Became the Escort Knight That the Princesses Were Obsessed With chapter 108

108. Eve (5)

108. Eve (5)

「I can’t believe you grew up to be such a strong wizard…. “I’m really happy.”

The emperor looked at Leah happily.

Then, he furrowed his eyebrows as if he suddenly felt something strange.

「But, it’s strange. It would be difficult to understand what it feels like to feel an aura without experiencing it yourself….」

The Conqueror instinctively turned his head.

And then, he stared at me with cold eyes.

「Did someone teach you this?」

I was pierced by the gaze and held my breath.

I just barely roll my pupils to send a signal to Leah.

‘Are you planning to kill me!’


Leah looked at me nervously.

Then, she smiled and raised the corners of her mouth.


Until now, I had been able to deftly escape any pressure I put myself under.

When I was cornered, he looked cute.

“Well… ?”

Leah closed her eyes strangely.

Then, he put his hand on her chin and pretended to be worried.

“Actually, after my father collapsed, I tried to research the disease.”

The emperor’s eyebrows flashed after hearing Leah’s words.

Her daughter said that she researched the disease for herself.

He didn’t try to express it, but he seemed moved by those words.

“I think this may have come about because I studied Grand Aurors for a long time in the process.”

The princess smiled leisurely and flipped her hair.


The emperor silently looked at her eldest daughter’s smile.

Then she gradually stopped living and praised her daughter.

「It’s great that your efforts have paid off.」

Leonhardt returned to being a kind father again.

Then, he organized the chess board with his daughter.

“But you’re not trying to sneak away like this, are you? “You should be ashamed of your actions a moment ago.”

Leah laughed and scolded her father.

He is probably one of the few great men who can nag the master of the empire.

「I also forgave you, so isn’t it like repaying each other?」

I looked at them happily as a harmonious father and daughter.

Then, without realizing it, she retreated far away.


I quietly headed to the balcony.

And then, she naturally prepared to leave.

But, at that moment.

‘… !’

Lea, the first princess of the empire, glances at me as she organizes the chessboard.

She quietly placed her finger on her lips.

With a strange smile.

「You owe me this time.」

Even though she didn’t say it clearly, I could understand what she meant.

‘What on earth will they threaten me with in return next time?’ .’

I was tired just thinking about it, so I quietly wrapped my legs with mana.

Enough so that the emperor would not be bothered.

After that, he quietly left the ballroom like a wild animal.


Leonhard silently looked at the balcony.

When he realized that I had left, he raised his eyebrows.

The daughter looked at her father’s smile with interest.

Then she asked quietly.

“How are you, father?”

「What do you mean?」

In response to Leah’s question, the emperor returned to his cold expression.

“I mean that kid. “Isn’t he a talent worthy of being embraced by the empire?”

「Your skills are clear. “It’s still imperfect, but considering its age, it’s amazing.”

The emperor coolly judged the skills of the guard knights.

“Don’t you plan on keeping me by your side and using you?”

Leah asked alone, crossing her arms.

「Skill and loyalty are two different things. Unless there is something tangible to catch that sly guy, I think it will be difficult.”

A conqueror who conquered all continents.

He considered it important to completely subjugate any country.

Just as he would let go of even the smallest city-state if there was severe resistance, he was also cautious with the man he met a little while ago.

However, the princess was different.

He naturally resembled his father, but he also resembled his mother, who always wanted to get what she wanted.

“Don’t worry.”

Leah inherited both her father’s talent and her mother’s ambition.

She spoke with her mature eye smile.

「I will make sure that I remain in the empire forever.」

She knows how the sensual Rosanna captured her father.

Before she knew it, her daughter was the same age as her mother was when she got married.

After hearing those words, the emperor tried to ignore it without even thinking about it.

However, perhaps because she instinctively felt anxious, her eyes flashed.

「Well, what… ?」

When asked about her father, her daughter just smiled.

「Well, I’m tired so I’ll go in first, father.」

And with a sensual gait she went down the stairs.

「I’ll see you at the party tomorrow.」

The emperor looked blankly at his daughter leaving.

A beautiful and feminine appearance that makes you feel as if you would fall over just by brushing against it.

From Noble mtl dot com

He wanted to protect his daughter like that for the rest of his life, but his eyes fluttered.

 ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄.

I came down from the ballroom and walked away from the central imperial palace.

And then, I met a Jeon Seo-gu in a quiet forest.


In Jeonseo-gu’s secret letter, there was a letter written by Ekina, the vice-captain of Hongyeom.

‘No orders have been given to me yet. Now that His Majesty has woken up, it seems like the Crown Prince is doing well too.’

