A Sleepy Summoner Wants To Rest
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A Sleepy Summoner Wants To Rest

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나른한 소환사는 쉬고 싶다
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2022 Native Language: Korean Posted by: Noble nible Posted on: Updated on:
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Synopsis A Sleepy Summoner Wants To Rest

…I really want to take a break.

But the incidents don’t stop.

I wish everything would just go away…

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  1. KKKHHHU Ê 🇻🇳🇻🇳🇻🇳 says:

    Dường như ở kiếp trước, thế giới của MC đã bị hủy diệt, MC đã trải qua một cuộc sống vô cùng khó khăn. Tuy được đầu thai nhưng thế giới thứ 2 cũng vô cùng điên rồ khi đầy sức mạnh ảo tưởng, MC muốn cuộc sống yên bình nhưng cần sức mạnh để có cuộc sống như ý muốn. Cụ thể, MC cho rằng bàn tay của Chúa đã tái sinh anh ta để giúp nhân vật chính của thế giới này, MC phản đối bằng cách chọn nghề triệu hồi sư để tránh sự can thiệp trực tiếp mạnh mẽ, anh ta tìm cách khả thi nhất để phản đối tất cả các sự kiện liên quan đến Nhân vật chính của thế giới này, không xen vào tình yêu hậu cung dành cho nhân vật chính của thế giới này là 1 nhân tố, đẩy trách nhiệm dẫn đường cho nhân vật nữ 1.

  2. I forgot to mention the main character – he occasionally refers to himself as contradictory, but honestly, there are no contradictions in his actions. I mean, there is a persistent feeling that several mismatched characters were glued together, not allowing what resulted to truly contradict itself. When he wants to rest, there is no contradiction with his desire to take care of rest later and work for it now, and when he works, there is no contradiction with his desire to rest. Despite initially being presented as a scientist and often studying his enemies as such, in other chapters, he naturally abandons the study of his enemies and instead behaves like a soldier. Why do these positions inside him not contradict each other? Why does he, being a researcher, not have a military spirit, and being a soldier, does not have a spirit of exploration? It feels like several different characters were given the same name and occasionally replaced each other on stage so that the one needed for the script would act now.

  3. I have only read 46 chapters, but I no longer had any desire to continue. And it’s not even about the translation quality, but let’s start from the beginning.

    The book itself is not necessarily bad, rather it is quite unusual and entertaining, but there are too many irritating things in it that, when accumulated, made me give up reading further.

    As for the main love interest, we have a rather mischievous female character whose feelings towards the main character cannot be called attachment or love. It is simply a form of emotions without any substance. There is no care, attachment, or even a sincere desire to think about what he wants. She simply enjoys herself, showing him the form of what people call love. This sincerely annoys me. Maybe I misunderstood this character, or maybe the author deliberately made her like this in order to later fill this form of love with true feelings so that she would grow as a character and be loved by readers, I don’t know. But during reading, this character sincerely annoyed me.

    Furthermore, the main character’s power and summoning are incredibly dull. I mean, it’s normal for the main character’s power to be dull, as we are already used to another simply overpowered main character, but what annoys me is how the potential for interesting characters, which could have been his pets, was irretrievably lost on dull and bland individuals or even those without any individuality at all.

    As for the main character, he is extremely inconsistent and poorly thought out. Apparently, in his past life, he was a military man, and then, in his childhood in this life, he became an explorer. I will not dwell on the fact that I have never seen soldiers become scientists after combat – perhaps my knowledge is too limited, and this main character has a completely different life now. Fine. The main character is described as someone who wants to rest, but he never feels that way. He is constantly thinking about something, doing something, and planning. In battle, he is always full of energy to confront his enemy. If it weren’t for occasional mentions of his complaints about wanting to rest, I would have long forgotten about it and considered him a workaholic.

    Lastly, the narrative style. The reason why this book is difficult to read is not the translation, but rather the narrative style, which is particularly hard to understand with mtl. However, in itself, it’s not really a problem. If you get used to how thoughts are presented and occasionally go back to the beginning of a paragraph or previous paragraphs to properly formulate in your head what is being said in the text, it’s not so bad. What annoys me is that behind this complex narrative style, there is no substance. Despite the relatively unique concept of the book, the text itself is bland and uninspired, and what should be interesting in this story remains extremely irritating or boring – the love interest, summoned creatures, secondary characters, and inconsistent main character.

