Became an Academy Penetrating Spearman chapter 8




Sasha looked at me with her mouth slightly open and her eyes blinking.

She looks quite bewildered.

If you saw it in Rupan, it was an expression worth taking a screenshot and posting on a community message.

Apparently, the notice had penetrated Sasha’s doubts.

Then, for now, I will push forward.

“I must have heard you wrong. Trust me. That’s all I have to say.”

“Is that all you have to say?”

“Yes. You and I are meeting for the first time today. So all I can do is tell you to trust me. I’ll show you the rest with my actions.”

Sasha was silent for a while.

“Puuhahahahaha! Oppa, it’s really fun~!”

I burst into laughter as I grabbed her navel.

“Aha, hahahahaha, well, that’s right! Well, it’s like an older brother who hates lies.”

“Don’t worry. I keep my word. It’s hard to believe.”

“No. I will believe it. Believe it or not. In the first place, a contract must be entered into based on trust. Well, if you betray after that, you will pay the price you betrayed…”

Sasha winked at me.

“Somehow, I think I can trust you.”

“The basis?”

“It’s a persimmon. It’s a persimmon that I’ve grown while living as a trader. It’s quite accurate, oppa.”

I felt a bit sorry for saying it confidently like that.

Because I penetrated the doubt that occupied that feeling.

‘Well, it must have penetrated only the suspicion toward me.’

I’m sure it will.

I felt that way for some reason along with the notification sound that it had been penetrated.

“Yes, you’re right. I won’t betray you in this contract.”

I gently pushed the apple pie to the center of the table.


“Now that the contract has been signed, I want to move on to the equipment I want to apply for.”


“We’d better go to the store to talk.”

“Isn’t that right? There’s stuff in the store, too.”

“The ordered apple pie can be eaten faster if eaten together.”


I said more to Sasha, who was staring at me with giddy eyes.

“It’s delicious, so try it yourself.”

“Pu-huh! Yes, oppa. I’ll eat well too.”

After eating apple pie and tea, I left the cafe with Sasha.

“Please follow me, oppa.”

I followed Sasha to the eastern part of Valendia.

As I looked around the streets and watched Sasha’s tail move gently from time to time, I arrived at Sasha’s shop before I knew it.

Many people were coming and going in front of Cats Co., Ltd., Which has a cat face as its trademark.

Just by looking at the way the clerks at Cats Co. Treat customers, you can tell that Valendia is thriving.

“How is it? The best company in Valendia! It’s Cats.”

“Indeed. It’s going well. So, where is the equipment to support?”

“You really have a quick temper. But from a merchant point of view, I like it! It’s best to deal quickly.”

I followed Sasha into the store.

“Ah, boss. Welcome!”

“Yes, yes~ I’m done, so do what you’ve been doing~.”


I passed by the clerk at work and arrived at what appeared to be a storehouse’s distribution warehouse.

Boxes were piled up here and there, and various equipment was displayed on the walls.

‘That’s the Blue Scream Sword. That’s a golem shield, and there’s also a flame hammer.’

And all the equipment and weapons were the same as the image I saw in Rupan.

There is no weapon gacha in Rupan.

Instead, it is a system where you can make weapons and equipment by defeating enemies or by collecting monster drop items and collected materials and asking the blacksmith.

And what I can say is that it is fortunate that Rupan’s weapon and equipment performance upgrade is a level up, not an enhancement system.

Instead, there is an alchemy breakthrough system that allows you to go to an alchemy shop and combine the same weapon and equipment to increase performance up to 5 times.

However, there is a limit to the amount of monsters and gathering materials that can be regenerated per day, so it will take time.

In the end, it was necessary to work hard to get full stack weapons and equipment.

‘But what about here?’

In the character status window, there were no level values, although there were abilities.

Then wouldn’t that be the same for weapons and equipment?

It is a world that cannot be said to be completely game-like.

If you don’t know, there is a high possibility that it will be at max level from the moment it was created.

‘It’s hard to judge this because I don’t know the exact figures.’

If you look consciously like a detailed view of a newly acquired advanced window, not a normal window.

[Advanced Spear: A masterpiece created by a skilled blacksmith with good quality materials.]

Only the text appeared this way, nothing like the attack power value appeared.

‘Well, I only remember the game’s attack power.’

In the first place, thanks to the penetration skill, it was more difficult to judge because even a normal spear could produce enough power to penetrate the body of a bandit.


Sasha called me when I was lost in thought while looking at the equipment.

He called it suddenly with a voice that made his ears happy, so the concept of an unusual man almost melted away.

In front of users who have been playing Rupan for 10 years, a favorite character appears in real life and calls me an older brother.

‘I need to be more determined.’

“What is it?”

“I’m really thinking about it. I’m not sure what to choose? If it’s okay, can I recommend it?”

“No, that’s fine. I choose.”

