I Became an Outcast in the Academy
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I Became an Outcast in the Academy

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아카데미의 추방자가 되었다
Status: Completed Type: Author: Released: 2023 Native Language: Korean Posted by: Noble nible Posted on: Updated on:
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Synopsis I Became an Outcast in the Academy

I was expelled from the academy.

Moreover, it was at the hands of the younger sisters I considered family.

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  1. LuxX says:

    I came here out of curiosity because of the 2 star rating. Just scrolling through.

  2. shelwyn shelwyn says:

    It’s pretty trash. Mc is a wishy washy fool who’s personality flips like a coin. His first ‘revenge’ is pathetic beyond belief. One of his younger sister decides to just straight up duel Mc after betraying him, losing her talens and clearly being weaker than him. She decides to thrust herself heart into his sword mid duel as a form of apology. Then Mc pats himself on the back and waxes poetic to his gf princess about how he got revenge and what not.

    To be honest that sister is a real bad ass and Mc is just pathetic. Like damn She’s decisive as he’ll. Like wow.

    Anyway Mc is pathetic, wishy washy and a huge loser. I can’t relate to him and I don’t respect him.

  3. I didn’t like this story – it seemed too banal and rather boring. I have read up to chapter 15 (and I will stop there). These chapters were enough for me to understand why I didn’t like it.

    Firstly, the main storyline is centered around revenge, which is a typical and somewhat uninteresting topic. It’s like a child who has been treated unfairly, and now he is ready to do anything for revenge, instead of moving on. This does not mean that all grievances should be forgotten, but although the sisters’ actions are questionable from a moral point of view, they remain within the scope of the sphere where revenge is not needed.

    Secondly, the interaction between the presenter and the princess, as depicted in the plot, seems somewhat unrealistic. An orphaned waif enters an elite academy and within six months gets acquainted with the princess of the kingdom. A princess who theoretically shouldn’t have had any contact with him due to significant class differences. Although the academy may imply that all academy students are equal, the plausibility of this remains in question. At this point, the story lost interest for me, but I continued reading.

    Thirdly, I was concerned about two facts in this story. First, the princess proposes to the MC. I repeat, the princess of the kingdom, one of the most important people in the kingdom, makes an offer to an MC who is an orphan without a penny in his pocket, without authority and reputation. For such historical parallels, the princess is a pawn in political marriages aimed at strengthening the kingdom. And yet here the princess, who could be married off for political gain, decides to marry a commoner. Despite the fact that MC’s admission to an elite school makes him not an ordinary commoner, he has not completed his education, so, in fact, he is nobody.

    The second fact is related to the fact that the MC responds to the Prince of the kingdom with the words: “Now shut up, Ricardo.” That’s when my patience broke. This behavior usually has serious consequences. The only time such formulations could be permissible is if the MC had an equal or higher level of power than the prince, for example, if he was a duke (which is still not guaranteed). Otherwise, such impertinence towards the prince usually leads to a significant negative reaction. Insulting a prince is an insult to the crown, that is, trampling on the honor of the King himself. And not another King/A prince, but an ordinary, insignificant commoner. MC almost immediately after insulting the prince had to go to the scaffold.

    So I stopped reading after chapter 15 because these elements disrupted my immersion in the story.

  4. Gahar says:

    I do not understand what those girls can achieve with attacking MC? Ignoring him would be sufficient to cut ties with a “dirty commoner”. Why even bother so much?

  5. Zzz says:

    My rating is 3

  6. new_guy says:

    guys im blind where is the rating?

  7. RINRIN says:

    How tf this novel got 2 star rating?

  8. In a good sense, it was standard; in a bad sense, it was boring. At the moment when the main character heals the princess, it becomes clear how the story will unfold and everything simply flows towards its inevitable conclusion, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing. What is disappointing, however, is the lack of sincerity in this process. The author seems to have not even tried to come up with something original or exciting, to create scenes that could make me keep clinging to this book or empathize with the character. This book understands that it’s mediocre and behaves well as a decent way to kill time, but I think if the author had tried a little harder and injected a little more life, ideas, and desires into this book, it could have been something a bit more special.

    Oh, and yes, the main character will calmly take revenge on all the sisters. In any case, on the chapter where I left off (around 50), there was no one who could be forgiven, although there was a request for a slightly curious sister who seemed to want to bear her punishment.

