostly about TS alone and Yuri alone.

      Some people don’t like TS, like me, since it disgusts us to imagine a dude in a girl’s body acting girlish. It is even more disgusting if a girl acts like a man, in my opinion.

      And, some people don’t just like Yuri as they are Heterosexual. So, essentially, it doesn’t work like (-)*(-) = + ; people just dislike those negative tags individually, and adding them together doesn’t make it positive in a sense.

  11. rob z rob z says:

    Ts yuri? Absolute poison. Did someone actually request this crap on the discord?

    1. Poison tester says:

      Who know, but I guess the request preference s kinda uniquE

  12. Amante del haren ts con amor Puro says:

    Otra Novela Ts, por fin ☝🥵👌

  13. gege says:

    gay asf urgh.. i barely understand mtl but never lgbt pl whatever there are

  14. Suherman Joshua says:

    Transgender and Yuri, nope 🥱 Looking in novelpia, always wondering why so many ts (transgender) novel in Korean male oriented novel website, is it because many Korean man want to become girl 😵

    1. Insufferable says:

      It’s a pretty popular genre, you’ll be surprised.

      Go to scribblehub, it has mainly english originals and fanfics like royalroad. The amount of ts yuri I had seen was very surprising.

    2. Amante del haren ts con amor Puro says:

      El ts es lo mismo que el NTR, por eso vas a encontrar que a muchos le gusta. Está científicamente comprovado

  15. NIhilRuler says:

    Yuri…., I want to read manga Yuri rather than novel.

  16. All that waiting…gone…MY HOPE is crushed

  17. LuxX says:

    Yuri? Not my cup of tea, bye.

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