I Quit Saving the Academy Heroes
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I Quit Saving the Academy Heroes

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아카데미 히로인들의 구원을 관뒀습니다
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2022 Native Language: Korean Posted by: Noble nible Posted on: Updated on:
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Synopsis I Quit Saving the Academy Heroes

I Quit Saving the Academy Heroes novelmtl

I possessed a villain in the game, but the heroines who I tried to save betrayed me.

They get mad and try to beat them all, but only then do they regret it.

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  1. Hakdog34 says:

    Everything about this novel is trash. No need for further criticisms and explanations.

  2. wasi ahmed wasi ahmed says:

    i read till 33 and story in starting 20 chapters was decent after duel ended the story went downgrade

  3. Hmm still no update.🙂

  4. Roy says:

    The MC here is a complete idiot. Offended not knowing adulthood. Betrayal aside, the way he treats the Princess and the Duke’s Son is insane. Imagine that in real life an ordinary person will appear who will insult the president or some billionaire right in front of his face, this is the same madness.

  5. Exter says:

    Oh, this is the same piece of shit from the author of another shit under the name “preserve the virginity of the heroines until the victory over the Lord of the demons.”
    I hope the author of the original will die from AIDS and stop spending people’s time.

  6. Arcus 101 Arcus 101 says:

    If you like it when an MC bash people continuously (not physically…well most of the time) this is the novel that you can enjoy.

    Merciless? I don’t know how far you’ve gotten, maybe it’s because I didn’t manage to get to the battle chapter before dropping it. But to me he is not merciless, he’s a hypocrite idiot. honestly at first I just hate the heroines and the hero in the party but at this point I just dislike all of them, all seven of them in that party and even the student council president. they are all a bunch of idiotic children running around creating chaos.

    Ironically the people I can still like is actually Lucy as well as her mother. One because she’s innocent and the other for being a mature person with proper reason for doing something because her concern is definitely fair. Because considering his personality I can see the Count to definitely do what she fears he would.

    MC keeps making stupid conclusion without even considering the other party’s position. Keeps twisting people’s action in the worst light he could make it to be. The author also really want to prolong the drama by cutting of any chance for any of the heroines to apologize whether by making people cut them off before they could, the MC rationalizing that they are not sincere and even framing the heroine for something they didn’t even do so that the MC could have ‘justification’ to rebuke them even more and still those people says how much of a good person MC is and I’m to blame for everything blablabla for an entire 39 chapters that I manage to get through.

    I don’t mind him cutting them off and not forgiving them but at least make him not forgive them for something they actually did, not something they didn’t do! If he hates them and cut them off for something they did that’s fine, I would also like it if this is a journey of him and a new group of people making a good life for themselves and discarding those former party members because it’s already too late for forgiveness and all that. But no, the author wants a bashing festival. and will create situations to make more bashing fest for the MC to enjoy doing. And that student council president! that damn president! She did something that is so shameless and unforgivable that it became one of the main reason for me to drop this novel. Sorry for the long rant, this is the first time a novel makes me so frustrated.

  7. The Extra The Extra says:

    Dropped as it was too frustrating to read. The MC is way too merciless for my liking.

  8. Shadow says:

    Moar! We need Moar!! Please Update…..

  9. Nitro says:

    Es el mismo cliché de siempre, y por eso me encanta

  10. Mamito0924 says:

    Please add this!!
    I teleported into the academy of a s*xy game.
    There is a need of more 18+

  11. D F D F says:

    It’s Ai art thats why some parts looks weird

  12. Q D Q D says:

    The girl in the cover looks so weird

  13. PJ Stokes says:

    Cap he goes right back to all the heroines especially Aine who betrayed him for money. Understandable, but why you letting. her back into the party? Heal her sister and tell her to leave.

  14. Ryuu says:

    I want more chapters! Update 300+ new novel please.

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