Academy Light Attribute Vampire
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Academy Light Attribute Vampire

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아카데미 빛 속성 뱀파이어
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2021 Native Language: Korean Posted by: Noble nible Posted on: Updated on:
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Synopsis Academy Light Attribute Vampire

I was possessed by a novel I was reading. But…

what is this again…

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  1. @kk7 It’s basically a genre for indecisive authors trying to please the majority. He intends to make it a harem but willing to break that if the comments say so

  2. @Hehe It’s not harem and this novel already completed

  3. Hehe says:

    @herman really this isn’t a harem? … bruh I already like the name mc Rye? Lai? Ray? ( lei? means lightning if this is a Chinese novel?) .. it still fits and doesn’t become a strange word.

    it’s really a luxury on this web when mc names don’t turn out weird when translated, or use Korean names that are hard for me to remember and read 🙂

    ahhh i miss ishak issac izaak :'(

  4. Arcus 101 Arcus 101 says:

    Read till ch 10, The premise is interesting for me, also to add to what had already been said you can say MC is the common wizard build. You know, the one that you can defeat easily as long as you don’t give him the chance to cast a spell otherwise they will crush you with their powerful magic. He uses shadow magic, because it grows stronger the more light is available so for MC that also grow stronger with the presence of light it gives a great synergy to his magic.

  5. The MC possessed the body of the vampire knight’s brother, yeah as vampire. Afterwards, he enters academic, makes friends, and meets the woman he loves. Same usual like all korean fantasy academic novel. Face problem and solve it with his gang. One thing is not harem. Girl in the cover is heroine. I thought the main character was incompetent, 2 year training and still weak. However the world story was interesting. Even so, the content and composition of the novel which is used as the basis and main axis is still lacking. Beyond that, there are forced stories and sob stories.

  6. Toxic says:

    Mc girl?

  7. Carlos Niggelson says:

    Looking at the review above I don’t even care about harem rn but PLEASE don’t be a feminine looking MC.

  8. Insufferable says:

    Just an overview for those who don’t wanna go in blind

  9. Insufferable says:

    Alright MC is a sole reader of a novel that becomes obsessed despite the novel’s progressing into a bad pacing and ending. He complains about the ending and gets possession.

    He is a vampire who happens to be the little brother of the novels strongest (presumably) side character, who also happens to be the knight of the vampire queen d1and teacher to the protagonist of that world.

    The world is a dimensional fusion world. World background is introduced early on so I won’t bother.

    Novel protagonist is a human with vampire blood that happens to be the descendant of the humans that mastered dimensional magic or technology that made it possible for them to escape. Bloodlines are important to this world.

    Our mc is thought to be sick and is isolated from sunlight by his sister but he actually has a peculiar constitution that inverts his yin yang attributes making him strong in the sun and weak in the dark (hence his sisters mistaking him to be sick when he was in the dark). Presumably he should actually be a female cuz he has a feminine name and maybe looks masculine because of yin yang inversion. I dont know I havent read far enough yet.

  10. says:

    Huh??? Light attribute vampire well that is an interesting trope but why is there academy trope; like man I am just tired of seeing academy, reincarnation, system, regression, isekai, possessing another body novels now instead of ‘unique’ story like damn might as well-read some fanfic on A04.

  11. kk77 says:

    ah yes, my favourite genre – ‘maybe harem’. cannot get ENOUGH of it lads let me tell you.

    no srsly tho how does it work. i dont remember which novels were tagged before but did it come off after confirmation?

    also love to see a classic synopsis after all this time, was starting to get real tired of knowing anything about the novel without reading a dozen chapters <3 <3

  12. Arcus 101 Arcus 101 says:

    So he didn’t possessed a character inside the novel but he got possessed by the novel huh, how horrific! jk

    Anyway, this is the second maybe harem in this site, what does that even mean, is it a harem or not?

  13. Insufferable says:

    So basically if the pope was bitten by a vampy…

  14. Kirill Popov says:

    I guess.

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