I Became a Time-Stopper at the Academy
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I Became a Time-Stopper at the Academy

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아카데미의 시간 정지 능력자가 되었다
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2022 Native Language: Korean Posted by: Noble nible Posted on: Updated on:
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Synopsis I Became a Time-Stopper at the Academy

I possessed someone, but my abilities were so poor that I faced the risk of being expelled.
However, I acquired the time-stopping ability through an Easter egg.

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  1. Viridis says:

    Novels is pretty bad many scenes feel forced and many of the stories and plot development are stories are probably just taken from other more popular novels like “The Novels Extra” honesty if there was a rating system I’d rate it as half star

  2. I see, after reading Kk17 review. I will not read it.

  3. Arcus 101 Arcus 101 says:

    Seems like kk77 is having some sort of crisis after reading this, thanks for the review though.

  4. ARION says:

    I don’t like the story

  5. COCAINUM says:

    Man these academy novels are getting outta hand I mean bruh who let these authors cook

  6. Q D Q D says:

    It seems that Korean authors never get tired of plagiarism, and they even copied the title!!!

  7. kk77 says:

    um, well, it was bad. real bad. in fact i nearly died from poison it was so bad x_x
    i think the author never wrote a single line by themselves before starting this novel and it really shows. some of the objectively worst writing i’ve seen in quite some time, and I have read some BAD stuff, and I mean **BAD**. i would have protested to someone even calling this a novel, it was such an abomination of an attempt to narrative. every ‘character’, and their every ‘action’ – a blasphemy against all other fictional characters to date.

    yet, for some inconceivable fkn reason i kept reading even while felt my soul melding back into oblivion in real time. on tenterhooks the entire time to drop the hell out of this, all the while suffering the caustic venom coursing through my body.
    and NO, not in some ‘can’t look away from this trainwreck’ way (which i do fall prey to on the very rare occasion), or some ‘guilty pleasure’ way (not a real thing). No, I was sick and in pain, forcing myself to bear through on principle – to hit at least the minimum length to declare a fair try, 15 in this case.

    and guess fkn what. it SOMEHOW became actually readable past the first dozen chapters or so. literally dont know how it happened. i lack the capacity to internalise, let alone explain or accept this surreal phenomenon. i am straight boggled rn, even as i type. even worse, past the halfway point, and especially near the end of current chaps, i cant by any means shed the creeping conviction and urge to declare this novel as…….


    what the $%^# guys.

    maybe it’s the subterranean depths to which the opening chapters lowered my standards to – making even the most mediocre quality appear divine in contrast. maybe the poison finally reached my brain through the bloodstream; the rot kicking in at last to gaslight me into approving the gutters it calls its home, the final insult before it deprives me of my last breath – the way i always knew i’d go out.

    maybe it’s that the r18 content and harem play is rly good.

    …im very easy.

    tl;dr uhhhhhhhhhhh it starts bad but gets better after ~15ch, so read it? i guess? i really enjoyed it… i think…

    1. Maybe, the Koreans killed the Author and replaced him with someone else…

  8. Gacha demon says:

    For some reason the dialogues seems dry, stale and dead

  9. Kirill Popov says:

    Read “Why Should I Stop Being a Villain”. Much more interesting, even the arch with the Academy.

  10. maultaschen says:

    academy academy academy….

  11. I do like time power but it’s always simple time stop. Be more creative like in the Chronos Ruler, the use of time power is much better.

  12. Tired of these time stop bs.

  13. Ain’t no way this guy should be losing, I don’t like munchkin novels but if there were to be a munchkin novel, it should be one where the mf can stop TIME.

    The power of time stopping is so broken and the weakness of time is limited only to your thoughts. Even if it has some bs condition to where you can use it for only 30 seconds every 5 minutes, you can still prepare for something in those 30 seconds.

    Well, i guess the other weakness would be fighting an unkillable mf who’s body can bend even the strongest adamantium swords and drain even the most dangerous of spells. But if you’re fighting him to begin with you should already have a plan or be willing to lose something.

  14. Insufferable says:

    It’s cliche. I read 3 chapters and I felt like a god or prophet, being able to predict every next move of the protagonist.

  15. Sephir says:

    another academy dafuq

  16. Still waiting for that good novel that is worth reading than these mediocre academy stories 💀

  17. wash says:

    its the same like other possessed novel. being ridicule noble, from weak to strong, and harem. over all its not that bad but not that good ether

  18. Kirill Popov says:

    Therefore, he switched to English novels. Without academic harems.

  19. Thank you noble for choosing this novel. MC enters an extra character who will lose his noble rank; in order to survive, MC successfully gains the ability to stop time, but only for a few seconds. MC uses his powers cleverly, wielding a gun and stopping time to ensure the accuracy of the shot. He’s not OP and even though he is a strategist, but aren’t always success. Once he almost died because he was poisoned, and once almost burned to death with his harem because his house was burnt when he was having a party. The pace of the story is not too fast or too slow. There are several R-18 scenes. The heroines aren’t too bad. I like MC’s fiancé, who melts after admitting she was wrong and then tries to satisfy MC. She changed 180 degrees from the original character. MC is not dense either. The ori protagonist also has his share of stories, and he has his women. The novel’s story has ended in chapter 113, so this novel can be used as reading material when bored.

  20. a boring named novel i become st at academy . i gonna pass this good luck other poison tester

  21. Not have permission to view the content??? WTF

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