Became a Lazy Confucius at the Academy
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Became a Lazy Confucius at the Academy

Read full chapter Became a Lazy Confucius at the Academy, Light Novel Became a Lazy Confucius at the Academy english, LN Became a Lazy Confucius at the Academy, Became a Lazy Confucius at the Academy Online, read Became a Lazy Confucius at the Academy at Noble Machine translations.
아카데미 나태 공자가 되었다
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2023 Native Language: Korean Posted by: Noble nible Posted on: Updated on:
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Synopsis Became a Lazy Confucius at the Academy

Possessed as the only son of the Grand Duke of the North who is said to be a magical genius.

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  1. Mr.Z says:

    The mc character ticks me off hate the mc character some may love it but not my thing

  2. SenatorArmstrong says:

    Interesting @Rader, but
    >MC currently in the body of a 12 year old despite being 130 chapters in
    Makes me hesitant to read this.

  3. Kim Party says:

    The friend above is right, Deep See Embers is one of the best novels I’ve read this year, it’s really worth it

  4. Rader says:

    Story has reached at a good point in the 130 chapters. And story is quite good, I like this novel. There is no romance, regret, or anything like @Zzz said above. It’s a story of a Korean man possessing a OP character in novel, to be more precise it’s possibly the story of a Child born from a bloodline of last dragon and the most impactful archmage in history going to Korea and then coming back.

    There is no romance, MC is currently in body of a 12 year old, he has not even reached puberty. There is no regret in terms of regret plot, he does regret some actions but he learns from them like normal human beings. There are some people who regret touching him but it’s not wrong, they touched him and his OP family so they should regret. Action is passable, he is a living magic god or dragon, there is his assistant who is better than him in theory but he is able to use magic disturbing time and space on his own by using theory of relativity.

    Anyways, today I will share about my best read in a long long time. Novel name is Deep See Embers and I will recommend it to anyone who likes OP hero, mystery, action, pirates, evil gods, Lovecraftian gods, and fantasy world where 90% of land is covered by water. I don’t usually recommend or even say about novels not on this site in the comment section here, but this novel deserves it. It’s much better than Lord of the Mysteries if anyone has read it even a bit.

  5. Zzz says:

    In short, it is barely readable.

    The story is keeping you at an edge all the times but not much happens. Action? It is over in 5 sec. Romance? Idk man.
    The novel itself is readable but it deceives the reader 24/7.

    When you start reading it feels like a overpowered mc route then story says no, it feels like romance for a bit but it is not that either, it also feels like regret but not really..

    So what i am trying to say is while reading this i never got the dopamine i was looking for up to ch95.

  6. mr joster mr joster says:

    The novel actually good, we have some character development, his power is not everything,i think you should read it before leave

  7. Forgotten one says:

    I am not reading for the same reason as you… @Poison tester…

  8. rob z rob z says:

    Thanks Poison Tester – shota and unmotivated MC? Horrible combination.

  9. Big Blackclock says:

    Mc is similar to that one sleeping lazy mage genius girl from How to survive in the academy. There might be incest.

  10. @7th Extra So far chapter 37 and there wasn’t anything major to require regret. Only parts with novel main characters where they don’t really know the Mc or misunderstand and get bad things in return as they did stupid things in the 1st place.

    Mc’s family relationships and school life has no problems. He is the only student who doesnt have to attend school. And the guy calls the emperor “hyung”. So he gets special treatment everywhere

    Only regret tag i can see happening is because he later tries to correct the scenario so he may be mistaken as a villain and you can guess how that always work out

  11. 7th Extra 7th Extra says:

    Where does regret tag come in?


    Obsession obsession obsession obsession obsession obsession obsession obsession obsession obsession obsession obsession

  13. Poison tester says:

    Btw, I stopped reading it because the MC is to strong, make me feel it just will be generic face slap novel, save villain/side chara -> get harem.

  14. Poison Tester says:

    Last reading: ch 11

    Synopsis: its not about philosopher, this story is about Broken Home Child died because overworked and Insomnia. He got isekaied to web novel and possessed as Genius Magician( OP MC) but he just want to have happy Live and sleep(because his experience with insomnia in previous life).

    Grade: Poison, at least for me.
    1. Shota MC (he just 12 years old but novel implied he will be shota? )
    2. Bad OG web Novel MC. Idk it is because mtl or I just miss some information, but OG MC was explained as good boy but in reality he stole Something important and make the owner became a villain(fyi, the villain got really bad end in the novel)
    3. unmotivated MC
    4. Bad mtl? (Idk, translated it to my mother language but sometimes I miss or don’t understand with some sentence)

  15. Dagonsuznyx says:

    Confucius is a mistranslation. You can think of it as “young master”.

  16. Wet Salamander says:

    Korean sure love Northern Duchy, idk why

  17. Azeizel says:

    @poison tester i wish you luck as well

  18. It’s regret guys. Poison testers and scouts, proceed with caution!

  19. Zero says:

    @Poison Tester I wish you luck on your trip

  20. says:

    The author is cooking something up but It’s a academy korean novels so I’ll backing off to not eat what author cooking also confucius? Why is there a Chinese philosopher, but oh well going to wait for the reviews or summary.

  21. Poison Tester says:

    Oh, we have philosopher now! I’m going to test it.

    If I don’t come back, tell my family I love them.

    Wish me luck, soldier!

  22. Ken Ken says:

    it seem i’ve come to soon, time to dive then. ADVENTURE AWAITS HUZZAAH!!!!

  23. Speed says:

    Where are the chapter?

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