The Curse of Being Hated Has Been Lifted
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The Curse of Being Hated Has Been Lifted

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미움받는 저주가 풀렸다
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2023 Native Language: Korean Posted by: Noble nible Posted on: Updated on:
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Synopsis The Curse of Being Hated Has Been Lifted

Because everyone hated me, I treated them coldly too.

But these b*tches suddenly seem crazy.

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  1. Passerby says:

    There some problems with the plots, if the mc master knew he was cursed why she didnt tried to explain the situations to his parents? The mc is weak, weak magical power (because he didnt received any ressources? It was not explained), so why the mc master choosed him. Apart him there only female characters who loves/hates him for no reason. As other said the mc age doesnt make much sense… The introduction was good but I feel disapointed.

  2. Manchester Black says:

    Read to 50.

    As everyone says, the character was cursed for a bit of a superficial reason. I think the author wasn’t clear about the reason when he came up with the story and looked for a solution on the fly.

    MC is not stupid and he doesn’t go around forgiving people either (on the contrary, he hasn’t forgiven anyone and it doesn’t look like he’s going to change the situation).

    The reading is more or less readable, although the names of the characters vary on the fly (problems with google, probably). MC is not a crybaby, there is regret but he doesn’t cut his veins because of the pain, there are a couple of interesting girls around him but calling him a harem is exaggerated (MC doesn’t know what affection is so the concept of dating escapes him).

    I don’t see that it’s poison but The story has several problems. The author is quite “vague” and does not make any kind of physical description of the characters (not even the age), nor does he describe how that fantasy world works, there is no description of the places that appear and many events happen off-screen. This shows that he is untalented and inexperienced.

    1. Manchester Black says:

      I add, it’s so obvious about the descriptions That there is a note of rigor embedded in the middle of a chapter (probably put by Novelpia or the translator) where it only says that all the characters are over 21 years old in order to get out of trouble in case there is violence or sex later on. Obviously it’s silly because it’s a magical academy, so the characters aren’t going to be that old, but since there’s no description the editor wanted to avoid any trouble just in case.

      Nota: 5,5/10

    2. Kyuubi1996 says:

      The novel says in Chapter 5 that the main antagonist was 16 at the time of the entrance ceremony. Seeing as the story starts when he is in his 2nd year we can assume that he is at least 17 at the story start. So them being over 21 is somewhat of a stretch.

  3. Dagonsuznyz says:

    This is trash. Just kill everyone until you are caught bro, then suicide lol. This is not even slightly entertaining. Sad little men like to immerse themselves in these types of regret stories to make themselves fulfilled by the attention that the MC receives as they themselves are worthless in real life. Regret novels suck.

    1. Angibot Angibot says:

      Least edgy novel reader larping as a badass

      1. Yuna says:

        Lmao right? Sounds like some self projection ngl. I understand these regret novels are pretty niche and probably fulfill some sort of itch for some people. But to completely categorize the entire genre based off a strong opinion is hypocrisy in itself.

  4. sense-san says:

    This reminds me of that one japanese story with the exact similar premise. I guess the author copied it from there.

      1. sense-san says:

        Two actually. One is a now deleted story where MC is living in a reverse morality world where males are important except him. Turns out he is cursed by a god/dess(whom was never revealed). He was mistreated by anyone and treated like dirt even though he is a rare male in that world. Then he meets twim goddesses of the shrine and they broke his curse. Afterwards every female that had did anything negative against him suffered a backlash so enourmous, some even tried to kill themselves.
        Before it got removed, it was hinted that the childhood friend of the MC was an agent of this god.

        1. Poor says:

          And what was the other one ?

  5. Describe the Novel in One word – Poison.
    Describe your reaction in 3 words – I am poisoned.

  6. Describe the Novel in One word – Poison
    Describe your reaction in 3 words – I am poisoned

  7. Rader says:

    This is poison but readable one like a guilty pleasure. It’s total cringe as Author just created a story for obsession out of some stup*d curse from a witch which was not even introduced properly. It’s like a Fairy Tale, a Witch cursing the princess and when Curse is broken people regrets or what not and she claim her place. This novel is based on exactly this setting.

    MC is perfect. He is cold but kind. He is genius, and even where he lacks he completes it with help of genius even more than him in that area or some artifact. He is rational, overall there are no flaws. It is strange to see everyone being in fault but not him. I mean his father is indeed a jerk but his mother? Not so, she is a weak woman and was not able to handle disgust from the curse of the Witch. And now curse is gone she is feeling guilt and maternity love rising but nah she is irredeemable trash. Another is Childhood friend who also is a trash because she was not able to fight against a mythical grade curse and pushed MC to ground as if he was an evil creature. Yes they did horrible things, but they are at least not like his father and some villains who don’t feel that their actions were wrong. Author not giving the ones willing to redeem themselves any chance of redemption seems bad to me.

  8. Arcus101 says:

    You know, I don’t like regret novel on general, but just by reading the summary I can tell this is just unfair for everyone involved, for MC because he got hated for basically no reason other than a random curse and the others who undoubtedly will be viewed horribly by the MC for their action that isn’t even by their own will.
    Seriously, why couldn’t the author come up with some other reason for them to hate him? Even the cliche ‘he is incompetent’ would be better than this, at least they chose to hate him by their own will, utterly idiotic as those kind of characters usually are. It just seems so… convenient that all that drama is because of some forced curse plot device. Like, how convenient that there is a curse that can make evryone hates you, is it a unique spell of the witch or something, otherwise I felt that the world could be ruined by making wise important figure cursed to be hated and other horrible thing that kind of spell can do than cursing a random school student that according to one of the comments at least, hasn’t shown any special abilty.

