The Only Male Student in the Academy
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The Only Male Student in the Academy

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아카데미의 유일한 남학생
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2022 Native Language: Korean Posted by: Noble nible Posted on: Updated on:
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Synopsis The Only Male Student in the Academy

I’m f*cked. The rest got f*cked up.

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  1. Shadow says:

    And the story is pretty great too, and has good characters and common sense, mostly. And the butterfly effect is a huge thing. And the mc isn’t op or a munchkin and relies a lot on his smarts and items.
    [Last read: Chapter 109]

  2. Shadow says:

    The novel is very coherent and its hard to believe its an mtl, Like I only found half a dozen words to be wrong at most in a chapter, easily making this the novel with the best translation on this site.

  3. Read till ch18, and all that I ever hope for is for Claire to be punched in the face. She is godamn annoying

  4. Extra Extra says:

    Stopped at chapter 124. Will wait and see if this gets updated more.

    The novel is good, but I have to mention that I DON’T like the MC’s personality / character so far. His mindset causes him to be stubborn when it comes to certain things, and it’s very frustrating to see that at times.

    Fortunately, this frustration is balanced out by the characters involved with the MC, who I find interesting.

    Claire, for instance, is easily the most interesting and entertaining character I’ve seen in the novel so far.

  5. Arcus 101 Arcus 101 says:

    This one is unexpectedly good, granted my expectations were low considering how ‘one male in a girls school’ thing usually goes. I enjoyed it quite a bit and I liked the fact that the romance side of thing isn’t too dragged out and MC already got a girlfriend sooner than other harem protagonists.

  6. Extra Extra says:

    I’m only up to chapter 80 atm.

    Despite some minor niggles, I’m enjoying this one so far.

  7. Zzz says:

    So my conclusion is it is readable but;

    Dont expect anything from mc he will annoy you to death
    Dont expect good logic and intriguing developments from author.

    Translation is quite readable on this novel so it was some past time, my attention on this novel went on a downward trend.
    Start was cool, i got disappointed by mc quite a bit later on.

  8. It’s a nice read to pass time. Dont expect too much but its interesting

  9. kk77 says:

    um, actually it’s pretty good for an academy harem novel. don’t get so caught up in the only females or the original lily harem setting, it’s not rly important to the novel. in fact every few chapters or so someone’s gender is mentioned and each time im like ‘o yea LITERALLY EVERYONE is a girl i completely forgot’. and apparently there’s a difference between yuri, GL and lily genre with historic roots?? sure, whatever, why not. i pick up more and more utterly useless knowledge every day
    the mc’s combat class is alchemist – he fights using consumable items and gadgets, and has no real power himself (as of yet), so not at all overpowered – nearly every fight is a major grind and assistance is often necessitated to secure victory. also mc does do a decent enough job of not derailing the original plot, and not getting involved with the ogmc as much as possible. up till now that is; i’m pretty sure it’ll change very soon, but compared to most must-protecc-plot mcs, he had a pretty good run.
    a rather rare and niche case.

    also there’s polygamy and the effective 1st wife has already settled things with the tentative 2nd, pretty sure this is true harem ending.

    i mean… if it’s not somehow not…

    Well, I think it would be a *lovely* time to visit the land of Joseon!
    Maybe do some studying up on modern cybersecurity while we’re there~
    Maybe some practical learning using localised case studies~~
    And indulge in some recreational MDK at the end of it all~~~

  10. Jahe manis Jahe manis says:

    *MC unaccidentally destroyed a lot of flags
    Noblemtl must provide edit function

  11. Jahe manis Jahe manis says:

    Yeah, heroine A I mention in the ori story, try hard to make ori protagonist become lesbian, but it’s not happen now. Honestly, feel like it’s more interesting if she still behave like in ori story. She will have constant confrontation with the MC because she thinks it is interfering with her plans, but now she just pitiful girl that get easily bully. Now I feel pity to her with how school and MC treat her as curse woman.

