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Bullied but Popular

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왕따지만 인기는 많다
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2022 Native Language: Korean Posted by: Noble nible Posted on: Updated on:
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Synopsis Bullied but Popular

Aren Dupuis, who enters the academy.
And Tia Cloud, his fiancée whom he meets for the first time.

“I’m sorry, but I have no intention of marrying you.”

He felt awkward right after meeting her.
At the moment he tried to cheer himself up with delicious food, fighting his depression.

Crunch! Bang!

“What the…?”
“What? You want some more?”

‘Who is this crazy guy?’

He was hit here and there right after entering the academy.
A story of bullying in the academy.

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  1. Enter says:

    Spineless Asian Cuckold Beta MC.
    There are currently 500+ chapters.
    If you look at the number of Likes and comments, then at the beginning there are 130-150, and after 30% there are already half of them, after 70% there are 30%.
    The last chapter of the ongoing has two Likes and 1 comment.

  2. Exgentt14 says:

    can you pls update this novel?

  3. After reading this in Novelpia up to more than 400 chapters, MC deserves to be bullied in academics, MC cheats on his lover and impregnates his lover’s older sister. Despite having rejected the other heroine princess, MC can’t stand she marrying someone else, kidnapping her. After escaping from the dark church’s abduction, MC did not return to his family and meet his son whom he had not seen for 2 years, just for revenge, which his action made the peace treaty void and war broke out again. But I have to admit, the story of this novel is interesting compared to other Harem novels. I hope noblemtl will noblemtl update this novel, so others can read it.

  4. Extra Extra says:


    I’d give it an 8 if the comedic relief were drastically toned down, especially during moments that are meant to be taken seriously.

    The novel feels like a Marvel film (humor-wise), and not in a good way. It got really grating over time.

  5. Lonely Adventurer says:

    Nice … Mc not op, but not weak either 7/10
    But I don’t like the mc to easy for women

    -ch 25

  6. I found the story to be entertaining. Although many comments dislike Tia as a heroine, it’s the author’s way of presenting an interesting beginning to the story. Due to the MC’s passive nature, we wouldn’t have a story without the incident with Tia. Also, Tia isn’t arrogant and doesn’t care about her friends. She helps other characters, like Lirina, the heroine, blend in academically and socially. The eavesdropping accident occurred due to her worry about her older sister, who suddenly tried to get close to Aren, the MC. For me, it’s just a plot device used by the author to make Tia fall in love with the MC after she secretly heard Aren praise Tia’s potential as a swordwoman and acknowledge the hard work Tia has put forth.

    I also like that there are many male characters in this story compared to other harem stories. In addition, several male antagonists become rivals of the MC, rather than just disappearing after the conflict finishes. While they are beaten often by MC, such as Luke, they practice to get stronger to defeat MC. Some villains in the story continues to be maintained by the writer for a long conflict. I think it’s good rather than introduce a new villain every time.

    What I don’t like is that the writers don’t give other male characters the opportunity to connect with female characters they like. As an example, Karl that likes Cecilia. In addition, I think the writer likes soft netorari due to the fact that a character like Cecilia, who liked Duke Hamel, now likes Aren. As well as with Tia, whose love for Karl doesn’t develop at the beginning of the story because Karl is attracted to her sister. I hope the writer doesn’t do that to other potential couples like Einhard and Kana or Garou and Sylvia. It would be nice if the other male characters had partners as well.

    Till chapter 160, three heroines have confessed their love for MC, and one empress wants to make MC her concubine. Unfortunately, to keep the story interesting and long, the writer made the MC as the indecisive character who can’t make decisions about who he wants to be as a partner.

  7. Poisoj Tester #33 says:

    Characters are pretty good and fleshed out, progression of relationships are pretty great, and it flowed pretty well.

    Only downside was that this is more focused to slice of life romcom, we dont have an end goal to the story yet for the mc and the main scenario is pretty much going with the flow.

    Nothing else is divulged on the mc’s dreams or the mc proactively trying to solve the mystery about it.

    7/10 good read if you want romcom slice of life comedy.

  8. puta madre says:

    Well MC kind of snapped at some point and kicked some ass lol

  9. Extra Extra says:

    Academy & Harem – Check
    Positive comments – Check
    MC gets bullied – ???

    My interest is piqued

  10. Zakoo says:

    It’s good.

    All characters are likable. some more than others of course. The story is interesting enough, and the dynamic of the relations is pleasant currently at chapter 160.
    The fights aren’t described properly, because that’s not even the point of the novel anyway.
    But honestly I don’t see any possible ending aside harem end/polygamy, it’s the kind of rare novel where absolutely all heroins are likable and you don’t want any of them to have a bad end.

    I am really expecting an update on that one

  11. Joseph 117 Joseph 117 says:

    Chapter 56- I’m liking the novel, but I hate MC’s personality it seems a lot like time-stop-player MC.

  12. rrobz says:

    Responding to Kirill Popov, I disagree with you post with a passion. The absolute worst, trashiest, most garbage novels are harem with no one picked at the end. To your case in point – The Villain Wants to Live. I hated the end of that novel more than any light novel I have read over the past 15 years. It made TNE look brilliant by comparison.

