Became the Escort Knight That the Princesses Were Obsessed With chapter 110

110. Dinner time (1)

110. Dinner time (1)

My whole body hurt as if it had been crushed.

However, even in that situation, I had a dream.

And, that dream was so ’embarrassing’ that it was difficult to tell to anyone.

Because it was a dream in which the second princess of the empire kissed me.

It was so vivid.

My lips are still trembling….

However, I was able to conclude that this was a dream.


Because Irina’s expression when she was kissing me was so different from usual.

「Whoa… , veil….」

Originally, she was a neat and kind princess.

However, what is Irina seen in her dream?

「You are mine….」

She was so hedonistic and greedy that it was hard to believe it was her.

The sight of her voluptuous thighs wrapped around my fallen legs and forcibly kissing me.

That scene was so erotic that it was hard to imagine.

「I will engrave it all over your body….」

Her face was bright red, and her eyes were as s*xy as a mythical succubus.

Her moist lips were filled with my fluids and her own.

However, the princess didn’t care and ate her food like a female.

「So that other kids can’t steal it again….」

For someone who had never loved before, it was too intense.

So I had no choice but to believe that every moment was a dream.


Afterwards, she regained consciousness.

I was definitely injured, but somehow my body felt more comfortable.

As if impurities had escaped.

Thanks to this, it feels like the Grand Aura that was wrapped around her body has calmed down.

She opened her eyes, encouraged by that feeling.

And, at that moment.

I faced Irina, who was sleeping with her face on the bed in her hospital room.

She is holding my hand and stroking it.

Seeing her like that, the corners of her mouth went up with a smile.

‘That’s right, how can a person like this act like in a dream?’

I carefully applied pressure to my palm.

Then, the princess also slowly moved her body.

“Veil… ?”

Sleepy eyes half closed.

The princess had silver hair clinging to her lips.

“You’re awake?”

The princess smiled softly even though she was defenseless.

“Yes, thanks to you, I was safe.”

“I’m so glad….”

Is it because her s*xy face I saw in my dream and what I see now are intertwined?

For some reason, it was difficult to maintain eye contact with her.

“I… “How long have you been asleep?”

“It wasn’t that long. “Maybe 8 hours?”

I listened to the princess’s words and looked toward her window.

The night passed and before we knew it, it was morning.

“It’s just like waking up from sleep.”

“Yes. But it would be better to take a break from escorting today. “You must still be very tired.”

After hearing her words, she breathed a sigh of relief.

“Is that okay?”

“Yes, my father said he would hand out a separate award.”

I tried to resolve the situation neatly and give all the credit to Irina.

Because we were stuck together at the scene, our contribution was recognized.

“You only have to attend today’s party as an audience member.”

“I am truly fortunate.”

I got up from her bed and sat down next to her.


The sound of clock hands ticking.

That sound filled the hospital room for a long time.

However, we did not have any conversation.

‘Damn, is it because of that damn dream?’

I feel awkward being with Irina today.

Unlike her usual self, she couldn’t think of anything to say to her.

“Gwae, I’ve confirmed that it’s okay, so I’ll go now. I have to prepare for the party….”

The princess carefully got up from her seat.

And then, she prepared to leave with an embarrassed expression.

I was clearly the one who had the dream, but for some reason the princess seemed to find me awkward as well.

“Oh, yes…” . “You should do that.”

I stared at Irina’s back as she left.

Her pelvis and waist move seductively every time she walks.

Somehow, unlike before, I felt like my movements had become softer.

‘Now that I think about it, you seem to enjoy wearing tights like that these days.’

Unlike her previous life, her tastes seemed to have changed a lot.

“See you later at the party, Bale.”

“Please enter carefully, Your Highness.”

 ̄ ̄ ̄.

The door was closed.

Only then did I take a deep breath and tilt my head back.

“Still, I’m glad it ended without incident.”

Next time, I have to go to Mago and get special training on witchcraft.

This is the first time in my life that I have seen a technique that does not include rigor mortis and maintains consciousness even after death.


I spent time reflecting on the mistakes of the past.

Then, I raised my head at the sound of approaching footsteps.

A light knocking sound.

Afterwards, Dasha came into her hospital room.

“The princess just left.”

“I know.”

Dasha greeted me politely.

However, she was still wary like a picky sister-in-law.

“So, what’s going on?”

When I asked, the silver-haired maid showed a cold expression.

Then, he asked me in a serious voice.

“I want to ask you something.”

“For me… ?”

The spy maid nodded her head slowly.

Then she opened her mouth in a cautious voice.

“If you were in the rubble with the princess…. “What happened?”

“No, there wasn’t anything in particular.”

I shook my head firmly.

And, I answered honestly.

“I was exhausted at the time and fell asleep. “I barely remember anything from that time.”

“Is that so…? .”

