Became an Academy Penetrating Spearman chapter 22

22. First Friend (8)

22. First Friend (8)


After helping with the hides, we moved to the weapons warehouse.

“Here! This is the arms warehouse of Cats!”

“Wow, wow… Now, I have a lot of gear. It’s the first time I’ve seen that much gear.”

“Ahem. That’s right, it’s Sanghoe! Now, Pamela-sama! Please choose a weapon you like!”

“Ugh, yes, yes!”

As Pamela walked hesitantly, she examined the weapons stored in the warehouse.

In the meantime, Sasha talked to me in a smirking voice.

“Hey~ I didn’t know there was such a use for weakening curse magic! Oppa~ You’re really smart~.”

“I just said what came to mind. More than that, did you like my present?”

“Yes, of course! Hee hee, Half Moon Bear coats and leather gloves! Leather shoes! All of these products are selling well. Besides, the leather is almost intact, so the quality goes up! What’s more, even Red Half Moon Bear’s products are sold at a premium…. Kyaaa! Just imagining it is good!”

“I’m glad you like it.”

“Sure! I have signed a contract with you and have no regrets! Oh, by the way, brother. I’m asking just in case.”

Sasha asked me in a small voice.

“Is Pamela a noble?”


“Ahhh! Well, I thought that would be the case. Rather fortunately.”

“What are you talking about?”

“Well, even though you’re an aristocrat, to have low self-esteem like Pamela-sama… There’s no such thing as a very bad family environment.”

“Hmm… I guess so.”

“Well, it’s a bit strange to have such low self-esteem as Pamela-sama.”

“Don’t speak in front of yourself.”

“Of course. How can I do business without such notice?”

After a while.

“Hey, there…”

After looking around the warehouse for a while, Pamela came up to us.

“Did you choose, Pamela?”

“Oh, no, that’s… actually… well, I wasn’t sure what to pick…”

“Huh? Didn’t you like it?”

“Oh, no! It’s not like that… Well, I don’t know what’s good for me…”

“Is that so? Well, the equipment Pamela-sama is using is pretty good.”

“Is that so? I inherited it from Master Su…”

“Yes. I understand.”

“Yes, yes?”


If you think about it, it was natural.

Pamela’s background setting was picked up from a witch living in a remote village and raised as her apprentice.

Unless she is an aristocratic character who has been trained by looking at various equipment since childhood, it was impossible for Pamela to judge her equipment as good or bad from the beginning.


‘If you think about it, that’s character-specific equipment.’

Rupan Gacha production characters can wear various equipment like the main character.

However, unlike the main character whose appearance changes, Gachasan characters have the same default appearance no matter what equipment they wear.

No, only the main weapon is changed, but the rest is unchanged.

‘Of course, it doesn’t mean that it doesn’t change at all.’

Rupan is a so-called subculture game.

The character business does not end with just selecting the character itself.

It’s been 3 years since Rupan was released.

There is no problem with the quality of the story, but when the balance is about to become unanswered, users are about to leave.

Rupan launched a new commercial method.

That’s right skin arm.

A skin arm that can change the existing character’s outfit!

Also added individual illustrations!

What’s even more vicious is that they deliberately created a related event episode, gave one free skin for a supporting character, and sold the skins for two characters who promised to play the lead role at a fixed price.

There’s a skin you can get for free. Oh, is it Hyeja? There is one, but there are no skins for the remaining two characters that are really active?

It’s a very twisted state for a biller like me, so it makes me buy skins naturally.

By the way, I often use this type of commercial method, so it’s not a skin like a normal swimsuit, but a bunny girl, a dance costume, a Chinese costume, a kimono, a suit lady version, a butler’s uniform, a nun’s uniform, and so on.

After entering the 6th year, there was a case where there were no events, just openly releasing new skins and guiding them.

Of course, when a skin is released, it is during the gacha period for the corresponding character.

Do you still have a conscience? When applying a skin, you can hear the lines recorded by the voice actor as they are slightly arranged when using the skill with the dedicated lines.

‘Come to think of it, Pamela also had a bunny girl outfit.’

Anyway, those skin outfits are event outfits.

In the main story, gachasan characters always come out wearing only the clothes that appeared in the beginning.

Pamela’s current appearance is the same as the outfit shown in the game illustration.

The staff he is holding is also the same as the game illustration.

In other words, this is Pamela’s exclusive item set.

With that in mind, Pamela may not have to deliberately switch to other equipment.

When it comes to weapons and clothes, you just have to wear what suits you.

Because there may be exclusive effects that I don’t know about.

‘But it’s not an accessory.’

If it’s an earring, necklace, or ring accessory, it won’t change the exclusive equipment item, so it’ll be helpful enough to reinforce your power.


“Yes, yes!”

“If you don’t mind, can I recommend some equipment that might suit you?”

“Mu, of course! I don’t know what’s good, I think it would be better if Shi, Shihan recommends it rather than me.”


We already know if it is an accessory suitable for Pamela.

