I Became an Academy Overpowered Marksman
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I Became an Academy Overpowered Marksman

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아카데미 먼치킨 총술사가 되었다
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2022 Native Language: Korean Posted by: Noble nible Posted on: Updated on:
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Synopsis I Became an Academy Overpowered Marksman

A despised non-Awakener. Became a legendary Marksman.

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  1. Ninja says:

    What type of novel he came in? The characters is a retard

  2. simplethrone says:

    Nah it’s kinda good. Leans heavily on revenge and action part right now. There are heroine candidates, but no romance yet, so no drama. Better than a few revenge novel here. But because it’s heavy on action, the big plot hasn’t arrived yet although it already reared its head early. It’s fast paced so it didn’t drone on.

    I liked it very much, and hoped there’ll be more novels that were paced like this.

  3. SenatorArmstrong says:

    Bad novel even in my broad minded standards, and I tend to play Devils Advocate ffs. Dont read it.

  4. Backbonez says:

    Generic plot. Mc accused by popular b***h of stalking her when he’s a weak guy. Phone full of evidence in his desk and he takes the fall for it. Mc slowly destroys the organization the pop girl and rhe org who framed him as he gains chad energy with girls.

  5. White says:

    I’m only reading this because for the past few days I only read r18 novels

  6. Novel reader says:

    Gentlemen, please pay attention. I have never seen this kind of absurd statement but no one have even write comments on it.
    Why the hell these 2 characters are checking other people’s table. And after finding it why they check his phone. Usually these checking desk and phone thing done by bullies. Again always bullies use this kind of framing people by misleading people. But here mc has no bullies.

  7. Shadow says:

    I agree with Obsidian Revenger, the novel isn’t bad, what might feel lacking in earlier chapters(logic,reasons,etc) will be filled in and explained by later chapters. So jumping to conclusions that this sucks without completely reading this is folly.

  8. Synopsis should be more of “MC has been framed for something he didn’t do and now he can’t get a job at the Mage Tower coz of the negative record. Now he’ll make the people who framed him regret their actions”

    It isn’t as bad as the people above said. He isn’t face slapping like those wierd Chinese protagonists who hide their strength. MC is one of those silent guys minding their own business but when provoked they’re more ruthless than anyone which is very nice to read. Since MC decided to retaliate, he doesn’t even hide his strength like those other reviews say and uses all he has to achieve his goals. Heck i even think those other reviewers like DrippingSoPretty and Misib actually read another novel.

    The main focus on the story as of C60 is MC’s retaliation and does not sidetrack onto wierd stuff. There isn’t a harem here and the only female truly close to MC is his friend with no romantic suggestions at all. MC transmigrated into this world and is a throughly calculative bastard who has a good grasp of human psychology. That’s not to say he his like those emotionless robot MCs.

    I recommend it giving a read since i enjoyed it.

  9. The guy on top wrote everything correctly, it’s really a shitty novel, I strongly advise you not to read it, unless, of course, you want to become an idiot

  10. Misib says:


    3.you have to read this with the brain off, or with a broad heart, cause man..

    As for the story is chinese faceslapping all the way, sry.

    No other way to explain is like reading chinese novel but with korean people.

    everything is done in order to mc show he is the man, face slaping people with minus q.i

  11. I’m going in boys. Wish me luck, And also don’t forget to tell my parents i love them.

  12. Lord of the mysteries says:

    eat poison from novelpia every day.

  13. Moonlit Walker says:

    Wheres the [Academy’s Janitor] 😂

  14. Well, novelpia is a website where everybody can write story as I understand. Sometimes it occurs that author can write smth good or fresh. But most of time it’s just novel on the level of fanfic

  15. putu says:

    Are all the writers in Novelpia too lazy to write a synopsis?

  16. Jackysito says:

    Sounds generic af

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