Became the Escort Knight That the Princesses Were Obsessed With chapter 50

50 - 50. Knights of Light (4)

50 – 50. Knights of Light (4)

Arrived in front of the princess’s mansion.

I felt it before, but the mansion is quite small compared to the office or the Knights of Light.

“The elder will be able to interrogate you tomorrow.”

Leah, wearing a white uniform, glanced at me.

Is it because there is no one nearby?

She spoke in a friendly tone, just like she did in the past when she was hypnotized.

“Because the injury was so severe that Damien took him to the Knights.”

“As per my duty as a knight?”

Leah shook her head at my question.

“No, I will call private healers and treat you privately.”

“okay… .”

I agreed as I watched Leah open the door.

Then he furrowed his eyebrows for a moment.

‘Then shouldn’t I just follow them and get treatment from them…? ?’

With a puzzled expression, I followed the 1st princess down the dark hallway.

Perhaps because it was early morning, the hallway was very dark.

Moreover, even though it was the princess’s residence, there was not a single attendant to help her.

It was like the secret resting place of a goddess from mythology.

“It’s quiet… .”

“Yes, I’m sensitive when I sleep, so I always stay alone.”

Leah turned the bedroom doorknob.

When the luxurious wooden door opened, a very spacious room, despite its small appearance, was revealed.

A queen-sized white and fluffy bed.

Moonlight poured over the bed and made it sparkle.

However, what caught my eye even more was not the bed.

A huge number of bookshelves filled one wall.

And even the old books piled up on the floor.

I think this is exactly what it would feel like if you combined the library and bedroom.

“Sit down on the chair and wait, I’ll bring the herbs.”

Leah, dressed in a white uniform, calmly headed to the small room next to the bedroom.

I slowly sat down on the leather chair near the bookshelf.

And then I looked down at the books on the table.

“Monarch theory… , Balderian’s 50 Schemes… .”

Virtues to keep as a monarch, tactics of familiar masters, etc.

As she was a great strategist in her past life, the books she reads are also complex.

While waiting for the princess, I was looking through books.

One book in particular with a gorgeous cover caught my eye.

‘What book is this?’

No matter how you look at it, it doesn’t look like a strategy book.

I looked at the book cover carefully and read the title.

“The Grand Duchess of the North’s slave knight… ?”

The title is a bit unusual compared to the tactical books I have seen so far.

‘It’s definitely a job where knights work hard like slaves.’

I didn’t think it was a big deal and passed the cover.

However, the more I read, the more the expressionless under my eyes began to flutter.

Because I realized that this book is not just a novel or a strategy book.

“Did you have a good look around the room?”

“yes… . “There were a lot of books, so I was looking at them and waiting.”

Leah has already taken off her uniform jacket.

He came back wearing a dress shirt that fit his body perfectly.

In her hands was a basket filled with herbs and medicine.

However, the princess almost lost the basket.

“Hmm – these must be difficult books for you who have only wielded a sword all your life… wait for a sec.”

The moment I noticed the book I was looking at.

Because my whole body stopped, as if paralyzed.

“Huh, stop, Veil! “Stop reading!”

Leah hurriedly ran to me.

Then, breathing heavily, he tried to snatch the book away.

“yes… ? Well, I understand.”

I calmly returned the book to her.

Then she looked around at the page I was reading with wide eyes.

Eventually, he glanced at me with his blue eyes and asked.

“Uh, how far have you seen… ?”

“As for the content, I only read the first one or two pages.”

Leah swallowed deeply and looked at the introduction.

Then I realized that there wasn’t much to it, and I sighed.

“ha… .”

Leah finally calmed down.

Only then did the princess begin to explain the situation to me.

“This is… “It’s an etiquette textbook that teaches a knight how to entertain a grand duchess when he or she meets him.”

Her face turned red, as if she was embarrassed by suddenly losing her dignity in front of me.

So I decided to calm her down with a friendly smile.

“Ah, then I guess I’ll have to read it too. “I come from a commoner background, so I’m still not good at court etiquette.”

I said I would read it.

Leah actually shook her head, more excited than before.

“Okay, that’s enough! “Because you have enough manners in place.”

I thought you hated me, but you were being polite.

That’s a good thing.

“Thank you for thinking so.”

If we do well, we may be able to easily get clues about the arsonist.

“Now let’s stop talking about books and start with treatment. got it?”

The princess secretly hid the book in her bed.

And then he calmly approached me while holding a basket.

“Would you mind showing me your back?”

Perhaps because of the book, her cold face seemed to become more emotional.

I realized that she also had a human side, and a smile appeared on my face.

Then, I leisurely handed over my back.

The water in the small bowl is overflowing.

The princess soaked the towel in the water and slowly placed the towel on my back.

Then he wiped away the small blood stains and dirt.

“Isn’t it cold?”

“it’s okay.”

Leah wringed out a towel stained with red blood.

And then he patted my back again with a new towel.

Awkward atmosphere.

There was only the sound of water drops falling.

To break this crazy silence, I quietly opened my mouth.

“This is my first time having someone wipe my back.”

“… .”

Leah just wiped her back silently despite the harsh words she threw at him.

She immediately asked back in a calm woman’s voice.

“Did your parents never clean your clothes when you were a child?”

“They both passed away a long time ago. “It was a rebel attack.”

The towel that was touching my back suddenly stopped.

“I’m sorry.”

“What does the princess have to be sorry for?”