    1. Ninja says:

      Yeah fr, what the point to have a bunch of harem when you are ended with only one or even maidenless after all effort and time you spend for them?

  13. Misib says:

    about tia, she probably got the main girl “trials” that author use her to push a lot of trouble to mc, it doesnt help she is selfish, people will shit on mc head for months badmouth him,atack him etc, and she cries why he is mad…..

    i just cant take this girl as female lead, people said she is not at fault at the beggining she is at fault too( she doenst care about mc at all, hence bully happens, she also is always at fault at things, the bully she is at fault, then she want to learn about his private life, then she her friends install hidden Eavesdropping tool.

    later mc who is still being bullied to death snaps out with her friend, and she treat him like crazy…

    why he is mad? its not like he is being bullied humiliated and ataccked( BY HER FRIENDS AND SHE DOES NOTHING just complain) then mc atacks them she start to cry like its unfair TO HER.

    also mc and her are not more than friends at best and she get jealous when he see him dance with the princess, while solving the problems she and her sister are prolly at fault..

    so she is extremely unliable she is too selfish and self interested.

    also this novel mc past/power are always left on blank so u dont even know if he is strong or not..

    overall the novel is good… but mc is hogu…

    check chapter 44 to see how he is stupid if u want, it wont hurt the novel too much just will allow u to see mc seing he isnt pushover … and being one… and u guys will see how selfish the girl is.

    Just remember those shit heads of friends and her sometimes are hurting mc life( they hurt mc life so much mc is at spolight in the world and he and his family are now on danger), so? try chapter 44 with that in mind mc put up with months of insults by her friends and his reputation is on tatters thanks to them too.

  14. shelwyn shelwyn says:

    The guy above me is right, mc is a pushover and is really pathetic.

  15. This mc is too pathetic and no backbone at all
    Even mobs go around smacking his head and he just remains seated like a pussy
    And quickly become friends with the bully group
    Suited for 14 yr olds with their rainbow goody2shoes taste.

  16. ImanDBZ says:

    Also, Tia feel guilty as soon as the rumor start flying and even try to defend him. Which prove that she has conscience.

  17. ImanDBZ says:

    I won’t as far as redemption arc but Tia realize her mistake and also apologize properly to Aren. I don’t think all of it is her fault in the first place. Sure, she has her fault but the reason Aren being bully is because someone else spread the bad rumors about him. Even then, the bullying resolve quickly. In fact, I quite like her interaction with Aren after they visit Tia’s home.

  18. Just say one thing if tia gonna get redemption arc and becomes a main heroine
    Cause if ut happens its total bs

  19. Salty1 says:

    Nevermind my previous comment its good like really good

  20. Well he does retaliate. But not immediately. Doesn’t take too long though.

    I mean when he gets bullied he cuts off the bully’s arms in a duel later for example

    But he does seem to be patient towards the heroine considering the trouble she causes. I think he should have never get involved with her again and get engaged to her sister instead

  21. So basically, pushover MC?

  22. Unexpectedly good novel with some good characters. (Ch24)

    I like Mc is Op but not the only Op character. And the villain character somehow becomes a rival character but since Mc is not exactly purest their relationship becomes somehow fun to read.

    Unlike other novels there are a lot of male side characters which is interestingly uncommon in most harem novels these days. Well not all are likable as expected though

    The cover heroine Tia is so far the most unlikable though. Hoping she is not a heroine. But so far other heroines are fine although not in the center of the story yet.

    I expected a pitiful Mc who would keep on being bullied but fortunately it didn’t out to be a unnecessary drama

  23. at ch 19
    > the plot itself is not bad. The MC is not a pushover for the few chapters but later becomes one. His ability allows him to see mana path and thereby do other things.

    annoying parts :
    > characters are all self centered.
    > the main “aristocratic” students include a murderer Marquis heir, handsome muscle head, wire tapping fiance(not yandere, just stalking), the bookie princess, the unconcered sister and gossip girls
    > while the mc is not weak, it gets annoying when he doesn’t stand up to threats / blackmail apart from the mob characters. Its like he has a rule to only get back at them if they are mob.

  24. Kirill Popov says:

    I developed an aversion to harems. A harem is allowed if only the MC is with one or no one at all. Example”The Villain Wants to Live”.

  25. Putu says:

    It’s not trash, Readable
    chapter 13

  26. This story is quite frustrating. Author writes predictably annoying events. Excluding this, story is good mid

  27. offer this mission i’m thinking of marrying my childhood friend

  28. Ok. The top people are worried it generic but it heavily not the first thing to notice is that the a reincarnation is different from others, it more like the original personality receiving the reincarnated one memory he doesn’t know about earth but can see it in his memories. The story so far is good after 10 chs his personality is better than the other as for regret it done well not dumbed down because the FL suffers consequence for ignoring her f riend’s warnings and the mc is badass give it a shot for 10 chs the judge after.

  29. ZeRO says:

    I like this novel, the vibe I get from this novel is somehow different than others.

  30. Salty1 says:

    Yeah probably i wont be reading this
    It looks like your classic regret story but this time the prologue is the story looks boring

  31. says:

    Sorry, but gonna bet that it’s going to be another generic story fr🗿.

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