    1. rob z rob z says:

      I agree with a number of your comments, but hell to the no on the whole incompetent trope. I find those to be some of the worst out there.

  9. M-Art EA M-Art EA says:

    One dimensional character and boring plot

  10. Got to chapter 21 and I can’t continue any further.
    Basically the premise of the story begins with logan, the mc, and his struggles with a curse that makes everyone hate him, the curse later gets lifted after a couple chapters.
    What irritates me are the other characters, they harass the mc, but after the curse is lifted they suddenly ask for forgiveness, and the mc obviously declines the apology which is understandable since his life was a living hell because of them.
    This is like a copy of heroines are trying to kill me except author makes the characters hate mc for the most pettiest reasons because of an inevitable curse.

    In short it’s poison for me, 2/10, if you like regret and regret only, then this might be for you?

  11. IME says:

    This author is a red flag, dude

    he abandoned too many of his novels without finishing them

    but well, i still try to read this, recently i really enjoy “regret” tag
    i hope this one at least readable

    1. IME says:

      so this is 100% regret p0rn, the curse lifted on chapter 9.

      after that you can enjoy the regret if you like that genre.

      for me this is readable.

      i rate this 4/10

      1. IME says:

        maybe im the most tolerate person in this site kewk.

        even when ppl said theres novel that really trash,

        i can still enjoy it for some reason ( if theres harem genre init, im harem garbage enjoyer )

        1. Big Blackclock says:

          Try reading ”Incompetent Academy and Failed Heroines”

        2. rob z rob z says:

          I found it fully readable and better than at least a dozen novels released over the last few weeks.

          But harem garbage? No way – can’t tolerate that sh!t.

    2. sense-san says:

      Its not even good for a regret porn. Its just a self indulging story mixed with revenge fantasies because even the torment the MC suffered isnt that bad because he is a hard man doing hard things.

  12. milky violet says:

    I would never lose faith in humanity, the actions of a few hundred does not justify the extinction of an entire species. Of course this answer will change whether or not the species targeting me is not human, if they are not human then genocide is the best option. I am a human supremacist nyahahaha

  13. Carrot King says:

    So why did the Witch Even Curse Mc in the first place?? I can understand If there is A major Conspiracy like Mc has A Talent That Surpassed The gods Or whatever so The Witch use him as A chess piece then , Curse him being Hated while Locking his Talent away, after all the trauma And Betrayal he lost his Faith to the humanity, wanting To cleansing it (Like those Madman, Wanting to Kill off all Humanity To restart a New world )so after the Curse Lifted Mc Train Like Crazy To Get his Revenge to those who wrong him

    1. rob z rob z says:

      Note: spoiler below.


      The witch cursed MC because his mentor was a super OP swordsman / knight and did it to make the swordsman suffer and because the witch assumed that, because MC was the swordsman’s apprentice, MC must be strong and could become a threat in the future (which wasn’t even true).

  14. amogustimestwo says:

    This is one of those “I should’ve believed him… BUT IT’S TOO LATE!!!!” novels. Ngl I really hate them now. Especially this one. When his curse breaks after 10 years of being cursed his childhood friend who hates him becomes sad that he hates her and feel heartbreak. I think that rationally she would feel apologetic about it but there’s no reason for her to love him or anything after this much time of tormenting him even if under effects of the curse. This is pretty much a forced regret novel. Way too edgy, emo, etc. 2/10. A harem for literally no reason (Which I’ll admit a lot of them are but this seems like it’ll end up very forced. Everyone hates him and have no time to develop a relationship with him and so after the curse ends, even if they lose all negative feelings for him, they can tell they are disliked and also remorse for what they’ve done. With remorse it is highly unlikely to have the space to feel love for that same person(unless they were in love before, which they were not even in his childhood friends case, they were only almost engaged and they’re far from that relationship.)).

    1. amogustimestwo says:

      I looked ahead and it looks like average boring academy harem stuff. It’s possible it could be good but i don t think it will. If you think it’s good please make a review.

  15. Who am I? says:

    Eh no i don’t want to read it
    Gg for poison warriors
    Ik it’s fantasy but i can’t comprehend this unreasonable author plot (diluar nalar coy)

    1. Hehe says:

      Habis makan racun sebelumnya, makanya yang ini gak berasa racunnya.

      1. Cocomelon says:

        Set serius ad org indo disini wkwk

        1. Shiin says:

          Ya banyak la sat, cuman gk pwrnah komen pake b indog juga…
          Bdw habis makan racun apa nih.. ingpo dong makan racun apa nih … gw mau nyoba untuk meningkatkan kekebalan imun gua

          1. Hehe says:

            Even though i was reincarnated .. racun mematikan

      2. Who am I? says:

        Generic wn tanpa plot regret salah paham lebih mudah dinikmati dripada racun ginian

  16. Big Blackclock says:

    This type of novel is like a drugs for me. I know it’s dangerous, but I am already too addicted.😔

    1. Hehe says:

      Lol , Same here, even I felt bored when the curse was lifted

  17. kono dioda kono dioda says:

    the title is enough to get instantly killed by poison

  18. Insufferable says:

    The strong scent of edgy poison assaulted me just with the sypnosis.

    But too early to judge tho so let’s go and dip our toes into this.

    1. Insufferable says:

      I lied. I didn’t read it. I’m reading somethimg different right now.

  19. King of the Kingless world says:

    Seems interesting.

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