Became the Escort Knight That the Princesses Were Obsessed With chapter 109

109. Eve (6)

109. Eve (6)

“For now, just pretend you were arrested by me and go outside.”

I smiled broadly and told him.

“What should I believe and do?”

However, the eastern assassin is quite suspicious.

His lips twitched through his torn mask.

“Unless I am confident that you are the crown prince’s servant, I will never move.”

The guy maintained his stance with his dagger raised.

‘As expected, it’s easier said than done.’

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“We placed a smoke bomb in advance at the entrance to the cathedral.”

I raised both hands.

And, he said with a gesture that he had no intention of harming anyone.

“First, let’s pretend we were arrested and come out together. Afterwards, you can escape when I explode the smoke bomb.”

When I told him the detailed plan, the assassin was intrigued.

“Is that really true…? ?”

“Yes, I will also tie your hands very loosely. So, as soon as I give the signal, untie it and run away.”

I put my hand into the inside pocket of my suit jacket.

And, the moment you take out your tie.

I put it back when I saw the leopard was drawn.


Instead, I picked up a rotten rope that was lying around near the abandoned cathedral.

The assassin looked down at the rope, which looked weak at first glance.

Then, he cleared his throat and slowly lowered the dagger.

“Okay, then I’ll tie your hands first.”

The guy looked at me with suspicious eyes.

“I just tied it so that it would come loose if I pulled it straight with both hands.”

“I know how to do that.”

The assassin man still did not let down his guard.

He started to lead obediently only after I tied the leash really loosely.

I observed his body comfortably from behind.

A strong morale wrapped around the heart.

And, the fraud is connected to his head.

When you stab the heart, morale rises and explodes in the head.

You have to stop breathing before that.

“But… “When will the reinforcements arrive?”

The guy asked carefully on his way out.

The operation went wrong, he lost his colleagues, and he must have been quite anxious as he had to face the situation alone at the cathedral.

As expected, the pupils of the guy who glanced back at me were quite bloodshot.

“If you run east for 10 minutes, Ekina, vice-captain of the Crimson Flame, will be waiting for you. She will lead you to her Samad.”

I told a series of lies.

“Okay, it’s trustworthy.”

The assassin, who knew that Ekina was the prince’s shadow, was relieved.

“According to the contract, no matter what the outcome, you will rescue Hakim, right?”

‘As expected, the forces behind Hakim in the Eastern Kingdom were behind it.’

“Of course, have you seen the crown prince break his promise?”

I answered his question with stern eyes.

Then the assassin spoke in a very dissatisfied voice.

“You should be generously compensated for today’s work.”

“What does that mean?”

I asked, furrowing my eyebrows.

The assassin answered firmly.

“By chance, there were knights waiting in advance at the entrance to the passage you mentioned.”

His cloudy red eyes stared at me suspiciously.

“It’s as if they knew we were coming… !”

That’s something I didn’t expect either.

I didn’t know that Irina was chasing Leon separately.

“The crown prince must explain this incident… !”

He shouted at me in a very dissatisfied voice.

As if he were the boss.


His attitude soon stopped completely.

“I came to rescue you, but it was very noisy.”

Now that we have gotten enough information out of him.

Because there was no longer any reason for me to keep him alive.

“What…?” ?”

The assassin tried to turn his head towards me.

That moment.

I covered his head with both hands.

“I have heard the story well, so I will tell it to the crown prince myself.”

“… !”

Soon, I twisted it decisively.

So that my neck bones break.


The guy’s face turned like an owl.

After that, he couldn’t say anything anymore.

The Eastern Assassin was left lying on the floor in that state.

The princess had a shocked expression on her face as she looked at the assassin who had simply fallen.

Then she looked at me with a worried expression and asked.

“Veil… “Are you okay?”

“Yes, that’s right.”

I raised the corners of my mouth with a grin.

Then, he said, showing the bottom of both his hands wide open.

‘I guess he’ll be okay because he ended his life right away before stabbing his heart.’

The Verdant Knights were also relieved to see my relaxed appearance.

Among the relieved knights was Allen.

“I’m glad you’re safe, Lord Bale!”

Irina took off her jacket draped over her shoulders.

Then, she slowly approached me wearing tights and a uniform over it.

“You weren’t hurt, right?”

“Yes, that’s right.”

I picked up the assassin’s lying corpse.

The body is still full of evil energy, but the heart appears to be fine.

If you don’t stab it, it won’t explode.

Thinking like that, I grabbed his shoulder.

Then, just as I was about to pull it up.

“… ?”

The sight of the writhing guy sent a chill down my spine.

