My Summons Are Special
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My Summons Are Special

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내 소환수는 특별하다.
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2022 Native Language: Korean Posted by: Noble nible Posted on: Updated on:
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Synopsis My Summons Are Special

My summons evolve.

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  1. What’s funny though is that, despite my various criticisms to this, I actually enjoyed it lol.

  2. So I mean, I came in with a “wow this is gonna be a fun shit story” mindset and I didn’t feel too disappointed. It’s not bad but it could be better, the ending I feel like is rushed. So childhood friend becomes demon and then all of a sudden you’re going to the demon realm??? Huh??? And you didn’t even flesh out the childhood friend, she was just there!

    And summons evolving? He only got like 5 pokemons and they didn’t even evolve, I was expecting Anna to turn into Angelic Anna lvl 999 5 star “Right Hand of God” Archangel. Like literally only one summon got leveled up, and that happened like once!! I was expecting him to get a 5* too but he beat the game relying on 3-4*. I wanted to see him get a god shattering summon but I guess a legendary hero works just as well.

    Then the characters, they introduce some characters and don’t even use them. Like Caroline, introduced at the last minute for “oh she might be demon” and then she’s not even a demon, she’s just a stressed high school girl. I wouldn’t even be complaining if the demon searching arc wasn’t like 13 chapters.

    Admittedly, I kinda liked the dense MC trope, MC isn’t dense sometimes, he just chooses not to care and the trope gets a light smile on my face once or twice a few times. Thank god this novel wasn’t like 200+ chapters long cause then that trope would’ve got boring. Also I feel like dense MCs are only ever bad if there’s misunderstandings involved, like shit misunderstandings that even a toddler can figure out.

    I’d rate it a 6/10 because, although it has a lot of flaws, if you come in with a mindset that isn’t set on seriously critiquing and getting engrossed in a novel, you can enjoy it and use it to pass the time.

    TL;DR: Mediocre but not hair pulling bad.

  3. Read up to ch 95 then skipped to end near the marriage….

    This novel just felt like a JP isekai novel…..MC is idiotic, dense, naive and everything just works his way…. he is scum and trash while being insensitive….. the heroines are 2d while side chaeacter seem 1d…. this is only for me as I have read too many jp novels..

  4. Bob Marley Bob Marley says:

    The novel succeeded to interest me

  5. FranZ says:

    The novel failed to interest me

  6. It’s a sweet romance where mc gets transmigrated, it is light comedy romance with little story, enough for timepass, ending is happy one and with harem route xddd
    Thanks to admin for the story.

  7. Doom says:

    Nice and fun read, feels a bit rush at the end but still good in my book, doesn’t drag on too much, great ending. MC OP and smart, some might say too easy and smooth for mc but hey I’m reading to have chill and fun time. 7-8/10

  8. larah arah larah arah says:

    ain’t tryin’ to offend the admin to be honest but…when it comes cover album of the novel title it always ‘a girl with seductive big b*obs shit’ that sometimes not connected and so nonsense in the novel like heck plss make some normal picture(like a boy who is MC) ‘kay?…. im sorry if my comment was not connected to the story its just that i like it(the novel) but just the photo…ugh nvm.

  9. The Extra The Extra says:

    Please please upload 친구 하렘이 나한테 집착한다 (Google Translate: My friend’s Harem is obsessed with me)

  10. Council of Degenerate Coomerism says:

    “Mega yandere” tag is scaring me.

  11. Nay says:

    Yandere and tsundere in one is fkin nightmare

  12. Q D Q D says:

    Tsundere and Yandere at the same time? This world is fvcking insane

  13. Ryujin says:

    Me 2 bro

  14. Ryuu says:

    I like to see what mega tsundere looked like.

  15. Gargantuar says:

    Plz could you add academy award winning villain too

  16. Brodee says:

    Could you add academy award winning villain?

  17. Nitro says:

    El autor junto todos sus géneros favoritos en esta novela

  18. Sectne Sectne says:

    keep the obsession and yandere tags coming

  19. Can you add sometime in the future this please – S – Class hunter in rofan academy decided to expel

  20. Ace says:

    Do you mind adding this sometime in the future?

    s-class hunter in rofan academy decided to expel

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