I Became the Crazy Instructor at the Academy
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I Became the Crazy Instructor at the Academy

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아카데미의 망나니 교관이 되었다
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2023 Native Language: Korean Posted by: Noble nible Posted on: Updated on:
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Synopsis I Became the Crazy Instructor at the Academy

I became a villain in the game.
Merely a supporting character who exits in the prologue.

There is no hero.

As the worst instructor,
I must prevent the destined ruin of this world.

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  1. It made me laugh an instructor who afraid from his students and especially scarlet she treated him worse than sh!t but of course Korean mc what you expect (oh it’s a heroine we end the game without her so it’s ok that I’m her instructor to be treated that way) she’s so annoying that I can’t read it anymore

    1. Lmao thanks for the review, I would have immediately dropped this novel out of anger if I saw that after spending hours on reading it

  2. Rader says:

    Setting of this novel is similar to many others. A guy gave up on his life and time to first clear a game but saw ending he abhorred but before he could rant he was sent into game world as the villain who was a tutorial boss but came back as the hidden Final Boss in the game.

    So Ivan is a weak character but his noble family is connected with Church. Church here is very corrupted, Goddess they pray to is a direct general of Demon God. Demon God himself is not a bad guy per se but a true God of Destruction as he comes and destroy everything once in a while and Goddess chosen ones pick up the last ambers of the humanity and starts afresh. Anyways Demon God has Seven Masters of Sin who are different guys given powers of sin and are given a chance to be the leaders of the world after disaster and Ivan the Tutorial Boss was actually the one having Gluttony since the beginning. In the game he went into shadow after showing that he was defeated and when Game protag defeated Masters of Sins he absorbed their power and even power of Demon God.

    Anyways, Ivan has power of Gluttony. MC possessed him and also got the power of Game protag of seeing status. And he was able to see Ivan another power, Incomplete Omniscient eyes of Demon God. It’s very likely that Original Ivan was created as a vessel for Demon God and he possibly survived till the end but regressed many times as after beating a boss he felt like the world is too real and also felt a Deja Vu.

    So this is the setting, a Korean MC liked a game series for which he was unnaturally obsessed over. He was sent in the body of Ivan and there is no game protag. Ivan before possession helped at least one main heroine from a clear death and she is obsessed over him. It is very likely that Before Possession Ivan had a lot of secrets. There is a status screen but no system or such. MC has powers of Ivan, Gluttony which can absorb other Sins and Eyes of Demon God which give him a power to see magic spells clearly. There is no mission or such, MC is just hoping to end the game in body of Ivan and trying to go back to Earth after end of the game as he don’t have any other choice but to see the end of the story and face Demon God.

    Honestly, it feels like Original Ivan became absolute being after he absorbed Sins and Demon God and even Game Protag. He absorbed the power of Adam who was game protagonist and was able to Regress due to some plot Armor. Basically OG Ivan most likely took place of OG Game Protag and used game elements to reset the timeline. Maybe he became the MC in Korea and was sent back into the world as Ivan when he finished the game and was able to learn a lot about future events. Game on Earth could be the representative of his own memories of first round or so.

    1. Thanks for leaving an actual review unlike those other idiotic comments.

      1. It’s less of a review and more of a summary but I agree.

        1. Rader says:

          It’s better to give a summary than a review to a novel with polarizing views. I post summaries when I found Novel better or worse than what others said. I do it for others and also for myself to remember what happened in the story and why it was good or bad.

  3. volt zone volt zone says:

    MC is similar age to heroines(spoiler reasons wont disclose). So its nice.

  4. Jack says:

    Sigh… another one to slay….but I’m weary now…my heart and mind becomes clouded with weary thought…

  5. Oh brother instructor novel. Cant wait for underaged girls to simp for him.

    I would give you all a dose of insanity but I’m too angry at how this seems like the most bland poison ever

    1. Fan says:

      Do you learn history bro?

      1. This “brother” doesn’t have time for this, because he is busy cunnilingus his 60-year-old girlfriend 24/7.

  6. Mick96 says:

    Please tell me, what is the regret tag?
    Because if this is betrayal theme story I refuse to read it, I have tofu like heart.

    1. Atra says:

      It’s for you’re gonna regret that you read this novel…

    2. Zzz says:

      It is like a surprise box
      7/10 times it is poison but 3 out of 10 times it is gold(for my taste)
      Can be betrayal or similar but most of the times it is set in a way that doesnt feel like you got betrayed

      Like on possession novels mostly the character before possession is betrayed then possession happens but we dont read it

      Other times it sucks you feel it in bones

      Now good regret is when the betrayer gets their karma paid due time plenty

  7. Zreomurderer says:

    Thanks for updates 😊

  8. Hated Author KR says:

    Kill the pedo! BONK!

    1. Cero says:

      I support you!!

    2. Enter says:

      I hope your children end up with a good pedophile.

        1. Let this one be fleet-footed, smart and a good pedo.

  9. Cero says:

    Oh no, Mc teacher 🥶.

    1. Tian ‎ Tian ‎ says:

      as long as the instructor isn’t 30 yo, I will read it

      1. Cero says:

        I’m afraid of these Mc professor novels, I didn’t like any of them.

        1. Tian ‎ Tian ‎ says:

          this is the second one I’ve seen, besides the one where the mc was dumped by his love interest and hides his status/power. I didn’t like that one but I still have hopes

          1. Cero says:

            It is almost always a 30-year-old man blushing with girls that often borders on illegality.

          2. Redom Redom says:

            Brother, I hope you are not refering to Ian from “Childhood friend abandoned me and i became war hero” because that novel is definitely one of the best on this site, unfortunately i heard it is still on hiatus that’s why it hasn’t been updated lately…

            Besides the MC had everysingle right to hide his own powers, i can tell u didn’t read that much bcz u were talking with no clue whatsoever… Sigh if u want to argue something atleast read the novel, and if u don’t want to readit.. Read some reviews and look for a summary or whatever…

            Maybe i am assuming things since u didn’t mention the novel and u just said an abbreviated version of it
            And if i am wrong, I AM deeply sorry!

          3. Yahoo23 says:

            Does he end up with the students tho? 🖐️

        2. Novel reviewer says:

          Read the villain wants to live. It’s a best read.

          1. rob z rob z says:

            No – it was great to start but went to absolute sh!t in the end. I am still scarred by how awful that ending was.

          2. Elon Moist says:

            Never trust Jee Gab Song to write a good ending, all of his novels has very good build up but end up having very bad self sacrificing hero ending.

      2. Insufferable says:

        Expecting an instructor mc to not be close to 30 is like execting a dinosaur to run for presidency and advocate for lizard rights.

        There are some that were relatively young but my point still stands because I am sure Mark Zuckerberg is a lizard and he can run for presidency anytime.

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