  9. mephi says:

    this is actually a decent revenge story, not bad at all

  10. Daver55 says:

    Bro, in what way did the author fk up with readers to have them rate it 2 stars? 💀

  11. Poison Tester says:

    Score 2 already gave me laugh 😂

  12. Jack says:

    Fr.. fr….ha., ha…ha….ha…..haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah

  13. Ryuu says:

    Reading revenge and regret novels so much that I am starting to lose trust in human. To heal my heart I am going to read funny novels. Is there any recommendations for funny novel?

  14. VelconTill says:

    Honestly, I disagree with the bad reviews for most of it and I agree with the score of 7/10. This story is not that bad and I liked what I read, sure I think some things could have been explained better but other than that it was a nice read. And for once one of this stories is true revenge so bonus points.

  15. Kaniya says:

    Not bad …decent

    Rating 7/10 easily….Same plot and regret

    But not bad…

    MC ability is to increase other abilities…to make them genius!

    And also regression


    Don’t care about the negative reviews….

    Just read …if u don’t like then drop it..

    Some one trying to be cool … Without reading…. giving reviews…for 2 stars rating…

    [Rip English]

  16. Its really bad, beyond bad.
    MC is orphan and have 4 lil sister who is not blood related. For feeding his family MC become mercenary. Later he found out that his sister have incredible talents and got sponsorship to attend academy, he also go to academy. After That all his sister dont want to be his sister anymore and want him to be expel. But turn out the power of that sisters have is because MC power is to revive someone and give them power.

    1. I try to write more detail but for aome reason website denger musik comment so,
      In short this is bad, beyond bad. Omega level poison. MC make stupid choices. Unrealistic character. And I want to refund my time

      1. *for some reason, website denies my comments.

        Damn autocorrect

        1. Big black clock says:

          Stupid choice? I don’t see any stupid choice he made. Spoiler:-the only thing I didn’t like is how mc trusted the princess easily, but she is trustworthy ig. He gets his revenge. No forgiveness or any bs like that. Rejecting the Duke’s offer? He’s literally being taught the most powerful technique in the empire by the princess. Helping the princesses’s sis? I think he is repaying the favour for teaching him that technique. Can you tell me “some stupid choices” he made?

          1. rob z rob z says:

            Chapter 2 – MC’s “sisters” spread slanderous rumors about him after they tried to convince him to drop out and he refused. MC even says he could have fought back, but that would require revealing the conversation he had with his sisters, and he didn’t want to do that because that were still “his family” Not only stupid, but pathetic beta simp, JP MC mentality.

          2. That, and also he tell the princess about his power right after he know his sister betray him. He keep it a secret for years and it only take his sister betrayal to make him talk.
            Like damn, if someone that close to me betray me, i’ll have trust issue for years.
            And also isnt the reason he need to heal princess sister is because he need to talk with the emperor about not expel him or something.
            Its like the author just write that after reading negative comment about why he trust princess so much, “oh yeah guys he trust her because he taught this ultra powerfull technique so they cooling”
            And if he already have that technique before his duel with his sister, why he scared lose to her.
            MC said, “Its already 6 months since she enroll in academy, if we before, i dev win. But now i am not sure”.

            At first few chapter its kinda okay, but its lost me after they change his duel opponent
            “Oh its fine, they sometime have another person for duel”. Its not how it work, the duel is to test his strength not to save someone honor or face. And turn out he is a rank 1 when entrance exam, what? Than why they suprise this rank 1 dude its actually strong. He already duel for several time at that point and keep winning.

    2. Big black clock says:

      His power is not to revive someone and give them power. It’s to interfere with other people’s(alive) talents. The reason why those sisters of his wanted to expel him? Well, they’re b*tches who was intoxicated by the power they got. Well. There are also some other reasons but don’t wanna give tooany spoilers

      1. Big black clock says:

        Spoiler:- The princess is trustworthy cause she’s a regressor. She tell mc abt it in the last chapter.(chap 67)

      2. Ah i see, i don’t read it far enough to know his exact power. He only state that his sister is in brick of death when he use his power

        1. *Brink
          Dam autocorrect

  17. Bob Marley Bob Marley says:

    Did a read it, imma stash it for now

    The story was indeed something else but it’s nothing I haven’t seen, it is fine but something I would read in a mood personally sadly that mode ain’t now. Might return when I feel like it

  18. M-Art EA M-Art EA says:

    Which MF likes the munchkin genre, is this genre really popular nowadays?