In order to check on her party, I asked her about the status of her crown prince.

I don’t know what he will do when he feels threatened by the emperor’s awakening.

But, fortunately, he remained quiet.

‘Yes, no matter how strong this guy is, rebellion or open assassination would be impossible.’

Because there is no reason to kill the emperor.

If you force a rebellion without justification, the support of the nobles will also fall.

‘Still, it’s a lot quieter than I thought.’

I attached mana to the tip of my finger and burned the note.

And then, we headed to the last patrol location.

Right, to the secret passage of the empire.

The entrance to the secret passage is completely far from the Heavenly Palace.

It was located at the foot of an eerie cliff and could not be opened without a specific spell.

As I got closer to the cliff, I started to smell something unpleasant.

Soon, I….

I realized that the smell was blood.


I focused my mana on my five senses.

Afterwards, I looked closely at the bushes.

‘Four people?’

4 Mana at Intermediate Expert level.

I ran straight towards that direction.

“… !”

It appeared quickly through the forest.

And then, at the moment when I wrapped my hands with mana and tried to subdue them.

“Black moon… ?!”

The imperial intelligence unit, resting after being injured, encountered the Black Moons.

“Who are you?”

The masked knights who were sitting hesitantly tried to raise their daggers.

However, some of them tended to stumble due to the bitter pain.

“Wait a moment. “I am a capital defense engineer.”

I took out the badge with the Subangsa Temple wall pattern from my pocket.

Then, I showed it to them and persuaded them.

“I smelled blood while patrolling on the eve of the night.”

“The party patrol goes this far? Now, are you telling me to believe that?”

As expected from informants, they are on high alert.

However, fortunately, there was a spherical person among them.

“Sir Beil Mikhail… ?”

A familiar voice.

And even the silver hair sticking out from the mask.

“Dasha. Please come out and explain… !”

I raised both hands with a happy face.

He then revealed that he had no intention of attacking the informants.

“Everyone, please lower your weapons. He is an acquaintance of the princess.”

As Dasha raised her fist, the crew lowered their swords.

They took off their masks and showed courtesy.

“I’m sorry, I’m currently conducting an operation….”

“It’s okay, what on earth is happening now?”

I lowered my hands and asked.

“Looking at your injuries, it looks like you had a fight with someone…. “Is it possible for such a blasphemous thing to happen on the eve of a festival?”

I asked casually, pretending not to know anything.

Then, Dasha answered in a rough voice.

“We caught a group of people trying to plant gunpowder in the basement of the imperial palace. “We are chasing them now.”

Gunpowder… ?

Did you really plan to blow up the palace on the day of the festival?

In an instant, the crown prince’s face passed by.



No matter how urgent he was, he wouldn’t have done something so ignorant.

Furthermore, the method is too simple and sloppy.

“Irina, how did you come all the way here?”

“That…” “The princess went in pursuit with the Verdant Knights.”

‘Irina herself?’

I even participated in the tracking.

Even if Allen accompanied us, this is too dangerous.

“Which direction did you go?”

“It’s over there…” .”

Dasha pointed with her swollen hand to an abandoned cathedral nearby.

On her way there, there was a strong smell of blood.

“I will go.”

I wrapped Mana around my legs with an expressionless expression.

And then, we headed to the cathedral at a fast pace.

“Look… , It’s dangerous to go alone!”

The Black Moon crew shouted at me.

However, Dasha assured them that it was okay.

“It’s okay, what can a defense engineer with even faint mana do?”

In response to their questions, Dasha slowly shook her head. Because she was

, She declared with serious eyes.

“You don’t have to worry. Perhaps… “Because he is a more trustworthy man than us.”

I left the informants behind and arrived at the entrance to the abandoned cathedral.

There were already many traces of battle there.

The corpses of Eastern knights lying here and there on the floor.

Surprisingly, it did not belong to the crown prince.

‘What happened…? ?’

If they are knights who do not belong to Lydia, there is a high probability that the Kingdom of Hakim or Samad is the culprit.

However, Hakim and his associates were all arrested.

Then, it means that the Kingdom of Samad is the culprit.

‘Why on earth would a friendly country do something like this?’ ‘

Kingdom of Hakim and Samad.

And, Prince Leon, who was playing Hakim.

I thought deeply about their connection.

Then, two conclusions were drawn.

Someone strong in the Eastern Kingdom is helping the crown prince.

And, in exchange for helping the crown prince, he wants to rescue Hakim.

‘You’re using the same trick again.’

This guy was playing the card that even if the assassin was discovered, he could get away with it.

‘First, understand the situation.’

After passing the corpses, I encountered fresh green knights in uniform.

