Became the Escort Knight That the Princesses Were Obsessed With chapter 49

49 - 49. Knights of Light (3)

49 – 49. Knights of Light (3)

“I remember you. “Aren’t you a member of the punitive force that trampled on our church?”

The leader, recalling the nightmare of that day, gritted his teeth.

Soon, his expression changed from confusion to anger.

“Someone would think I was oppressing an innocent religion.”

I was appalled by this guy’s attitude.

Because the punitive force that our northern cadets belonged to does not attack innocent people.

Most of the groups that were subjugated were the ones who had committed misdeeds.

Among them, the Nemesis Church was particularly evil.

“You are so proud even after deceiving the nearby residents and stealing their vitality.”

“They just came directly! “I want to learn magic!”


It is inherently difficult to awaken, and can only be used if one is born with it.

So, if you have a talent for magic, the path to success is open to anyone, regardless of origin.

However, black magic is different.

Because it uses one’s own life and the lives of others as collateral instead of mana, the Magic Tower does not recognize it as magic.

Of course, success in life is impossible.

“Did you tell them that what you taught was dark magic?”

I slowly approached him with my sword.

“That can’t be possible. “If I had told the truth, everyone would have run away.”

Then he looked down with a stern expression and said.

“Teaching magic for them is just a dirty excuse.”

The leader was speechless.

In the end, he lowered his head as if he had given up trying to persuade me with words.


Perhaps because he was going crazy because he was about to die, the warlock immediately started laughing.

“Yes, that’s right…” .”

The guy slowly got up.

And he spoke with violet eyes full of deceit.

“It’s true that we used them.”

A religious leader who obediently acknowledges.

He put his palms together and began to condense his evil energy.

“But what’s wrong with that?”

Eventually, the leader slowly pushed his joined palms away from each other.

Then the shape of a sword gradually appears.

“You don’t even treat the people living on the border like imperial people, right? They just collect taxes regularly… .”

Purple fraud appeared in the shape of a sword.

He held the sword skillfully and glared at me.

“It’s better for me to tell you something than to be released like you all!”

The warlock rushed at me with his magic sword.

The fear you felt when you first saw me has long since disappeared.

It was like a mouse running at a cat when cornered.

But he overlooked it.

Because I was no longer at the level I was when I was a cadet in the punitive force.

I grasped the hilt of the sword tightly with both hands.

And I focused my attention on the purple scam that was rushing towards me.


The magic sword fell on my head with a tearing scream.

That moment.

I focused all my mana on the raised sword.

And just as he was about to plunge the magic sword down.

I resolutely cut down his body with his magic sword.

“Pugh… !”

The black robe split.

At the same time, black blood burst out like a fountain from the guy’s chest.

This is the moment when the vitality of the northern residents that he has absorbed so far dissipates.

“Consider yourself lucky.”

I looked down at his black blood and said.

“If it weren’t for you, I would have torn it to pieces.”

I brushed off the blade covered in the cult leader’s dirty blood.

And while watching the fallen guy, he leisurely waited for Leah’s knights.

“Wait quietly until the knights arrive.”


As expected of a warlock, this guy didn’t seem to have any intention of being captured easily.

Little by little, purple smoke began to seep out of his cracked wound.

The cult leader focused all his energy on his neck.

And then he puffed out his cheeks like a toad… .

 ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄!!

A moment ago, it spewed out a poisonous fog that was even thicker than the elder.

As if trying to hide my view.

“You idiot… . “Did you think I would be captured so easily?”

The whole world was dyed purple.

At that sight, the leader gasped and smiled.

Because he thought the situation was now in his favor.

However, his eyebrows soon furrowed.

Even in the rampant fog, my expression didn’t change at all.

“W-what… “What about that expression?!”

I didn’t pay any attention to the warlock’s questions.

I just glance back towards the forest where I was waiting.

“… ?”

The leader of the cult thought to himself, wondering how he would turn around even in the face of an enemy.

And when he followed me towards the entrance.

The warlock’s pale face soon hardened like soap.

“Lord Veil, I told you that you would really need my help this time, right?”

“If it weren’t for capturing them alive, we definitely could have dealt with them.”

“That’s not allowed. “Keeping him alive is enough to torture him.”

Because a woman wearing a brilliant golden robe appeared.

And that too with a powerful wizard wand.

“Stand back. “Because you can blow it up too.”

Leah’s blue eyes sparkle fiercely.

She immediately swung her wand in the air as if commanding.

OK… .

The poisonous fog that the cult leader spewed out as he vomited his own blood began to shake violently.

Blades of grass were torn off and mixed in the wind.

Soon, the color of the poisonous fog became blurred and it dissipated with strong wind pressure.

“Ugh… .”

The princess stumbled after using magic because she was in so much pain.

I carefully supported her from behind.

“Are you okay?”

“I’m fine, it’s just that I haven’t been outside in a while.”

The princess looked up at me with decadent eyes.

“You’re still not feeling well. Why don’t you call the imperial wizard?”

At my question, Leah slowly shook her head.

“If that happens, this operation may be discovered by other members of the royal family. Then the information would have gone to that guy too.”

Leah’s blue eyes sparkled softly.

It seems that even the second-in-command of the empire could not avoid the secret struggle in the palace.

I carefully helped the princess up.

Apparently, she seems to be feeling much better after the curse totem was destroyed.

Leah hinted at the arm I was holding.

“… .”