The other day, when I was looking around while setting up my equipment, there was something I noticed.

Without hesitation, I went ahead and picked up the accessory and came back.

“I think this will be good.”

The one I chose was a silver ring with a sky blue round jewel attached to it.

“Oh, the Ring of Heaven. It’s definitely good for those who use magic!”

The Ring of Heaven.

It is an accessory that allows you to reuse used skills without cooldown, except for final skills such as passives and great spears, with a 60% chance.

I didn’t even get the skill yet, so I didn’t choose the accessory because I thought it would be better to swing the spear along the trajectory rather than melee skills thanks to the penetration skill.

However, it is a perfect accessory for Pamela, who uses more normal skills than final skills.

The explanation I saw when I picked it up.

[Ring of Heaven: A ring containing the circulating energy of the sky. It has the power to restore the power of the person who used the skill with a certain probability.]

There is an explanatory text called


From noble mtl dot com

In the game, the number was accurately displayed, but here it is explained as a certain probability.

“This, this, this expensive-looking bar, can I, can I accept the ring?”

Pamela came out and looked at the ring alternately as if she was happy to see the ring of heaven.

“Of course. In the first place, Sasha and I said that we would provide the equipment for the party members I was going to join. So don’t hold back. This is… That’s right.”

She nodded and said something Pamela might like.

“Think of it as a gift for a future friend.”

“Stand, present…!”

“Try it on.”

Receiving her heavenly ring, Pamela put it on her right index finger, her ponytail, with her trembling hand.

“Ah, ah… Heh heh, heh, heh, heh heh heh…”

Then a sullen smile escaped Pamela’s mouth, as if she was very happy.

“A gift… from a new friend… a letter, a gift… heh, hehehe, hehehehe…”

Pamela looked at her ringed hand for about 10 seconds before raising her head to look at me.

“Go, go, go, thank you, Shihan! Bo, bo, I’ll keep it as a treasure! I’ll always keep on wearing it…”

Pamela is delighted enough to shake her shoulders as she strokes her ring.

It’s good to be happy.

“No, at least when washing her body, wash her fingers. It’s bad for your health.”

Cleanliness is important.

“Oh, yes.”


“Hey~ I’m shooting, so please eat as much as you want!”

Sasha was in a very good mood.

Unexpected early reunion with Sihan Lee.

And the corpses of the Half Moon Bear and Red Half Moon Bear that Shihan Lee brought back in good condition.

In Sasha’s eyes, materials that make great products have been replaced with money.

What’s more, an unexpected companion of Shihan Lee.

Pamela’s performance at the party was also a very strange and different spectacle to Sasha.

Her personality is very gloomy and timid, but her heart seems kind.

Looking at Pamela like that, Sasha thought.

This is a good opportunity.

Meanwhile, let’s build a friendship with Pamela.

If that unusual Lee Si-han is accepted as a colleague, he must be a talented person full of potential.

Even if that wasn’t the case, from the moment she saw Pamela’s magic that made her skin easily peel off with her crushing nails, her affinity for Pamela had risen considerably.

If Shihan Lee is like a moving warehouse, Pamela is the freshness manager who easily speeds up dismantling.

In any way, the important thing in disbanding is time.

The faster you remove the material from the corpse and post-process, the better the quality of the product.

It was to the point of wanting both of them to quit the academy and get a job at a trading company.

But no matter how much I think about it, that’s impossible.

So, let’s build up a friendship and use that friendship to help us when we visit the store again in the future.

With that in mind, Sasha heard from Ishihan and Pamela’s conversation that they were planning to go to a cafe to have a snack with her, and immediately joined them.

“That, that, is that okay? Uh, I, I’ll pay, too!”

“No, no, it’s okay, Mrs. Pamela~ I interrupted that the two of you were going! Let’s go.”

Sasha said to Pamela with a big business smile.

“Because I think I’ll see Pamela-sama often. In the meantime, I want to get close to Pamela-sama too! Speaking of which, I want to be Pamela-sama’s friend too!”

“Chi-friend… You want to be chi-friends with someone like me? If someone who is the president of a company like me is friends with someone like me, bad rumors will circulate. The incompetent witch is suddenly by the president’s side. Rumors will break the mood! Ah, that, that, then I will never be able to see Mr. Sasha or Mr. Shihan…!”

‘Hmm~ You have quite low self-esteem, and you have a habit of negative delusions~.’

“It’s okay!”

Sasha gently grabbed Pamela’s hand as her words sped up.

“That won’t happen! Besides, from my point of view, Pamela is a very capable witch!”

“Yu, capable devil, witch. hehehe, hehehehe…”

“That’s why I want to be a friend of a competent witch! Let’s be friends!”

“Chi, friend… Burr, I already have two, two, second friends… Ah, hee hee, hee, hee hee hee… I’m happy….”

Sasha thought as she looked at Pamela, who looked as if the word friend had all the happiness in the world.

‘Pamela, I’m worried that you’re going to be scammed.’

It’s so easy that it’s to the point of worrying about it.

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