When Dasha listened to me, she silently closed her mouth.

“Why, did something happen to Irina?”

The maid looked at me blankly.

Then, I hesitated whether I could tell this.

“That…” .”

Dasha finally let out her sigh.

And then, in order to find her answer, she confessed honestly to me, the person she was talking about.

“Ever since then, you keep getting bruised.”


I furrowed my eyebrows at those words.

“You mean bruising?”

“Yes, you keep rubbing your lips with your fingers, don’t you? Even when he lies down in bed, he keeps staring into space.”

The maid said with a worried expression.

“As if you were thinking of something.”

“It was probably due to the impact of being crushed by the rubble.”

I answered indifferently.

However, Dasha was still serious.

“He was a person who never dreamed even after most poisoning attempts….”

“Being caught up in an explosion is a different feeling.”

She nodded her head, saying she understood.

“I understand, maybe I was just a bit sensitive.”

And then, he put down the paper bag he was holding on the table.

“By the way, you’ve become very close with the other princesses these days.”


I pointed to the face with my finger.

Then, Dasha spoke in a cold voice.

“Yes, Leah and Lydia took turns visiting last night.”

“Why are people busy preparing for the party? .”

Just hearing the name made her breath catch in her throat.

However, one word from Dasha tightens the suffocation even further.

“Well, I don’t know. “You should know better.”

Dasha looked at me with cold eyes.

Then, she pointed to the envelope and said.

“The Subangsa driver I met on the way asked me to pass it on to you.”

“Subangsa article… ?”

I asked back, but the maid gave no answer.

I just closed the hospital room door and quietly left.

As if to check for yourself who sent it.


I approached the table with a nervous expression.

Then, she opened the envelope to find a letter and cranberry jelly.

Fruit jelly is said to be good for relieving fatigue.

I mumbled and read the words.

「Are you trying to achieve credit alone? So don’t get hurt!”

「From next time, practice with me.」

「Your great senior, Miya Greta.」

This is a dreamy drawing style worthy of a senior.

I burst into laughter as I read that letter.

“It’s delicious.”

I looked out the window while chewing jelly.

A hill bathed in morning sunlight.

A huge central imperial palace was built on top of it.

And, tonight.

All the imperial family of the empire will gather there.

「 ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄.」

I was discharged from the hospital during the day.

Afterwards, I headed to the banquet hall as an attendee rather than an escort driver.

A long, magnificent red carpet is laid out.

A number of nobles and royal families from other countries entered above it.

‘Minister, Lydia’s birthday party was no more than a picnic.’

Thinking like that, I stood on the railing on the second floor of the party hall.

A view overlooking the entire huge banquet hall.

Up there, I watched the emperor’s opening ceremony.

Leonhard rose from the throne installed at the end of the palace.

He shouted in a very solemn voice, unlike when his daughter was foolish.

「I would like to express my gratitude to everyone who participated in today’s banquet.」

When he opened his mouth, everyone in the palace bowed their heads.

「This banquet is an opportunity to announce to the world that I have won the battle against illness and to praise everyone who worked hard for the empire while I was away.」

The attendees listened closely to the words of the Conqueror.

「I hope everyone enjoys today and continues to work diligently for the empire.」

The Emperor stretched out his huge palm and shouted.

Then, the sound of thousands of applause echoed through the palace.

「 ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄.」

The sound was so loud that it shook the chandelier gently.

「First, before starting the banquet. “I would like to encourage those who have made great contributions.”

Everyone stopped applauding at the emperor’s words.

And then, he waited for the first glorious person to be praised by him.

「Lord Mosian, please come forward.」

The Imperial Prime Minister came out to the center of the large crowd.

He slowly approached the emperor and knelt before him.

「Even though I was away for a while, the Lord managed the national treasury with integrity and reliably resolved several national crises.」

The emperor raised his treasured sword, which was worn at his waist.

「Praise for your contribution, national treasure of the empire. “I will give you the wise man’s staff.”

He lightly aimed his sword at the Prime Minister’s shoulder.

Then, a lot of applause came from all around.

“Thank you, Your Highness!!”

The Prime Minister bowed his head and expressed his gratitude, then stood up.

And, he received a golden staff with a cross on it from the imperial servant.

「Next, last night. “There was a wicked group of people who wanted to disrupt my resurrection.”

The Emperor spoke, looking broadly at the entire party with his back turned.

「I would like to praise the two people who eliminated that group.」

Everyone focused on Leonhard’s words.

‘If it were two people, I’d go with Allen. Anyway, I said I would praise him separately.’

「Irina Andalusia, please let Allen Meatloaf come forward.」

The emperor with a happy expression.

He faced the second princess in a dress.

“… !”

Irina wore a bold off-the-shoulder dress that showed off her cleavage.

Everyone was surprised by the beautiful outfit that was different from usual.

