Became an Academy Penetrating Spearman chapter 48

48. Uninvited Guest (1)

48. Uninvited Guest (1)


Two weeks have passed since I started defeating poison borers with the group.

There hasn’t been a big change in the meantime, but there have been small changes.

First of all, as planned, a palanquin for Pamela was installed in the group.

“Ooh, I’ll make the air freshener first!”

What should I say about Pamela’s herbal preparation… It was very game-like.

I didn’t expect to see a very game element in something like this.

This is how Pamela’s medicine was made.

First, a kiln is prepared, then the inside of the kiln is filled with a special solution, and then the ingredients for making medicine are put into it.

While boiling the kiln, use manufacturing magic while stirring with a long spatula.

After repeating the action several times, it is said that the solution in the kiln glows and is completed.

All that remains is to scoop out the finished product from the kiln using a large ladle.

“Bar, the air freshener is complete!”

The first air freshener Pamela took out was a lump with a little bit of special liquid on it.

“Is that air freshener?”

“Yes! If you open a little bit of this and soak it in water, it becomes an air freshener.”

“I see.”

I heard that it was medicine manufacturing, so I thought it was a process of hard work, such as grinding herbs or drying medicine for several days, but the process was simpler than I thought.

For reference, steam is better when manufacturing, but the smell is not so bad.

Still, the air freshener made by Pamela smells so good that I thought it would be okay to spray it on the stale room.

Aside from the fact that part of the group’s insolvency has become Pamela’s atelier, there have been small changes.

One is that Pamela and Atzbal’s stamina has increased thanks to daily physical training.

Follow that.

“Huh… Refreshing sleep after a workout feels good… Cool…”

As I expected, Atsubal became a bed regular.

After exercising, go to bed for 10 to 20 minutes.


“Time limit! Look here! Cheese!”


Yeonhwa recently developed a hobby of taking pictures.

“Ohohohoho! That’s great!”

Yeon-hwa said that after taking a group photo for the first time, she became interested in photography and immediately bought a camera for herself.

It became Yeonhwa’s hobby to take pictures of us often when we were together as a group.

From noble mtl dot com

I bought an album to put the photos in line with that hobby, and bought a small frame for the first group photo, which is currently placed in the weapon display case where no weapons are displayed yet.

In addition to minor group changes, for two weeks we all continued to complete commissions centered around Valendia on days without classes.

I mainly hunted various monsters that I could catch on a day trip in the order in which I received the game quests.

It’s a pity that I didn’t encounter each monster’s executive or boss monster every time I requested it, but it’s not like I didn’t meet it at all.

Two executive monsters.

And by defeating a boss-level monster, I was able to save 7 points and my reputation went up by 10.

If everything goes smoothly, the adventurer’s guild will introduce you to a quest related to the main quest.

Of course, it’s hard to make requests every day on days when there are no classes, so I listened to everyone’s opinions and took a break on days when I wanted to take a break.

At that time, I also had a conversation with the group members as if it were a conversation event.

“Pamela, how’s the medicine going?”

“Ah, yes! I’m making magic recovery accelerator right now.”

“If you think about it again, you can make medicine like this. It’s amazing.”

“Ah, no~ hehehehe, it’s all thanks to Master~. Oh, come to think of it, I got a letter from Master the other day! He said he’s glad he seems to be having a good life at the academy!”

“I’m glad you reassured Master.”

“Yes! Su, I always worried about Master… This is also thanks to Mr. Shihan!”

“No, I didn’t do anything in particular. You did it yourself.”

Hear from Pamela about Master.

“Come to think of it, you did a good job getting the family’s permission.”

“Ohhohohoho! My father knows me well too. You know I’m not saying that I won’t go to Yeomryonghoe out of nonsense! So I calmly talk about what happened with Shihan! Also, I talked about the possibility of Shihan and gave him permission. You did!”

“I see.”

“Oh, but sooner or later my father will be able to call Shihan.”

“You mean me?”

“Yes! Who is the man I feel the potential for! My father and the people of the Shu family are curious about it!”

“Then I guess I’ll have to take a trip to Luong at that time as well.”

“Ohohohoho! Leave the Luong guidance to me!”

Have a conversation with Yeonhwa, such as a preview of a special relationship event that will happen later.

“Atzbal, what are you doing?”

“Heh! I’m making a new deck.”

“A deck?”