  12. Jahe manis Jahe manis says:

    For Yuri Harem, the protagonist accidentally destroyed a lot of flags for this happen. But that doesn’t mean they are interested in MC. The ori protagonist, is a normal girl who doesn’t show interest in homosexuality. She is interested to being friends with the MC but is always rejected. Another girl, let’s call her A; I forgot her name, nicknamed Curse Woman, is member of the original protagonist’s party. She should have been blindly in love with her after she helped her in the game prologue, but because of the MC’s interference, who always insulted her, her confidence fell too low, and she felt she didn’t deserve to be loved, thinking she would only a bring disaster for those she loves. She remains friends with the original protagonist, who tries to cheer her up but doesn’t come to love her like ori story. Another, just call her B, female character who should be a member of the Yuri harem, also doesn’t fall in love with the protagonist because the MC prevent death of her sister (the girl on the cover) when originally the protagonist must killed her after being corrupted. In the original story, the protagonist and B both feel guilty and comfort each other after the death of B’s sister that starting make ori protagonist embrace yuri love. Heroine C, who is a princess who should only be interested in the protagonist, is even more interested in MC, because of SM of MC relationship with one of the girls on cover. I’ve seen in novelpia, the MC most likely just ends up with both girls on the cover. The author provides many illustrations of the characters above, but not other female characters.

  13. rob z rob z says:

    Suherman’s description really makes this seem like poison. A-hole MC, cowardly avoids main plot, yuri harem – pretty nightmarish. Will avoid unless other poison testers survive and say it’s safe to proceed.

  14. K R K R says:

    This site must have some of the strangest people I ave ever encountered. Why did I come here?!?!?!? Someone please guide me on the right path.

  15. Busy Poo says:

    Not being able to edit comments or delete them is a real pain

  16. Zero says:

    @Xjaksoxa The bad smell would leave you un evidence, right?

  17. Xjaksoxa Xjaksoxa says:

    Leaving the body to rot will probably be the most cost efficient

  18. Zero says:

    @mawe : It spend a lot of gasoline to take it to the forest by car, It is cheaper if they do It in the backyard of your House

  19. mawe says:

    electricity cost a lot too…bury him in the woods..or throw his body in can..

  20. Insufferable says:

    Funerals cost a lot these days @Zzz

    Probably would just cremate you in the microwave

  21. Zzz says:

    Wish me luck, if im not back in 3 days hold my funeral

  22. Insufferable says:

    You make it sound so neat, @suherman

    Fine I’ll read it

  23. suherman says:

    MC enters as the only extra male character that appears in the yuri harem game. Due to his early dismissal from school, he attends a school with only girls. Destined to die in the game’s prologue, MC successfully alive. The MC is self-centered, distrustful of others, and only cares about himself, but will soften up as the story progresses. MC is not OP unlike ori protagonis. He is an alchemist, using bombs, sword and tactics to win. Unlike other novel stories, he seriously avoids the original protagonist by deriding him as a commoner. The MC also avoided other female characters by offending them. The protagonist’s original story continues, but behind the scenes, because we only see it from the MC’s POV. The protagonist’s original story will intersect with the MC’s story in the end. Only two female characters (the girl on the cover) are not avoided. One, an extra character who will die in the story so that the MC uses it for his interests. One, the villain character, because she is always looking for trouble with the MC, so the MC has no other way but to subdue her. If you think this is a story where the MC changes the plot of the yuri harem to a male harem, I don’t see it because the MC only has a romantic relationship with a cover girl. It is likely that the ori protagonist still has a harem, but who knows later because she also have interest in MC. It would be very interesting if she became an MC lover, while all her female harems could only stare dumbfounded.

  24. Mrvallet says:

    @poison tester nice try

  25. Mrvallet says:

    @poison tester nice try bro

  26. SelfProclaimedNerd says:

    Very wise words in the synopsis. I am interested in the “the rest got fricked up” sentence. I am very interested.

  27. poison tester says:

    Man ı was gonna be the first u broke my heart

  28. I smell pure poison from this, nah I’m passing

  29. poison tester says:


  30. Mrvallet says:

    exceeds the speed of light, lives in the darkness ☠️

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