I felt embarrassed for having touched the princess’s body, so I turned my head away.

And then he looked coldly at the sect leader who had lost even the last move.

“Now, are you done with your ability to show me?”

The princess and I leisurely approached him.

And I tried to trap him in order to prevent him from using any other tricks.

“… .”

But as I got closer, a foul smell began to creep in.

Then, I made Leah step back and approached cautiously.

As I got closer, more strange things caught my eye.

The cult leader’s arms and legs swelled to a strange extent.

I thought it was a side effect of spewing poisonous fog.

The more you use black magic, the more it destroys your body.

However, when I lifted the guy’s face up with the scabbard.

I quickly turned my head towards Leah.

“Her Royal Highness, it’s dangerous!!”

Due to the excessive use of poison fog, its body expanded like a balloon.

The remaining gas in the body rose to the point where it exploded.

‘Corpse explosion.’

This is a phenomenon I often see while subduing these guys in the north.

And if it’s inflated to that extent… .

‘What’s going to explode is right now!’

I ran towards Leah as hard as I could.

At that moment, a purple radiance began to flash behind me.

Frauds of fraud followed me in an instant.

I quickly wrapped my arms around Leah and we fell to the floor together.

Kwaaang ̄ ̄ ̄!!

“Ugh… .”

Leah groaned and closed her eyes tightly.

I protected her head with my arms and concentrated mana on my entire body.

I felt a tingling pain in my back, but it didn’t matter.

If the princess gets hurt here… .

Because I will be responsible for planning the operation!

Patter… .

As the explosion died down, the outer wall soon became quiet.

Only then did I take a deep breath and look down at Leah.

“Are you okay?”

“… .”

Leah, who was lying on the floor, looked up at me with both hands on the floor.

Is it because it’s late at night?

Her blue eyes twinkled even more like stars today.

“uh… are you okay.”

Leah answered unconsciously.

And he looked blankly at me riding on top of him.

“Her Highness the Princess! Lord Veil! Are you okay?”

Damian’s voice is heard from afar.

Even the sound of countless military boots following his voice.

Only then was I able to look away from Leah and shout.

“Yes, the princess and I are fine! but… .”

I sighed deeply.

In the end, we failed to capture the cult leader alive.

“We were unable to capture the cult leader alive.”

The opportunity to find out who was behind it was missed.

“It’s okay, we captured the elder alive!”

Fortunately, the elder was alive.

That’s a good thing.

He’s also a high-ranking official in the church, so he probably knows enough about what’s going on behind the scenes.

Rather, it would be easier to persuade the elder who was betrayed by the religious leader.

“ha… .”

I sighed in relief and looked down at Leah again.

And he said it with a shy smile.

“It’s a shame. “It would have been a great contribution if I had captured him alive myself.”

The greater the merit, the more advantageous it would have been when questioning the arsonist… .

It would be difficult to satisfy her at this level.

“… .”

I slowly got up from Leah.

Then the princess also lightly shook off her clothes and calmed her voice.

‘Are you calm even after seeing the explosion of corpses?’

I was secretly impressed by her calm appearance.

It must have been a somewhat shocking technique for a princess who lived only within the walls of the empire.

She is dressed in a tight-fitting white uniform for battle.

Is it because my white stockings were torn when I fell earlier?

Fortunately, there didn’t seem to be any injuries, except that there was a little bit of dirt on it.

Only then did I feel safe and prepare to leave.

“Then I’ll just head back.”

Leah stared at my back.

Then he soon opened his lips.

“wait for a sec… .”

“Is there anything else you want to say?”

“You seem to be injured, so get treatment and leave.”

“It’s okay, as you can see, it’s fine.”

There was no particular pain.

When the cult leader exploded, the porridge that touched my back only felt a little tingling.

“Looking at your back now, it doesn’t seem that way, does it?”

I stuttered at her words.

Then, suddenly, I furrowed my eyebrows at the feeling of bare skin being touched.

‘I didn’t know about it because I was buying it. Could it be that the clothes on my back were torn?’

Seeing my embarrassed appearance, Leah covered her lips with the back of her hand.

And then he smiled gracefully.

“A guy who was calm in the face of an explosion is embarrassed by torn clothes?”

The princess in a snow-white uniform said.

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After that, she slowly approached me.

“Come to my bedroom for a moment, and I will heal your wounds.”

And he lightly rubbed my back with his fingers.

I was startled by the touch and shook my head.

“You don’t have to do that. “I will do my duty, so please do not worry.”

When I refused, Leah pressed my back.

Then I frowned at the pain that felt like being stabbed by a needle.

“If you go to your duty with a lot of morale on your back, aren’t you going to find out what happened today?”

Leah spoke with a calm expression and a firm tone.

“Don’t worry, there won’t be any hypnotic magic like back then.”

Leah, the daughter of his first wife, who was originally called a witch.

He promised that he would only use herbs for me this time.

On our way back together.

She didn’t even glance in my direction the entire time she was walking.

‘It’s definitely strict on merits and demerits.’

However, is it because she is also a wizard?

Her subtle mana waves, which felt small, kept attracting my attention.

“Come quickly.”

Obviously, it seemed like nothing was wrong when the cult leader died.

The shock may have come a little late, but the mana fluctuated subtly.

“It’s dangerous if you leave the wound for too long….”

The princess led the way in her uniform with her back to her.

She fiddled with her short skirt, feeling awkward in that outfit.

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