Became the Escort Knight That the Princesses Were Obsessed With chapter 48

48 - 48. Knights of Light (2)

48 – 48. Knights of Light (2)

Twelve o’clock at night.

The first princess’s garden was very quiet.

All you can hear is owls and crickets chirping.

Because of the heavy clouds, not even the moonlight shone through.

“… .”

A sturdy outer wall surrounding such a quiet garden.

It’s so high and tight that even the largest logs can’t overcome it.

Thanks to this, there were very few people who could sneak into the princess’s bedroom.

but… .

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A purple radiance began to bloom beyond the outer wall.

Soon, an unpleasant vibration rang out from the ground.

Coo coo coo ―――.

A barrier that no one thought could be overcome.

A huge shadow of a strange shape was cast over the wall.

It was only after the thick clouds cleared that I was able to see the identity of the shadow.

Huge tree roots.

The roots sprouting from the ground stretched out high enough not to touch the outer wall.

Thanks to this, the uninvited guests were able to use it as a staircase and barely climb over the outer wall.

This is the moment when two warlocks wearing black robes enter the princess’s garden.

Did they use magic at all?

Every time they stepped on a leaf, they heard no sound.

Like a ghost.

The wizards advanced through the bushes.

And it stopped tall under a familiar ash tree.

When one stretches out his arm, a palm as pale as a corpse appears.

Afterwards, a faint black flame rose from his palm.

“We have to leave soon, so let’s get started quickly, Elder.”

“I understand, cult leader.”

The church elder pointed his palm toward the floor.

Then, the fallen leaves slowly scattered.

Afterwards, as the buried dirt rose up, the tools of curse they had buried were revealed.

“huh… ?”

The elder looked at the tool and tilted his head.

Then, he carefully lifted the bone fragment that was buried with the black crystal.

“Is there a problem?”

“This is not the bone of the black goat we buried… .”

The elder, wearing a hat, observed closely.

Then, immediately, my lips parted.

“It looks like the skeleton of a bird…” .”

A piece of meat attached to a bone.

And even the faintly delicious smell.

“Could it be chicken bones?”

“what… ?”

The moment when the leader, who seemed to be a superior, asks a question.


Dozens of torches began to erupt around them.

“We found an intruder!!”

The voices of the Knights of Light are heard from all directions.

Hearing that voice, the warlocks hurriedly looked around.

“It looks like I was discovered… !”

The two immediately stood up.

And then they stared at each other for a moment.

The second operation begins in preparation for being caught.

“Just stay calm and stick to the plan.”

The leader put both hands together.

And then extend your palms towards the floor… .

He shouted in an evil voice.

“Answer the call.”

Purple mana began to flow down his palms.

Then, the palms of the skeletons rose up through the ground.

“This way! Provide support quickly… !”

The two knights who discovered them swung their swords with all their might.

Then, the elder hurriedly took a step back and chanted a spell.

The moment you finish ordering.

He grabbed his neck with his palms.

Then, it opened its lips and began spewing out a purple mist.


“It’s the poisonous fog I mentioned before, step back!”

Damian, who was joining us from afar, covered his nose with his sleeve and shouted.

However, the knights were already hit by fog from the front.


They were quite taken aback by the attack of the warlock they encountered for the first time in their lives.

If it weren’t for Damian’s command, there would have been casualties.

“Personnel hit by the fog should fall back, and only pursue those armed with artifacts!”

Armed knights attempted to deal with the fleeing warlocks.

However, skeleton swordsmen rising from the floor stop them.

The skeletons were the bodies of veteran warriors who had fought in the former capital of the empire.

Thanks to this, he skillfully clashed his swords with the knights who were trying to chase him.

“I never thought I would be found out so quickly… .”

A high-ranking warlock and cult leader who was escaping from the siege.

Even he, a veteran, clenched his lips at being discovered so quickly.

“It seems that the knight commander or the magic tower lord visited this place… !”

“That can’t be possible…” . “If such talented people had come here, we would have been informed in advance.”

“Then, what is this situation… .”

The warlocks safely reached the reed field near the outer wall.

Until then, the two thought they would be able to get out of this place perfectly.

but… .

“Stand there!!”

The knights who were dealing with the veteran skeleton swordsmen quickly followed suit.

“If you surrender now, I will spare your life!”

The two warlocks turned around at Damian’s shout.

And when I saw the dozens of members of the Knights of Light, whose numbers had grown before I knew it, I began to think.

“As expected, it was too much to say that the imperial knights were relative… !”

“Almost everyone except the leader came… !”

A situation where they already knew they were coming.

Faced with a thorough siege, the senior warlock finally sighed.

“Sir, what should we do now… ?”

In response to his subordinate’s urgent question, the leader took a deep breath.

And then he looked at the church elder.

“I have to escape.”

“also… “Did you have another way in mind?”

“Yes, there is. “Be there or not.”

The robed warlock took out a sharp piece of bone from his chest.

As soon as the elder saw that, his face turned bright red.

“It’s a dark horse’s rib!”

The highest level artifact, the dark horse’s rib.

Basically, when the spell caster puts his blood on the bones, the horses of hell are summoned from the ground.