 ̄ ̄ ̄.

Not only men but also women were amazed by the changed image of the princess.

In fact, she was famous enough to be known in the country next to her for being beautiful.

However, the simple clothing was the only flaw.

Everyone was amazed by the dazzling outfit and white skin.

「Last night, there was a group of people who dared to plant gunpowder underground in our country. “You arrested them through thorough patrols.”

The emperor put back the treasured sword for his daughter.

Instead, he shouted with a gentle touch.

「I commend this performance….」

Everyone listened to the emperor’s words in silence, as if in agreement.

「As of today, the Knights of Verdant are recognized as the 7th Knights of the Empire. I command the knights to protect the princess, Irina, for the rest of their lives!”

“I will accept it.”

“I will accept you!”

Irina bowed her head, lifting the hem of her dress gracefully.

Unlike her days as a brat, Allen bent her knees in a very dependable manner.

「As an official order of knights of the Empire, continue to behave appropriately!」

The two people accepted the royal order with expressions filled with emotion.

‘It’s nice to see.’

I smiled and looked down at the scenery.

In her previous life, she was a helpless and broken princess.

In this life, she was recognized as one of the powerful people of the empire.

‘The award ceremony will soon come to an end.’

She thought about that and turned her head.


「Now, next, I will praise the person who killed the remnants of the subversive forces.」

‘What…? ?’

Aside from the ones that I and the Verdant Knights killed, were there any other remnants?

「The one who saved Irina from the collapsed cathedral and punished the remnants who chased her….」

I thought it was strange and looked down at the award ceremony again.

「Camilla, vice-captain of the Imperial Knights, and Prince Leon, who led them, please come forward.」

Two unexpected names were mentioned.

Thanks to this, my eyebrows, which had been comfortable, became distorted.

‘Leon…. Surely he must have been the culprit of this incident?’

The Crown Prince and Camilla came forward.

And, he was praised for his merits by the emperor.

「I will give Leon one of my treasured swords, Cassis, and Camilla will receive an elixir.」

“Thank you, Abama!”

“Thank you, Your Majesty!”

They are wearing white jacket uniforms and luxurious capes.

He accepted the award with a humble expression.

If the user’s level is high, the Imperial Elixir can lead to a mature sword master.

And, Kashi was originally one of the legendary swords that could cut through anything.

「I will continue to be by your side and make the empire shine!」

“I will obey your orders!”

I looked down disapprovingly at the two people shouting at the same time.

They were cheered and congratulated by everyone.


The barrage of praise coming from people around me was really annoying.

I turned my head to avoid the sound.

And, at that moment.

“Isn’t it strange? “It definitely seemed like something that guy had planned.”

A familiar and cool-headed voice came from inside the golden lion mask.

“Her Royal Highness… ?”

A sensual body like an hourglass and a fascinating silk dress that wraps around that body.

I faced the first princess, Leah, who approached me without any sign.

“Yes, it’s strange. The instigator even admitted that it was the crown prince who ordered it.”

I spoke to her quietly in her imperial seat on the second floor.

“Yes, of course it was.”

Leah stood side by side with me.

Her sweet fig scent came from her.

“Because it is an original play.”

The princess looks down with sensual eyes.

“Now that the Emperor has awakened, Leon has secretly gathered his forces in case his father dies.”

“Yes, I know.”

She lightly covered her lips with her fan.

“Probably my father would have been informed of his actions a long time ago.”

And, he spoke with the charismatic eyes of a monarch.

“In this situation, what is the best way for Leon to regain his father’s trust?”

“She’s quick to credit, so she’s recognized as being on the same team.”

Leah cautiously stretched out her hand.

And, she adjusted the collar of my suit, which I had quickly changed into.

“You’re smart, Bail Mikhail.”

“It would be difficult to do this in an official setting.”

When I spoke firmly, the princess pointed to the mask she was wearing.

“It’s okay, you wore a mask.”

After hearing her words, I chuckled.

It seemed impossible to cover the princess’s body with a mask that barely covered her eyes.

“You don’t have to look so worried.”

The princess lightly turned away.

And then, she looked down at the crown prince and spoke.

“Showing something like that means that he will obey his father for a while.”

‘I wasn’t worried about that.’

I was more worried about the eyes that kept going towards the princess’s body.

Because, for a man, it was force majeure.

“Let’s enjoy the party comfortably today.”

Leia looked at me with majestic eyes like her queen.

Then, as she turned around, she said.

“It’s a big party after a long time, isn’t it?”

I listened to her words and silently nodded her head.

Then she suddenly felt something strange.

“But how did you know I was here?”

When the princess heard what I said, she smiled again.

Then, she turned her head and answered.

“I told you so.”

Her blue eyes sparkle inside the lion mask.

The princess spoke with those eyes.

“I can feel your presence very well now.”

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