“Um~ In times like this, it’s good to get advice from a merchant who has seen a lot of things.”

“I choose first, and if I don’t like it, I get advice.”

“Well, if it’s your brother. Okay. Then think about it more.”

“There’s no need to worry. I’ve already decided.”

While looking around, I already decided on the setting that suits me.

“This and this, and… This.”

I chose green leather, a wind leather armor set with greaves attached to the chest, shoulders, and knees, a ring of fatality, and a new moon spear.

It cannot be said that it is an end-of-war equipment.

But they weren’t bad equipment.

In the first place, it is possible to beat Rupan by charging, but since it is an action game that requires control, the story and event bosses can be broken enough with only the basic characters and equipment and accessories obtained through a little hard work.

However, since the company can’t make money, weapons and accessories can be obtained through labor in the game, but the difference in performance obtained by breaking through the limit, which can be done when duplicate characters are drawn, is quite large.

‘I also enjoyed uploading a video comparing the damage of a business card and a full-dol character.’

From noble mtl dot com

[This Gacha Character Card and Full Doll Damage Comparison Video]

– Videos

-Did you see this? This is the power of grass stones. Business card holders, bow your heads.

A business card is enough.

ㄴ Author: So, can you do this much damage? 5 Second boss cut possible?

ㄴ Wow, what the hell is this true story, what’s the difference? Isn’t it too much inducing billing?

B Author: If you twist it, you will draw more hahahaha

A pleasant memory of the past.

You have to do that to have the taste of spending money.

“Oh~ Oppa also has good eyes.”

Sasha looked at the equipment you chose and put it between her thumb and index finger on her chin.

“Well, oppa is a spearman, so it’s better to focus on speed.”

The equipment I chose was a setting focused on increasing critical damage in Rupan.

Ignores defense if you have a penetration skill.

Besides, considering the reality correction, if the attack works, all the attacks will be critical hits.

However, since there is no critical hit in stats, I don’t know how much the game setting will change and reflect in this world, but at least it won’t be a bad choice.

In addition to attack power, grab the New Moon Spear, which had an increased critical hit damage, and focus your mind.

[New moon window: A masterpiece created by craftsman Kantsui with a crescent moon pattern engraved in the center of the window. Power increases by 60% when attacking an enemy’s gap.]


Apparently, the crit damage increase of New Moon Spear’s buop was 60%.

Unlike Penetration or Spearmanship Mastery, this one displayed similar effects to the game.

When I checked the Critical Ring and Wind Leather Armor, it was written that the critical damage increases by 15% and 30%, respectively, in percentage ratios when aiming for an enemy’s gap and attacking an enemy’s gap.

However, there was a sentence on the wind leather armor that looked like a game and other additional features.

[The energy of the wind that dwells makes the user’s body nimble.]

Looking at the text, it must have been a correction effect on agility.

Seeing that Sasha also just said that it is about speed, it was clear.

This is not a percentage like the power increase, but a vague explanation, so it is difficult to understand properly.

‘Isn’t equipment stats displayed as +??? Next to stats even when a weapon is equipped?’

To check, you have to try it on yourself and judge it while moving.

“Can I try it on right away?”

“Yes, yes, as much as you like.”

The wind leather armor set, like the leather set I’m wearing now, also includes gloves that cover the middle of the fingers, so I took off the gloves first.

“Huh…? What?”

Sasha, who was looking at me with a smile when she took off her gloves, tilted her head.


“Brother, did you remove the subspace ring?”

“A subspace ring?”

“Ah~ pretend you don’t know. It’s a very expensive ring that can keep things within a certain size space. No matter how annoying a ring can be in battle, it’s better to wear it. If you lose it, you’ll be in trouble. .”

Could it be that the inventory function is not installed by default in this world?

But when I took out the bandit neck in front of Daisy, I was just surprised to see the bandit neck. As for the subspace ring….

‘No, at that time I had already adjusted my equipment. Until then, the bandits caught were only foot soldiers, so the only thing I farmed was daggers that could be sold at the blacksmith’s shop.’

In the case of a dagger, it was too cumbersome to take out one by one, so I tore up the bandit’s clothes and made them into bundles and put them in my inventory.

Also, after matching new equipment and farming the bandits’ weapons, not just daggers, but long swords and slightly more advanced bows, it was impossible to pack all of them in the temporary bandit clothes bundle, so I took the items out of the inventory at the blacksmith’s shop.

At that time, even the blacksmith didn’t react much… No, I’ve said something presumptuous.

-Huh, the bandit had more than enough stuff.

‘I thought you were saying that when you first brought the mountaintop elite gear, and saw the bandit elite gear….’

If that’s not the case, what if I meant to think that I farmed a subspace ring from a bandit?

I could understand Sasha’s reaction now.

I looked at Sasha, who was still smiling at me.

What should I say to Sasha?

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