Became an Academy Penetrating Spearman chapter 45



“Below expectations! What are you talking about! Are you insulting me!”

“I’m not insulting you. Your magic is great.”

“Yeah! My magic is great! But what’s less than expected!”

I said to Atsubal, who grinned at the low evaluation because he had a strong sense of style and self-exaggeration.

“The order of using magic was too wasteful.”


He pointed to the poison borer, which was emitting smoke with a golden smell.

“If it was your magic, you could have defeated it with just the prison of punishment. No, even if you couldn’t defeat it, you would have been able to put it in a dying state. That’s how great your magic is.”

“Hmph! You know what!”

“But you used weak magic first, almost giving Poison Boar a chance to counterattack. If it wasn’t for Pamela’s magic, a bunch of Poison Boers would have rushed at us.”

“Are you saying you’re not confident when those monsters swarm?”

“No, of course I have the confidence to defeat it. But I could have killed it more surely and quickly just by changing the order of your magic.”

In the first place, if you stock up with strong attacks and skills, the damage increases.

Why are you starting with normal hits?

Even if it’s only in the game with a flat attack concept, the magic is sweet here.


I guessed why Atsubal mainly used flat attacks.

He must have thought that it would be better to show his cool self for a long time by showing multiple magics rather than treating him with one simple magic.

It might be so if it’s being shown as a performance, but now it’s a live performance.

It is necessary to fix this habit of Atsubal.

However, if I say it bluntly, it will stimulate Atsubal’s reaction.

In this case, let’s change Atsubal’s perception in a different way.

“Azbal. Your magic is gorgeous and powerful. At least I think so.”

“So, so?”

“You who have such magic. Don’t you think it’s better to defeat the monsters at once rather than dragging the time by throwing weak magic?”


As if realizing something, Atsbal opened his eyes wide and took the cool pose he thought of again.

“Of course! I don’t know! What I just did was just a demonstration!”


“Yes! Review, so to speak! I just showed you what magic I use! You don’t notice it! You’re still a long way off!”

“That, that’s right… Eup!”

It was such a lame excuse that even Pamela thought it was strange, but she said while covering Pamela’s mouth.

“Yes, I was mistaken. I’m sorry.”

“Ah, that’s all you need to know! Next time, I’ll show you how to wipe out monsters with my overwhelming magic!”

“Don’t expect it.”

As Atzbal looked forward again, he removed his hand from Pamela’s mouth.

“I’m sorry.”

“Oh, no. Gwa, it’s okay. Shi-shihan’s hands are bigger than I thought…”

“Is that so?”

“Ohhohohoho! Shihan has the temperament of a leader. It’s good to think of the harmony of the party!”

Yeon-hwa realized that she was good at coaxing Atsubal.

Even if you’re not quick-witted, you’ll probably notice.

“What are you doing standing there! Hurry up and get the magic stone!”


Approaching the group of Poison Boers that have been roasted to a golden brown, Atzbal is struggling with a dismantling dagger.

“Keuugh! Surprisingly, the leather is tough…!”

“Look out of the way, I’m doing this.”

As usual, I stabbed the area around the chest where I thought the magic stone was located and extracted the magic stone.

“Oh, you’re good at it. I’ve seen people from my family pull out magic stones, too. But I’ve never seen them pull them out as quickly and skillfully as Shihan.”

“Thank you for the compliment.”

I got up, put the magic stones aside, and put the Poison Bore’s corpses into the inventory all at once.

“Huh? Are you putting all the corpses in? There won’t be any space left for the subspace ring?”

“Don’t worry, there’s enough space. And next time I meet a monster, I’ll go first.”

We also have to test how hard the shield is.

After another 5 minutes of searching, this time I found a Poison Boar.

“Vine of tenacity!”

I slowed down my movement speed with Pamela’s magic, approached Poison Bore from my side, and stood in front of Poison Boar.

“What are you doing! Attack quickly!”

“I’m going to check the power of the Protection Department.”


After a while, Poison Boar, which shook off the vine of tenacity, rushed towards me.

The Poison Bore’s tusk collided with the protection shield.

The moment they collided, the shield shone weakly as if reacting to an impact.

But that’s all.

I am not shocked at all and I do not feel attacked.

It truly embodies the anti-knockback effect.

I don’t care how much the opponent attacks.


[You have penetrated the poison bore.]

You can easily attack enemies like this.

The strong defensive power Yeonhwa gained after becoming a member of the group.

It is a shield that will continue to play a strong role.

Let’s take out the spear that pierced Poison Boar’s crown! Poison Bore fell to the side.