‘What…? ? I’m sure you twisted your neck properly?’

The twisted nape of his neck slowly turns.

Soon, the cold, stiff lips of the guy moved.

“You… also… It wasn’t sent by the crown prince….”

I was embarrassed by this situation for the first time in my life.

Because the guy stabbed his left chest with his own hand.

With his bare hands he pierced his ribs and grabbed his heart.


I exploded it as if to show off.

“The true master of the East is… It’s Hakim….”

The guy muttered in a dry voice.

After that, all the morale in his heart began to explode.


“Wow… !”

With a loud explosion, the gunpowder scattered around the area exploded.

The powder soon turned into flames and created a huge firestorm.


Irina did not back down even after seeing the flames.

She started staggering and running towards me.

“Don’t come, it’s dangerous!!”

I raised my foot to block the explosion from heading towards Irina and the young knights.

And then, he hit the ground with all his might.


Giant floor debris rising up.

I carried it on my back and blocked the explosion that was shooting towards them.

Thanks to this, the direct flames did not hit the princess.


Kurrrtter bu

The remains of the cathedral began to collapse due to the impact of the explosion.

Like Irina’s palace during her past life.


The princess looked blankly at me standing alone in the collapsing palace.

With eyes as dim and helpless as those days.

“It can’t be like this…” .”

The silver-haired woman muttered with an expression of disbelief.

Then, it started running towards me as I gradually disappeared into the rubble.

“Her Royal Highness, you must not go!”

Allen and her knights tried to stop her.

However, Irina approached me faster than them.

Like the day of purge that came back to me.

“Don’t come, it’s dangerous!”

I shouted while holding on.

However, the princess ended up….

It reached my chest and buried its face.

With a fragile body without even a single ounce of mana.

“Wow… !”

I am not as strong now as I was in my previous life.

I wasn’t even confident that I could survive such a huge explosion on my own.

The debris hit my body without hesitation.

And, the brilliant golden aura also shimmered as if a stone had been thrown into the water.

It is so painful and painful.


Irina is against my body.

She wrapped her arms around me gently.

Just like that day.


She buried her face in my chest and carefully raised her head.

And then, she looked up with reddened eyes.

“I will not receive help for the rest of my life.”

The princess wrapped herself tightly around my body.

Then, with her eyes closed, she concentrated her mind.

“I will save you this time… !”

That moment.

A white aura began to bloom from her body that surrounded me.

“This…” !”

He is the Grand Master’s Auror.

Like Leia, she is not a wizard.

However, it is a desperate moment.

The princess radiated the same power as the conquering king from her own body and created a barrier around us.


The ruins of the cathedral hit us.

The cloudy iron powder swirled around, and the princess and I disappeared underneath it.

Just like that day.



When I regained consciousness, there was only pitch black darkness.

It feels like my whole body has been crushed.

‘Is it really gunpowder that can destroy a palace? .’

The power of the explosion was greater than expected.

If I had known this would happen, I wouldn’t have come forward.

My greed in trying to raise Irina was excessive.


Even though I knew that fact, why did I jump into danger again?

Because of the short memories I had with her in my past life?

Or is it really simply because Irina is so beautiful?


I let out a light breath.

And then, the moment I barely open my eyes.

I realized the answer to the question I asked a moment ago.

“Huh…. Veil… Open your eyes….”


Her tears, sparkling in the dark, flowed down my cheeks.

Is it because of that moist and warm feel?

I realized that I was still alive.

“Why on earth did this happen…? .”

The princess muttered in a sorrowful voice.

The monarch-like appearance she showed me so far has long since disappeared.

She is just like she was back then.

“I just wanted to protect you and my father….”

Irina’s voice is hard to hear.

She was obviously saying something, but her ears were ringing from the shock of her outburst.


A space in the rubble where two people were barely lying together.

She let out her soft breath there.

Because of the narrow space, their bodies are interlocked.

Irina’s thighs were wrapped around her legs.

Her soft breasts were completely pressed against my body.

However, the princess did not care.

I can only stare at myself, who was caught up in the explosion.


Irina’s hand touched my cheek.

She studied my face carefully.

“Bale, it happened… ?”

I barely opened my eyes in response to the princess’s question.

And. I looked up at her with her devastated face.


“I’m so glad….”

The princess wiped her tears.

However, her eyes still twinkled.

“I’m sorry for dragging you into this….”

“I’m sorry. “I was the one who boasted that I would handle it alone.”

I raised the corner of Irina’s mouth to reassure her.

However, just that pain poured out and she closed her eyes tightly.

“Don’t overdo it…. Because the injury is serious….”

“I’m sorry.”