“It’s a deck for Yu-Gi-E! I decided to do a ‘Duel’ next time with the guys from the Yu-Gi-E group, so I’m making a strategy deck.”

“It’s Yu-Gi-Jera… Aren’t there too many mercenary cards?”

“Heh, well recognized! This is the deck I developed this time! It’s called the Berserker Spirit Deck! hahahahaha! When this is completed, draw! Each time a mercenary card is drawn, it’s always my turn…!”

Like the setting of Lukedia Phantasm, seeing Atzbal immersed in the card game of this world called Yu-Gi-Jae.

As a Rupan user, I did not stop contemplating the system of this world, which was different from the game, while having a very beneficial time.

Abilities in the current status window.

Stamina, strength, agility, magic power, luck.

Other stats can be seen very intuitively.

Luck increases luck

mana increases mana. Agility increases speed, and strength increases strength.

Just stamina.

This was ambiguous.

Of course, I understand that it means blood and stamina itself with the feeling of HP and SP.

After actually raising my stamina, I had more time to do physical training.

But I felt that the physical stat was not the only thing.


It means blood pain and stamina, but I thought it might have something to do with defense.

In Rupan, there is a separate defense value, but it is not in the status window.

However, I don’t think the concept of defensive power itself has gone away.

And I hypothesized that physical strength includes defense and goes up.

So, I decided to conduct an experiment using the points I gained from defeating the executive monster and the boss monster.

A day off from quests.

Pamela was in the middle of making medicine, and Atzbal was practicing drawing cards in the club room.

I approached Yeon-hwa, who was drinking green tea.


“Oh my. What is it, Shihan?”

“I’m sorry, but could you join me for training?”

“Is it training? Hmm, is there any training I can do to help Shihan?”


“Okay. I’ll help you. But… Who is Shihan asking for help from?”

Yeon-hwa blinks her eyes and smiles.

It was a request to achieve the Praise Norma today.

“I am asking for help from you, Yeonhwa, who is in charge of beauty and an indispensable member of our group.”

For reference, Pamel is in charge of cuteness and Atzbal is in charge of gag.

[Praise resistance has been penetrated.]

“Ohohohoho! The beautiful me can help Shihan! So what do I do?”

“Let’s go to the gym first.”


“Pamela, Atzbal. I went to train with Yeonhwa.”

“Heh, do whatever you want… Draw!”

“Now, have a good trip!”

Together with Yeonhwa, we headed to the combat school’s gym.

There were still a few cadets left in the gym doing light exercises or sparring lightly.

“Sihan, what can I do?”

“Hit me.”

“Yes? Ah… Shihan. How about doing that in a place where no one is around? I’m a member of the same group, so I’ll respect Shihan’s secret taste. If you compliment him three times more than usual, he’s willing to hang out with you…”

“What are you talking about?”

Why are you trying to turn me into a mazo?”

“Oh, wasn’t it Shihan’s hobby cooperation disguised as training?”

“No. I think you’re mistaken. And I’m not done yet, so listen to me.”

“Okay. Looks like I’ve got a flutter. Keep talking!”

I told Yeon-hwa the reason for the preparation.

“We have Yeonhwa now, so we have little to worry about when it comes to defense. But even so, we can’t let our guard down.

When surrounded by a large number of monsters, or when confronted with a monster that specializes in fast attack speed, it is necessary to block the attack or endure the attack until the shield is opened again.”

“So you’re doing strength training?”

“Yeah. I thought it was more necessary, especially since I’m the front.”

“Ask someone else besides me… Ah. I can’t.”

Yeonhwa immediately decided that it was inappropriate for the other two to ask for strength training.

Both are professions that use magic.

In addition, there is no physical melee attack skill.

In the first place, this training requires the attacker to have stamina to keep attacking, so it was obvious that the two people with the lowest stamina would get tired during the training.

Compared to that, Yeonhwa received a gifted education from the Shu family and has the skill of throwing a high-yah! Round kick.

It is said that he is a perfect talent to test his defense while being moderately ill.

Me and Yeonhwa changed into gym clothes and confronted each other.

“I’m coming, Shihan. If you feel sick and want to stop, just tell me.”

“Don’t worry, just come.”

“Then… ee-yat!”

Yeonhwa in a gym suit did not kick her, but instead threw a punch towards my abdomen.



Oh, this hurts a bit.

It was the first heavy pain I felt after falling into this world.

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