Among them was Allen, who reached the level of advanced expert.

“Allen, is the princess okay?”

As soon as we met, I asked him about Irina, and he answered with serious eyes.

“We were dealing with eastern assassins who had invaded the empire. “The princess is also safe.”

Allen, who had grown up, pointed with a polite hand at Irina, who was standing among the knights.

She wears a uniform jacket over tights.

He faced me with somewhat surprised eyes.

“Veil, Veil… ? “How did you get here?”

The princess quietly hid the bow she was holding behind her.

However, because it was long, it stuck out.

“Weren’t you inspecting the party venue?”

“On the way back, I smelled blood.”

I smiled and looked at Irina’s face.

Fortunately, there were no signs of injury.

‘How did Irina know that she came to catch the assassin?’

“You should have called support. Why did you suppress her alone?”

“I didn’t have time to call.”

2 The princess blushed as she looked at me.

“And… “Because this is the moment to announce the debut of my knights.”

Under the night sky, the princess’s emerald eyes sparkled.

Her eyes truly belonged to a monarch.

“I’m glad you handled it well.”

I breathed a sigh of relief.

And, instead of criticizing her, he praised her.

Because Irina has grown too.

She was no longer the weak and neglected princess she had been in her previous life.

I looked around.

All the knights from the East have been dealt with neatly.

Fortunately, Camilla seems to have taught the knights well.

“It’s not over yet.”

However, Irina still had a serious look in her eyes.

“Their leader is hiding inside with a lot of gunpowder.”

The princess pointed with her finger to the entrance of the magnificent cathedral.

Even though it was an abandoned cathedral, it was quite large.

Like the ‘Princess’ Palace’ that collapsed in a previous life.

“They are shouting that they will destroy the cathedral if we enter.”

“Then wouldn’t it be better to wait slowly for support?”

Irina pursed her lips in response to my question.

He didn’t like losing the ball to others, but he seemed willing to hold back for the sake of his subordinates.

“Yes, that would be correct…” .”

It’s unfortunate, but he seems to be making a wise decision.

As expected, she was worthy of Seonggun’s daughter.

I looked down at her.

The emperor’s grand return party will be held tomorrow.

If she were praised for today’s achievement at such a large event, her standing in the knights would increase significantly.

The power of the princess union will also become stronger.


I took off the leopard tie I was wearing.

And then, he said as he put it in his inner pocket.

“I will go in.”

They dare to go in even though there is a lot of gunpowder inside.

Irina and the Verdant Knights standing next to her were surprised at those words.

“Veil, what do you mean? “What are you going to do if you go in alone?”

“That’s right, Master. “It’s too dangerous!”

The students who learned from me became full-fledged engineers.

They all looked at me with worried eyes.

“It’s okay. “I have a very simple solution.”

I reassured them with my signature sly smile.

“Aren’t you taking any weapons?”

Allen asked carefully.

Before I knew it, he was also worried about me.

“Uh, no need.”

Leaving them behind, I opened the front door wide.

And then, I calmly entered the cold abandoned cathedral.

Irina looked at me earnestly.

Just like me in my previous life, who stayed alone in the palace to buy time.

She put her hands together neatly and looked sad that she needed help from me again.


Under the collapsed roof where the moonlight pours in.

I calmly walked to the middle of the cathedral.

 ̄ ̄ ̄.

There was a man standing in the center of the auditorium.

An Eastern knight with bronze skin and cuts all over his body.

He sprinkled a lot of gunpowder around and glared at me with his bloody red eyes.

“What are you… ? “I’m sure they told me not to let anyone in.”

A guy breathing heavily.

He seemed a little relieved to see that I wasn’t holding a weapon.

“You’re not wearing a uniform. “Isn’t this a knight?”

He frowned at me hiding my mana.

However, as I approached, he raised his dagger.

“Don’t come near! “Do you really want to die together?”

Every time he shouted, a black and murky spirit stirred in his chest.

His precarious appearance was like that of a mad dog about to die.

‘It must be a self-destruction spell to explode the gunpowder on the floor.’

The moment when you stab yourself in the heart.

At the same time as his body explodes, this place will also collapse.

However, I did not stop.

Rather, it silently approached right in front of his nose.

“Stop, stop!”

I stopped only when I was in front of the assassin’s nose.


“Shh, be quiet.”

He raised his finger and quietly whispered to the Eastern Knight.

“The Crown Prince sent me here.”


When he heard those words, the area under his eyes began to flutter.

“Well, what…” ?”

He asked me back in a confused voice.

“I received orders to take you with me and get out of here.”

I raised the corners of my mouth with a grin.

And then, like a villain, she whispered to him with a sinister smile.

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