She wrapped around my body.

Because she was trapped under the rubble, she could no longer move in that state.

However, the princess showed no sign of discomfort.

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In fact, he looked comfortable, as if he was lying face down on the bed.

“I couldn’t completely protect you because that was all the strength I had left….”

“You mean the remaining strength?”

When I asked again, the princess hesitated in her answer.

Then, she carefully selected her words to me.

“Yes, I inherited some Grand Auror skills from my father. “Although it is a limited power.”

Even though I obviously have no talent for mana, I can still use Auror.

It was a miraculous power.

“Once power is used, it cannot be regenerated. So I used it little by little throughout my life.”

I can’t believe I can use the power of a perfect Grand Auror.

Even though the number of times was limited, it was amazing.

“I used it extensively once before… “That was my last strength, I’m sorry.”

“What is there to be sorry for? “I can only thank you for using that kind of power on me.”

I somehow raised the corner of my mouth.

“Rather, I am sorry.”

I glanced down.

And then I looked at the princess who was lying on top of my body like her lover.

“In a place like this… In a state of shame….”

Is it because they fit together?

Without realizing it, my eyes went to the princess’s pressed breasts and she closed her eyes tightly.

It felt like her body had become more mature than in her previous life.

“No, Veil.”

The princess chuckled at my question.

And then, with her cheek buried in my collarbone, she muttered.

“I still like it….”

Irina’s mumbling was hard to hear because her eyes were closed.

However, the princess could feel comfortable just by the consistent resonance of each other’s hearts.


「Her Highness Irina, Lord Veil!! Are you okay!!”

I hear a voice from above.

「If you can stop by, please tell me!!」

Even other knights of Verdant.

They were looking for us on the wreckage.

“Everyone seems to be safe.”

I muttered with my eyes closed.

“Yes…. “I’m so glad.”

Irina also breathed her sigh of relief.

I felt the princess’s body temperature wrapped around me and the curves of her body.

Is it because of the comfort?

She decided to sleep a little.

“Then, I’ll take it easy and rest for a bit…” .”

Just a little bit.


When I said nothing more, Irina glanced up.

Then, she asked carefully.

“Veil, you’re asleep…” ?”

The princess’s emerald eyes shone in the darkness.

When I made no reply, she laid her cheek on my chest.

“I’m still breathing….”

Fortunately, she confirmed that she had just fallen asleep.

She seemed relieved and raised the corners of her mouth.

“You’re sleeping, that’s a good thing.”

After saying that, Irina quietly closed her eyes.

And then, when she ascended again to her earthly state, she expected to receive the praise of the emperor and the standing of the knights.

“If we are rescued like this, everything will be resolved.”


The princess’s eyes sparkled like a wild animal.

As if the current situation is much more important than that.

“But now I want to be together longer.”

Irina observed my body with shy eyes.

Then, her eyes soon turned greedy.

“This is…”

A leopard tie inside a torn jacket.

Because the princess knew very well who the leopard symbol meant.

She raises her head little by little.

She looked at her sleeping man’s face intently, as if she was displeased with something.


The fortune teller’s words suddenly appeared in the princess’s mind.

Lion and leopard.

And, one man who gets along well with everyone.

Irina shook her head to get rid of the memory.

She then looked down at her man through her tangled hair.

“I was preparing first, but I dare you…” .”

He is a man who discovered himself before anyone else.

Now, the princess is closer to that man than anyone else.

Is it because of that?

The heart of a woman in her twenties began to beat.

“It doesn’t matter if it’s Dasan or a leopard…”

The body temperature also became hotter, warming the man’s cold body.

As if I had opened my eyes to instinctive emotions that I was unaware of.

“Veil, you belong to me.”

The princess, fueled by those emotions, strangely half-closed her eyes.

Then, he brushed her own tangled hair to the side and brought her face close to her.

“In this life….”

The princess’s soft lips approach.

However, she was different from when she hesitated at the villa.

“I won’t miss it.”

Irina pressed herself against her man’s dotted lips.

And, as she drank his breath to her heart’s content, she left her scent on his body.


The more she left, the more the princess opened her eyes to new textures.

She felt guilty about how she had been such a dirty person.

However, the princess immediately erased those feelings from her mind.


Instead, as a woman, she freely marked the man she liked.

So deep that a white string stretches between the two people.

As her instinct deepened, the princess tightened her thighs without realizing it.

Her flesh was tight enough to stand out under the torn tights.


As their saliva mixed together, she felt her body heating up.

“It’s hot….”

That’s how sweet her man’s body was.

It was something that even a woman who had been humble her entire life instinctively created.

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