I immediately pierced the Poison Bore’s chest, took out the magic stone, stored it, and put the body in the inventory.

After finishing cleaning up, I got up and looked behind me.


Atsbal is looking at me with a puzzled expression.


“Oh, nothing!”

It’s nothing, but I heard Atsbal’s small muttering to himself.

“Did you throw an attack of that power at my face…!”

Aha, thinking about Dalian, I must have been a bit scared.

“Ohohohoho! I’ll catch you next time! I’ll show you what I can do!”

“Don’t expect it.”

After that, we continued exploring the forest and hunting Poison Boar.



I killed Poison Boar, who had been weakened in advance with the Softening Amulet, by throwing a rounds kick to the head.

“Nails to crush! Nails to crush! Sword of loss!”

Pamela had lower attack power than the other members, but she took down Poison Bore while continuously applying debuffs.

After defeating Poison Bore once, the goal was to defeat it by matching the sum.

“Crush nails!”


Like Pamela’s shattering nails, Yeon-hwa kicks Poison Bore, whose defense has been weakened, and knocks it down in one hit.

“Khahahahaha! None of your attacks work! The thunderbolt of punishment!”


Wrapped in Yeonhwa’s shield and surrounded by a bunch of Poison Boers, Artsubal triumphantly uses skills while being attacked, and so on.

We tested a way to make hunting easier by actively utilizing the party’s skills.

As I kept catching poison borers, the time quickly turned to lunchtime, and at that time the number of poison borers was over 30.

“Today ends here.”

No one objected to my opinion.

We caught enough and it was time for everyone to get hungry.

As we walked out of the forest, we asked everyone how it felt to put together.

“It’s great! If I were alone, I wouldn’t have been able to defeat the monster this quickly. Pamela’s magic also blocks the monster’s movement, making it easy to attack, and Shihan and Atzbal’s attacks were also strong!”

“Huh! Certainly, the Shu family’s protection unit was good. I was able to use magic without worrying about minor attacks from things. Besides, Pamela’s magic also weakened the enemy’s defense, so I was able to strike them more intensely! “

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“Yeah, Mr. Yeonhwa’s bar and kicks were amazing. Mr. Shihan’s, as well as Mr. Atsbal’s magic, were amazing! Uh, that… And uh… All of that, I have nothing to say… “

The other members are also feeling that they can hunt faster and more efficiently by forming a party.

“Good. We’re a well-balanced party, so I felt it was easy to hunt.”

“Kyu, balance?”

“Yes. Safety with Yeonhwa’s protection, Pamela, your magic weakens the enemy, and Atzbal makes it easy to attack from a distance. “

“I have heard and seen it.”

“Hot! Even if you don’t step forward, I’ll use my magic to take care of the enemy before they even get close!”

“Well, am I really helpful?”

“Didn’t I already tell you that I was helpful! Are you ignoring me!”

“Hee! I’m sorry! I’m sorry that I’m a witch who can’t properly acknowledge that she’s helping me!”

“Why does this guy have such low self-esteem?”

Pamela is good for that.

As long as it’s not excessive, that gloomyness is the attractive point that draws attention.

“I like that this kind of thing Pamela is a little funny?”

“Ah, that’s fun… Heh, hehehehe~.”

“Why is this guy so happy?”

“That’s the fun part about Pamela!”

It seems that Yeonhwa has already learned how to enjoy Pamela.

“I’m starting to get hungry. I want to go back and eat.”

“I agree with you. This time I will go to the restaurant I recommended! The steak is delicious!”

“Oh my! I’m looking forward to that!”

“After dinner, let’s do some strength training, Pamela.”

“Ah, yes, yes… I’ll do my best…”

With physical training every day, Pamela accepted it with resignation.

“Keuugh! Are you saying you’re going to train without getting tired of it!”

“Pamela is in the midst of increasing her stamina right now. If her stamina increases to a certain extent, she won’t be able to do it every day. If Pamela continues to do this too… After a month, she will have more stamina than you do now. It will increase.”

“…! I’ll train you too!”

It seems that his pride can’t tolerate the fact that he has less physical strength than Pamela in Atzbal.

“Oh ho ho ho ho! Then I will participate too! Let’s get along well with the group and build up our stamina!”

It was the moment when the schedule for physical training was set.

“Ah, Shi, Shihan! Hey…!”

Everyone looked in the direction Pamela pointed in surprise.

There is a huge wild boar that is three times the size of Poison Boar, with not only the tip of its fangs but also its fur painted purple.

In terms of bandits, there was a Purple Poison Boar who could be said to be the boss of the Poison Boers.

‘New points!’

My heart skipped a beat at the unexpected and happy meeting.

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