I Possessed The Villain’s Childhood Friend
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I Possessed The Villain’s Childhood Friend

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악역의 소꿉친구로 빙의했다
Status: Completed Type: Author: Released: 2021 Native Language: Korean Posted by: Noble nible Posted on: Updated on:
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Synopsis I Possessed The Villain’s Childhood Friend

When I came to my senses, I was possessed as a childhood friend of my favorite villain character.

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  1. Lord kazuma says:

    The beginning is boring..but the middle and the end are very interesting..the plot twist in the last chapter is quite surprising that the original ike axus and The MC are basically the same person..my personal rating 8/10.

  2. Kyryuu says:

    Recomiendame un netori aquí dime todos los que recuerdes por favor

  3. Ran Shinon Ran Shinon says:

    woah it was good..
    It has been awhile since i read this kind of story and its really going well..
    Tags “pure love” was worth it.

  4. Normal People says:

    It’s funny how these defended themselves and didn’t want to admit the fact that they just wanted a MC where his dk was licked and not the other way around. “Women that was obsessed with me even for no apparent reason is fine!”
    Soooo many obsession novels here where women obsessed with the MC for no logical reason, without any build up, just straight wish fulfillment. Apperently those readers are. Fine with it?
    The discord was also filled with the reader base liked to read where the MC NTRed people but they hated to read a novel where the the MC gets NTRed. If noble posted a novel where the MC gets NTRed at the beginning you can see many complaints from them lmao.
    Just self denial trying to preserve their dignity

    1. Bro, I personally like NTR novels, but only if the MC has a hard personality to overcome all these emotional holdbacks. If he starts running down the forgiving route where he saves the girl even though she cu*ked him, then nope, and if he gives up on revenge or there is no indirect revenge in the plot then also, a big NO! But yeah I get your point and I support it as well.

  5. Abs says:

    @bruh There is a difference between being a simp or a licking dog and being obsessive, here it is a simp too bad there is no good reason to be like that, when you meet your waifu, man please a minimum of spine and stand up straight

  6. Aith Aith says:

    Finished reading and it was good.

  7. I should’ve elaborated more, I don’t like simp characters but novels like The regressor and the blind saint work because there is a established connection. There’s a clear reason to be a simp, ie she saved and loved him while he was at his worst.

    This novel does not have the connection. MC and the heroine interactions feel forced and useless and his reasons stem from pity, which is a shit reason in itself. Had the author started at childhood and then worked his way up, I would’ve been fine with it because the MC and heroine would’ve had more reasons to fall in love and we could’ve gotten more reasons to like the heroine because we’ve seen her develop since childhood.

    You could argue “oh it gets better later on!!” But I argue that a good novel would have a strong hook and a strong later on

  8. Esse says:

    Why do Korean authors like the troupe of a 21st century man reading a novel and simping over the character of a novel

    That’s just creepy

  9. Altxria says:

    Me personally I would not let that disrespect slide

  10. Feng says:

    shut cho bitch ass @bruh it’s not like you are here to read books by aristole or marcus aurelius. All of us here are losers who come here for wish fullfilment. so lets us pick our poison

  11. bruh says:

    The reviews are hilarious. Not mocking them but its always easy to see what the regular reader base here are. “I dont want an obsessed main character, thats a simp! I want girls to be obsessed with the main character and lick his c*ck, not the other way around!”.

  12. Constellation of Pure Love says:

    Another win for the team (?)

  13. Story is okay but mc is simp beta,
    Also, I don’t know what’s wrong with these Korean authors , almost all Trying copying Japanese isekai naive dense mc who is such a virgin that stays oblivious when girls are showing signs and naked left to right.
    Tired of reading such thing again and again that’s why I only reading obsession/netori now, atleast mc is not dumb or clueless and sleeps with the girl.

    -Tried reading it, maybe it gets better but I couldn’t go above initial 18-19 chs, if u want ur standard to drop go dive in.

  14. I read 15 chapters… And I am done.. This is a good story but the MC acting like a simp is plain torture to me. He is already obsessed with her right before he was even transmigrated. The plot is kinda good but with such a simp….. Its always *Reina* *Reina* *Reina*…. I personally like plots where the obsession is other way around…

    I would recommend this if you are fine with a MC who has a very passive and simpy attitude, then do go for it…

  15. He’s kind of a simp. Like dawg enough reina this and reina that, how bout you live for yourself for a moment.

  16. Moonlit Walker says:

    [Pure Love] ain’t worth the risk plus im still finishing

    “How to live as a writer in the fantasy world “(chap266) Btw

  17. StopTheParanoia says:

    I have a theory that the admin is a hivemind of very fickle alien squirrel demigods. What genre they will MTL shall purely be according to their current interest, regardless of the readers want. Right now its pure love/romance and the other is toxic obsessive love/harem.

    You will never get my acorns…

  18. Yusun says:

    Pure love》》》》》》》》》》》》》》》》harem (in my opinion

  19. Wisp Er Wisp Er says:

    Hmmmmm, diving in
    seems promising

  20. Another pure love what happened to all the yandere and harem

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