My Friend’s Harem Is Obsessed With Me
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My Friend’s Harem Is Obsessed With Me

Read full chapter My Friend’s Harem Is Obsessed With Me, Light Novel My Friend’s Harem Is Obsessed With Me english, LN My Friend’s Harem Is Obsessed With Me, My Friend’s Harem Is Obsessed With Me Online, read My Friend’s Harem Is Obsessed With Me at Noble Machine translations.
친구 하렘이 나한테 집착한다
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2022 Native Language: Korean Posted by: Noble nible Posted on: Updated on:
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Synopsis My Friend’s Harem Is Obsessed With Me

After my death, I went back to the academy where I was expelled from school, and

strangely, my friend’s girlfriends keep nagging at me.

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  1. Enter says:

    This novel becomes critically unbearable by 150+ chapters.

    Imagine that the main character is playing in the slice of life harem mode, and his enemies are cheaters from dark souls online.
    While the protagonist of 100 episodes tries cookies and a picnic with his harem, masses of demons gain powers and prepare to attack to slaughter the heroines.

    Will you enjoy watching this 300 chapters?

  2. Daver55 says:

    So, is MC a dishwasher? Taking the used gfs of the other dude or what? Because even if not in this life, it seems that in the first one the girls were **** by the other dude, so even knowing that, is he still going to take them?

    1. bruh says:

      the Ares guy is just a moron who had multiple girls that liked his face/him being a twofaced niceguy and he ended up not landing on any of the girls cause he’s a loser. even the childhood friend didn’t like him, mc first life just thought she did.

  3. Byul Yi says:

    :pepehmm: The reviews are mixed, so I don’t know. Guess I’ll put it in my bookmarks for now

  4. SenatorArmstrong says:

    I still stand by what I said above.

    The plot is not bad. In fact its actually good. The pacing is really rough/horrible and you have to have a solid mind and patience to understand what the fuck is happening in the Chaotic plot as events and arcs come and go at the speed of an ice cream in a desert.

    The girls have their own development and doesnt instantly go googoogaagaa to the MC (except for Rin whose always been in that state). Each of them at least does not feel like a cutout of a cardboard.

    The MCs character is good. Not indecisive, instantly tells girls that hes not into them and wants to avoid making their hopes up (though the girls would often not give a fuck and openly admit that they’re obssesed with him). Hes also the type of guy to go on a physical rampage when he doesnt want to deal with others bullshit anymore, beating up an entire kingdom if he has to.

    OG! MC Ares goes from being a whiny, insecure, two faced bitch, to an acceptable human being at the middle to end of the story (ironically enough he ends up being a loyal Monogamy enjoyer and pities the MC harem lord).

    Plot twists are acceptable and makes sense, and serious situations sometime becomes comical chaotically.

    1. Vamshi says:

      Hi can you please tell me what happened with rin and mc? They were together at end?

  5. SenatorArmstrong says:

    Chapter 206:
    I am warning the future readers. If you’re gonna read this, do know that the novels pacing is always at 5x speed.

    The author lacked the capability of controlling the number and speed of events (first time author probably). The plot will move at a very fast and CONFUSING rate that the readers will not be able to digest and understand anything, made worse by the MTL quality.

    To give you an example:
    The story will go through events that should had lasted 9 arcs(vacation, boss fight, war, end of the world, regression, plot twist)….
    ALL IN 10 CHAPTERS FFS. No breaks whatsoever

    The novel itself isnt even that bad. Its just that the author lacks PACING. Its stressful to read with a Turned On Brain

  6. SenatorArmstrong says:

    Interesting but its just too stressful to read. The plot is all over the place. The pacing leaves a LOT to desire for…and Im only at around chapter 50.

  7. [Last Read: Chapter 34]

  8. LuxX says:

    Ok. I would give it 7/10. It mainly belongs to the school comedy genre, regrets only appearing when going more than half of the novel. There was a nasty scene that pissed me off but the ending was pretty good so I gave it a +1. In the end, it’s fine if you read it as long as you don’t take it too seriously.

  9. Luiz felipe Oliveira says:

    all the girls in this novel except elf and lynn are trash

  10. LuxX says:

    The first thing I want to say is don’t care about the novel’s name. His friend is trash and Mc deserves girls more than that guy.

  11. Shinigami Shinigami says:

    Do girls have a memory of a past life?

  12. Kunze says:

    This is so confusing

  13. willianpk1 says:

    traduz por favor i became the tyrant of defense game e re:life player

  14. Athy says:

    Is there another name for this novel

  15. underfly27 says:

    bro you changed mind 3 times in less than 1 hour XD . So was it THAT irritating ???

  16. Lol so should i read it or not

  17. Prabal says:

    I take back the above word

  18. Prabal says:

    I take back this novel is very very irritating

  19. Prabal says:

    Before you read this. Let me say something about regret novels. There are 2 types of regret novels one is very irritating and the other is not so irritating… irritating cause regret novels are meant to irritate.

    So in very irritating fmc appears one by one or they realise it later and in not so irritating most fmc appears at same time ( they are mostly common is regression regrets novel ) also they remember previous life memories.

    So this novel is 2nd which is not so irritating.Also this is good but it’s pretty cliches sometimes but it is very good novels if you like regret novels. Then my boi this is for you. Personality i love this…. Give it a try as this is not so irritating and is also good

  20. Nay says:

    The last few chapters is side story, does the main story have already completed?

  21. Putu says:

    Please translate i killed player of academy

  22. Putu says:

    And translate cilhdhood friend of the zenith

  23. Putu says:

    can you translate i killed player of academy

  24. Mamito0924 says:

    thank you so much for every upload noble!!!
    Please upload more +18 novels.upload this, please!!.
    Trapped in a Hentai Game Academy, Trapped in the Academy’s Eroge, 아카데미 야겜에 빙의했다.

  25. Taoist says:

    Is there going to be any gf within 100 chaps or is it just a long road of despair.

  26. Ryuu says:

    Yahoo! I love netori! Release more of these please.

  27. Zen says:

    Archery Genius in the Academy/아카데미 속 궁술천재 can you post this one….

  28. Riah says:

    no seriously there is so much character in the 1-10 chapter. make me confuse

  29. Brodee says:

    Regret is enjoyable tho

  30. Hope there is not regret…

  31. The Extra The Extra says:

    FINALLY! Thank you so much!

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