How to Live As a Returnee Munchkin Swordsman
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How to Live As a Returnee Munchkin Swordsman

Read full chapter How to Live As a Returnee Munchkin Swordsman, Light Novel How to Live As a Returnee Munchkin Swordsman english, LN How to Live As a Returnee Munchkin Swordsman, How to Live As a Returnee Munchkin Swordsman Online, read How to Live As a Returnee Munchkin Swordsman at Noble Machine translations.
먼치킨 귀환 검객으로 살아가는 법
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2023 Native Language: Korean Posted by: Noble nible Posted on: Updated on:
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Synopsis How to Live As a Returnee Munchkin Swordsman

Returned to the original world after 10 years.

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  1. Darking says:

    Noble update some older novels please…

  2. Zen says:

    Chapter 13 sorry guys I got fried 🍤…

  3. Zzz says:

    An ok read didnt get bored

  4. ali dd ali dd says:

    I have read 12 chapters in brief, the hero suddenly, at the age of 23, was transported to another world. This world is similar to his world, but it has some differences. He was transported to the battlefield. The world is different for the person. Your noble son looks at everyone with contempt. Then he begins to ascend in the other world with his sword. He is promoted to become… Parora, then Baron, and to the head of the Imperial Guard in the other world, and then after 10 years have passed in the other world, he returns to her real world, and here he is surprised. The hero begins to narrate and remembers the events that happened to him, even though it has only been ten years. It seems that the hero only has many of his memories at this stage, and it seems that he is searching. About his memories, then he is summoned by his father and asked to prove himself or he will be expelled from the family. Therefore, the hero applies to become a teacher in the academy that he graduated from when he was a magician. In any case, there is no system for a trashy personality or a bad personality.

    As for me, I have not seen him become obsessed yet or anything else, but she defeated his proud daughter in the duel, and from here I think she will begin to become obsessed with the main character. So far, I think it is good. I advise giving him a chance, and towards the hero who lost most of his memories in ten years, it is worth a try.

  5. milky violet says:

    oh my god dude, it’s munchkin. I already hate this novel, there is nothing it can do to make me like it.

  6. TheDiir says:

    Yandere+ Harem + obsession is perfect. Another than that is annoying

  7. rob z rob z says:

    This novel is awful. Bullsh!t shounen Japanese isekai style novel. Not for anyone past the age of 12.

    And NO MORE GARBAGE HAREM NOBLE!! The new novels the last week have been really poor. You can read hundreds of examples of crap like this on kakyomu.

    1. IME says:

      maybe you should leave this site dude, noble mtling novel from novelpia and novelpia = kakuyomu syosetu, ( HAREM SITE )

      you can find less harem at munpia, naver etc

  8. The interesting part is that, he actually was the typical villain himself before transferring to another world so I will try to read it to the latest ch

    1. Reached ch 24. It’s kinda boring. It’s like a common villain reincarnation but Mc returned to his original form as a villain instead of a novel char. There are no girls that hated Mcs priveous version either maybe except for his butler and Mc gets accepted quickly. He was not fat either and got a skill for superhuman strenght so that obligatory weight loss arc was also skipped. But except that it’s just boring. Mc suprising everyone with his sudden swordsmanship talent and “kind” personality. That’s just all

      But correct me if I’m wrong

      1. Mythica Djinn says:

        When u see munchkin tag ,
        Its automatically confirms the fact that the novel gonna be same old cliche bland harem protagonist.
        And obsession and yandere tags are jokes these days .
        These novels are copy and paste of any munchkin of npia .

  9. Why no regret novel anymore

  10. IME says:


    1. rob z rob z says:

      F#ck no – stuff like this ruins the site. You can easily get your fill of this at sites like kakyomu, syosetu and novelupdates.

      1. simplethrone says:

        @rob z
        Instead of reading it from novelpia? I’m sorry to tell you this, but this site took these stories from novelpia, which is just kakuyomu for koreans (they even have JP branch now). If you don’t like it then you’re on the wrong forest. Also, as if regret novels here are any different anyway.

        We don’t take things from naver cause we’ll get DMCA flying in no time, and those stories over there had their own cliche of being an eunuch tower regressor munchkin hunter too. That and the martial artist stories.

      2. IME says:

        did you forget that noble mtling novel from novelpia and that site is full of harem novel like kakuyomu or syosetu?

  11. Shadow says:

    Too much fantasy academy, overdosing on poison, aren’t there any Sci-fi Academy’s or something? L

  12. I could not for the life of me continue further. He, who spent a decade in a battlefield and became the most important knight acted like a 17 year old japanese isekai protagonist. I’m harsh about it since I only read the first few chapters but eh, I don’t like it.

  13. A teacher mc huh, been a while. I don’t like teacher mc’s but I’ll try to read some.

  14. Krulcifer Fal Fairia says:

    Goddam synopsis still gets me every time

  15. Kirill Popov says:

    I haven’t visited the site for a few days and what do I see? Academy, harem, academy, harem, academy, harem, academy, harem…….

      1. salty1 says:

        yep as usual

    1. Darking says:

      Why dont just make your own site and mtl them? Oh wait you cant.

  16. aiden pendragon says:

    ok thank for the delay of the wed i am a joke now :,,)

  17. aiden pendragon says:


  18. Sephir says:

    I’m sure that noble fixed the replies thing cuz we talked about it a few days ago

    1. Big Blackclock says:

      Now, imagine an update where we can comment photos and gifs…

      1. That’s so much power, I don’t think we can handle this

        1. Now, imagine if we can review and rate. Just imagine

          1. Wikka says:

            Wait, i thought this comment function already doubled as review!?

          2. Reii i Reii i says:

            Just for my sanity, I will wait for my fellow readers to bring back poison testings

    2. Forgotten one says:

      You are saying that, I can’t even login to noblemtl…

  19. Big Blackclock says:

    Obsession without yandere is boring. And again, academy.

  20. Yorghuul says:


  21. Big Blackclock says:


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