    1. Tian ‎ Tian ‎ says:

      the only tag I don’t like is the reversed genre roles, everything else is welcome. Although this one scares me a little because of the 2 stars

  19. milky violet says:

    Reverse grade, 2 stars is actually a 5* novel (novel updates rating) and 8 stars is actually 3* below

  20. Cain says:

    Godddamn, skim-reading already gave me a lethal dose.

  21. Noble really gave it a 2 star… He said he would give 1 star.. Guess one more star out of sympathy…

  22. It’s not that bad? I reached ch25 already and it’s kind of a generic munchkin regret type. Rather Mc is not a fool and he actually is taking revenge on the sisters that betrayed him.

    Unless some sort of disaster appears, i feel like it can be 8 or 8.8 like the other generics

    1. CrovoloDesu says:

      How do I not know that you are the author on a secondary account?

      impossible for a recurring reader to consider this an 8

      1. I am local here enough to know 8 or 8.8 does not mean it’s good lol. It’s just 2 is something like a disaster like author being cancelled on youtube

        Well I am not trying to defend the novel but i did not encounter anything unacceptable yet

        1. Big black clock says:

          Spoiler alert:-
          Mc actually gets his revenge. No forgiving or some misunderstanding bullsh*t.

          1. rob z rob z says:

            Thanks – I was about to drop until I read this.

  23. Dagonsuznyx says:

    Yeah I am not touching this novel. This is the kind of novel that will surely isekai someone for real and since I am kind of a prick towards the authors and novels, there is no way I am falling for this sh

  24. Frauflaw says:

    So…. Any review on this? Actually curious how bad a 2* is, when 8* poison is already reeeeeeeaaaally bad

  25. Bob Marley Bob Marley says:

    2 stars, sub tags include regret,

    This might be something else

  26. CrovoloDesu says:

    cough cough, please, an ambulance! I didn’t read that it had 2 stars

    *the poison was so deadly that it killed this user and transported him to a yandere harem trashy novel*

  27. Wow 2 star, consider noble only pick 8+ star but trash its kinda refreshing lol why not pick a real trash
    I am going in boys wish me luck

    1. Insufferable says:

      Username checks out.

      Be careful out there and tell us if the 0.09 percent chance it’s good happens.

    2. Wow this is omega level poison, i guess stars doesnt lie lol

      1. CrovoloDesu says:

        Definitely, this poison killed me and I transmigrated to a yandere harem trashy novel but I defeated the main heroines and returned to this world, only to try reading a few more chapters of this and almost die again. I only survived this time because I was rewarded with a better anti-poison body.

  28. Kaniya says:

    I think I have problem In my eyes?

    [ rip English]

  29. willianpk1 says:

    please update narrow-eyes villain of the demon academy

  30. Extra Extra says:

    2 star? Sounds spicy

  31. Cero says:

    What the hell, a 2 star?😲.

  32. Who suggests this and why? 2 rating? Daring today i see. If it’s 2 it’s not poison but lava

  33. Pure Candy says:

    A strong poison

  34. Insufferable says:

    I sensed overwhelming malevolence. My spirit was crushed and my knees buckled to the ground. I gazed up, the 2 stars shining dimly in gold sent shivers down my spine and terror to fill my psyche. My muscles lost all power and fell to the ground. My jaw couldn’t close and I sat terrified while saliva dribbles down my chin. Below me, pungent odor permeated as yellow colored liquid made its way out my pants and formed a puddle on the ground. The aura of poison and ill intent formed a miasma of malice that took physical form, envoloping me entirely in it’s disgusting clutches and imprisoned me, rooted to the ground. All the terror clouded my mind and even desperate prayers could not form much less any coherent thought. The “regret” tag and the two golden stars were the last things I see as darkness engulfed me amd my consciousness disappeared.

    1. Insufferable says:

      For real though my heart skipped a beat when I saw that rating.

  35. Hehe says:

    How how how ???

  36. 2chu says:

    Wow, it’s an actual 2 rating. This is def poison. Alright guys I’m going in. Goodbye 😂

  37. Pure Candy says:


  38. Lixom says:

    How bad is it to get a 2??

  39. CrovoloDesu says:


  40. Pure Candy says:

    Hello. is there no one ?

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