The more blood is shed, the more the number of horses increases.

“Yes, it’s a shame, but I have no choice but to use this.”

The elder, who knew this fact, admired the cult leader’s strategy of escaping the siege through horses.

But he didn’t know.

“I will spread the word of your sacrifice to the believers.”

That the blood that will be buried in your bones is your own blood, not that of your religious leader.

“Wow… !”

The horse’s ribs dug deeply into the elder’s side.

The subordinate could not even moan due to the pouring pain.

“Slope leader, you… .”

I just look up at the religious leader I have always trusted.

“What can I do? Elders can easily be re-elected, but religious leaders cannot be replaced.”

The priest carelessly dropped the ribs, covered in black blood, on the floor.

Then the bone became liquid and squirmed, turning into a black puddle.

yet… .

Horses with black skin began to rise from the puddle.


Hellhorses summoned with loud cries.

As the blood was so thick, the number of animals that appeared was in the dozens.

The leader summoned pieces of black robe and attached them to the backs of the horses that appeared.

As if someone was riding a horse.

Soon, the summoned beasts all began to run to various parts of the garden following their master’s orders.

“They are running away on horseback!!”

“Don’t panic and stay in line as Lord Bale ordered!”

The knights of light subdued the horses one by one with their skillful skills.

However, the overwhelming volume suddenly poured in.

And with a speed comparable to that of racehorses, several horses were gradually lost from the siege.

“Follow me! “There is a real warlock hiding among them!”

Even Operation Chief Damian was embarrassed.

He followed the horses with his sword raised, but in the end, out of 80… .

“sh*t… !”

I only missed one.

The black horse jumped over the outer wall with a loud gasp.

And the moment you land on the outside of the wall.

The magic time was over and I went back to the Chinese New Year.


Thanks to this, the religious leader fell to the ground.

He staggered to his feet with a groan.

“ha… Damn the Knights of Light… .”

The wizard took a deep breath and looked towards the outer wall he had climbed over.

The cries of horses heard beyond the wall.

And even the burning lights and the sound of sword energy filled with mana.

In order to escape that hellish place, he even sacrificed the highest-class artifact and a valuable human being, the elder of the church.

“sh*t… This is why I said I didn’t want to be in charge of the first princess… !”

The leader seemed exhausted and headed into the dense forest.

However, even as he left the princess’s mansion, a doubt appeared in his mind.

The Knights of Light are a powerful knightly order in the Empire, so we thought about the number of cases in which they would be discovered.

Thanks to this, I was able to barely escape by summoning hell horses and skeleton knights.

However, the process was very difficult.

As if they knew his strategy in advance.

It felt like I was being played by a divine being.

“That can’t be possible…” .”

The leader shook his head, trying hard to shake off his doubts.

In the first place, my church’s black magic was born in the northern outskirts.

In the empire, the center of the continent, there were very few people who knew about black magic.

“The first thing to do is to get out of here… .”

The warlock looked around and hurriedly reached the entrance to the forest.

Now, if you just hide inside, the pursuit will become looser.

but… .

He had no choice but to stop walking again.

Intense mana that I have never felt before.

Because the goosebumps of mana sent a chill down my spine.

“Uh, are you here?”

Entrance to the road into the forest.

While waiting there, I got up.

And I patted my back, which had been sore from all the waiting.

“I didn’t want to be in charge of the 1st princess… .”

I pulled out the sword on my waist.

And he raised a blade sharpened with deep blue mana.

“That means people like you went to other princesses, right?”

This made it clear.

The arsonist, Ekina, and even this black magician.

Everyone is a gang instigated by one guy.

If we catch this guy, we will be able to arrest all the arsonists.

“It was you… .”

The warlock who made eye contact froze as if he had encountered a ghost.

And he muttered in a trembling voice.

“The guy who figured out our grand plan… !”

A subtle sensation that only a leader-level person can feel.

A skilled person who noticed this and even figured out his own escape route.

I originally thought the knights wouldn’t know of their existence.

His eyes fluttered at the sight of me, who had been perceiving everything like a ghost.

“Is it such a grand plan to bury bone fragments in the yard of a woman who lives alone?”

I raised my sword and approached the guy leisurely.

And, looking at the pale face through the robe, he said:

“Looking at their skin color, they belong to the Northern Nemesis Church.”

Nemesis, a cult active in the northern border.

They are essentially an evil group that uses black magic in exchange for their own life force.

That’s why he is famous for having paler skin than other warlocks.

“How did you do that… !”

When the name of his religion was revealed, the religious leader swallowed deeply.

“How long?”

I looked at him in confusion and raised the corners of my mouth.

He then showed me the scar on his forehead that he got in the north and said.

“I was the one who subjugated your church.”

The Nemesis cult leader’s already pale face turned pale.

He recognized me and started to back away.

The moment when the Northern Church was destroyed and its believers were subjugated comes to mind in the leader’s mind.

Then the guy suddenly lost strength in his legs and collapsed.

A collapsing cathedral.

Because I was one of the punitive forces that trampled on the dying believers.

“It’s nice to be reminded of the old days, isn’t it?”

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