  4. Diacan says:

    Mc is someone wbo wants to rest after death but reincarnated by some god so he wants to kill god

  5. Jahe manis Jahe manis says:

    I can understand why many people dislike this novel. However, I salute that the writer dare to takes a unique viewpoint compared to other novels. That is makes MC a truly original male protagonist’s best friend. In other novels, a character like MC mostly accidentally steal the flag heroines and have them fall in love with MC instead. However, that’s not the case here. MC let original protagonist save all heroines and make them fall in love with him. Sometimes the MC helps behind the scenes and does dirty things for the protagonist because he is too pure and hogu. Well, maybe our MC is part of the original harem protagonist lol. Other heroines also suspect that the protagonist is homo toward the MC. Some heroines don’t like the MC because they often steal the protagonist’s time with the MC. Ori protagonist has 6 female harem who always follow him. Our MC is actually a OP genius doctor and a secret government agent. He has a contract with the strongest summoning spirit capable of changing reality and destroying the world at any time (girl in cover). Suherman was right that the girl on the cover was the only one romantically interested in the MC and wasn’t human either. She is an obsessive yandere stalker who observes MC 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Although at the end of the chapter in this story, the MC finally has a human female who is romantically interested in the MC. Doubt MC will care about it though. While I don’t agree if the original protagonist and his harem aren’t given the spotlight, it might be due their interaction with the MC is look boring if wee see from MC’s perspective. MC tends to avoid talking to them and author don’t give much opportunity either. I think if I compare this novel to the novel “The Hero’s Brother Is Bound To Be Depressed”, the interactions between the original protagonist’s harem members and the MCs are more entertaining in there. Maybe the story will be more entertaining, if author makes the protagonist like MC lol and change him to TS, so will screw all his harem members hhhh.

  6. Agree, the story is too slow and I think kind of boring. The heroine on the cover is the only female character romantically interested in the MC and she appears after 40 chapters. The translation is poor. The tag harem refers to MC’s friend and writers rarely highlight him and his harem. Hence, harem tags seem to be bait. MC’s character does not appeal to me personally.

  7. Des says:

    Read 5 chapters, I have a feeling it will go really slow. I saw the “Academy (55)”, 55chs about the academy… No f way, author you don’t us to burn out right 😭

  8. I like lazy MC with power summoning because if he is truly lazy or sleepy and don’t want to do anything he will train his summon to do anything so he can do nothing. But, what can i do? This novel make my head hurt and the translation are Soo bad that make me give up at chapter 1

  9. Insufferable says:

    And I used the word confused 4 times in a single sentence, holy f**k.

  10. Insufferable says:

    Jeez my grammar is horrendous. Sorry about that.

  11. Insufferable says:

    MC is not lazy. He’s just seen enough sh*t and is tired. He plans (emphasis on this since I’m not sure enough after dropping for the first few chapters) to act like a rebellious teen that goes against the rules to justify his acting on his desire to be unbothered and free.

    He has a secret past that seems similar to some anime where the mc is some kind of experiment or important war machine or reasearcher or something.

    So the trope is very similar to animes where mc is seemingly retired from government or secret organization and decides to live his life as a student and the some new trouble forces him to act.

    Also he has a friend that he believes to be the “protagonist” of the world because of their ‘harem’ and his abilities that focus on tenacity.

    It is implied in the prolouge that new girls will pop up and become our MC’s harem.

    I don’t make reviews like I said before this is just an overview. Though I dropped it because of I don’t intend to read academy for the foreseeable future and also because even for an mtl this is bad. Mostly because it uses a lot of idioms, metaphors and Korean specific references that get lost in translation. Most of the time they’re important context and you just get confused. But even if the sentence is not important just the sheer confusion you’ll have upon reading it will throw you off the immersion and leave you confused.

    Again, not a review.

  12. kk77 says:

    mtl very bad, novel not good. me sad, give up at ch5, brain feel sick

  13. Arcus 101 Arcus 101 says:

    That girl in the cover sure like white doesn’t she? White hair, white skin, white tie, white uniform, I would not be surprised if she wore white shoes, socks and pants.

  14. Insufferable says:

    Nevermind it’s reincarnation

  15. Kirill Popov says:

    What is not a day, then a new harem.

  16. Kukkapilla. says:

    Looks like I am faster than Noble

  17. Insufferable says:

    Lazy mc huh… And it seems from the tags that this isn’t a possession.

    Looks intriguing. Unfortunately I’m done with academy stuff for now.

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