I smiled and slowly shook my head.

I regretted reflexively answering the royal family’s question.

“Even if it happened due to my father’s karma, I am also his daughter. “I think it’s right to apologize instead.”

I glanced back at Leah, who was blaming herself.

And he said with a grin.

“It’s okay, Your Majesty. How easy would it be for you to lead this vast empire by yourself?”

I turned my head again.

And he implicitly expressed his gratitude to the princess.

“I am rather grateful to Her Highness the Princess.”

The princess put down the towel.

And asked in a curious voice.

“To me… ?”

I quietly closed my eyes.

“Yes, I can see it. “After Princess Leia joined the government, this country is becoming more and more livable.”

He then spoke, recalling the sight of the wealthy empire he saw while patrolling Northon.

“Children in the market have regained their smiles, and welfare facilities such as hospitals and orphanages have increased significantly.”

“Hmm… How do you know what I did… .”

“There were many kids who had admired Princess Leia since they were cadets. “I heard so much about those guys.”

In fact, I knew this because of my memories from my past life, but I just smiled and played around to make her feel better.

“Yeonmora- It’s the best time.”

Leah chuckled and wrung out the towel.

He then took out the ointment and smiled maturely.

‘At most, they are two years apart… .’

Leah always had a tendency to maintain an adult appearance.

Of course, it was natural for her to be the eldest daughter of an empire, but when you see her speaking informally like this sometimes in private, she was a fresh-faced princess like her peers.

“Anyway, this is my first time having someone clean my body.”

I laughed excitedly.

Then Leah pursed her lips for a moment and spoke while trying to maintain a blank expression.

“Ji, it’s going to hurt a little from now on, so relax…” .”

The princess swallowed deeply.

And then he gently placed his palm on my back.

As soon as their skin touched, the mana of the two people began to exchange, as if resonating.

Thanks to this, I could clearly feel her nervousness.

Her pure mana seeps into my back.

Eventually, she imbued that mana with healing magic.

A warm, itchy sensation enveloped the wound where the fraud had been embedded.

Stinging pain.

At the end of that pain, the light green healing magic completely eliminated morale.

“ha… .”

She breathes a sigh of relief when the magic succeeds.

I must have been so relaxed that I fell down on the bed.

“how is it? “It doesn’t hurt anymore, does it?”

I’m not particularly insensitive to pain, so it didn’t hurt that much even before treatment.

Still, it was a good thing because it saved me the trouble of having to do my duty.

“Yes, thanks to you, I feel better as if I’ve been washed. thank you so much.”

Leah quietly closed her eyes with a satisfied expression.

Then, I tilted my head back and released the tension that had built up.

“Thank you, but the thanks should be mine.”

Leah raised her head with a brighter expression.

“Thanks to you, I got rid of the evil spell, and my condition feels better.”

She has a halo due to the moonlight.

He spoke softly to me with his sparkling blue eyes.

“Thank you, Lord Veil.”

At this time, she answers as a noble princess.

I put my fist on my chest accordingly.

And like a knight, he bowed his head in greeting.

“I just did what I had to do.”

I received a thank you from the first princess of the empire.

Satisfied with this, I decided to leave since it was late at night.

If we can get this much attention, we will be able to ask for clues about the arsonist when we meet tomorrow.

but… .

The princess must have sensed what I was feeling and spoke with a smile on her face.

“I definitely feel at ease knowing that someone is by my side watching over me.”

Leah seemed a little uncomfortable with the dress shirt she hadn’t worn in a long time, so she unbuttoned one or two buttons.

Then he said, gently covering his thighs with a blanket.

“Why are you uncomfortable being here?”

She looked at me as I sat awkwardly on the chair.

The thin blue eyes seemed to be looking into my heart.

“Yes, I don’t know if I can enjoy the privilege of being in the princess’s bedroom.”

However, I wasn’t fooled by her puns trying to take the lead.

I answered honestly accordingly.

“Perhaps Lord Damian will try to kill me if he finds out?”

I shrugged my shoulders.

Then, the 1st princess tilted her head and spoke slyly.

“It’s okay, it’s perfectly reasonable for you to stay here.”


When I asked, the princess crossed her thighs.

Then he placed his hand on it, rested his chin, and said.

“So, aren’t you uncomfortable with the fact that you are the first man to come into my bedroom?”

“Yes, but… .”

“But I was the one who cleaned your body for the first time, so we got a fair deal.”

The logic of miracles.

It seems plausible, but this is also a play on words.

However, she doesn’t seem to have any intention of letting me go easily tonight.

He spoke to me carelessly as he picked up the tactical book on the bedside table.

“Anyway, I need to rest for another two hours for the wound to completely heal. So, take your time and leave.”

“All right… .”

I couldn’t help but nod.

I have to spend the next two hours awkwardly here with Leah… .

And that too in a space filled with these boring books.

I glanced at Leah, who found a monocle and put it on.

She looks more serious than anyone else while reading print.

Seeing her like that made me wonder if I should read a book too.

“Hey, Her Royal Highness… .”

“Uh, tell me.”

Is it because I read the book?

She became cold and serious again.

I looked at the princess like that and asked brightly.

“Can I reread ‘The Grand Duchess of the North and the Slave Article’ that I read earlier?”

The first princess of the empire who thought she had taken control by completely locking me up in bed.

Rich emotions began to bloom again on her expression.

“That’s not allowed!!”

I laughed heartily when I saw that.

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