Became the Head of the Magic Tower of Another World chapter 49

Became the Head of the Magic Tower of Another World 49

49 – When you press this button (5)

However, thanks to the effect of the robe that the owl had wrapped around him, the appearance of the guys was clearly visible.

“The queen has captured an intruder in the hallway!”

“But isn’t it more like detainment?”

“No! The chain around the neck is evidence!”

“Is that so? Then… kneel!”

“You wretch! Bow your head!”

“Bow your head! Bow your head!”

I’ve never heard the words of the spirits before, but their existence itself has been familiar since my adventurer days.

I’ve encountered them occasionally in abandoned dungeons or deep forests.

Spirits that haven’t made a contract through the spirit gate are usually uncontrollable.

They often ended up being more of a hindrance than a help, so I would chase them away by scattering salt as a precaution.

“I, I want to run away.”


“There’s too much blood, so much blood…!”

“You fool! Then the queen will be angry with us!”

“That’s right! Besides, she said she would listen to our words without question! She even said we’re practically slaves!”

Most of the lesser spirits are smaller than an arm’s length.

Well, there wouldn’t be much reason to allocate more resources than that in a place where only 2-3rd rank mages come.

As the spirits surrounded me and chattered noisily, the sharp boots of the owl hit the floor of the hallway.

A light shockwave spread, but it didn’t feel particularly dignified.

“Everyone, quiet!”

“The queen is angry!”

“How dare you leave your posts without permission? We were all summoned because of you!”

“The queen’s slaves were terrifying!”

“That one is strange! It’s too alien to possess the magic that humans in this world can have!”

“Enough with the excuses, go back to your assigned positions! Tsk, why did you let the management become a mess while I was gone.”

If you really think about it, isn’t this just a game where they gather lower spirits and make themselves queen?

As expected of a wicked concept enthusiast who would go so far as to forcefully conscript them.

Knowing that disrespecting the spirits would lead to disaster, I glanced at the owl with a desire for it to adjust to its strengths and weaknesses.

A gesture to lower its head.

I also obediently bowed my head, as it was important to ease the spirits’ guard immediately.

“Well, as expected. Impressive. Your Majesty.”

“See, I told you there were no problems in the courtyard.”

“Wow! The janitor lowered their head!”

“Now they are a subordinate! The queen’s vanguard!”

“Just wait here for a moment. I’ll be back soon.”

The cheers of the spirits grew louder, and sparks resembling fireworks burst in the air.

The owl seemed satisfied and ordered them to go back into the painting with a raised beak.

While she briefly returned to the place she had passed with the spirits, I continued to move forward.

The current 7th head of the Mayer family, who leads the spirits and is a practitioner of spirit arts.

While admiring the portrait of Lynge Stribling, someone tugged at my collar.

“Hey, over here.”


“Is this magic?”

Curious spirits gathered around me.

These beings, resembling creatures of light, showed interest in the notebook I possessed.

They were pure, warm, and gentle spirits who did not harm newcomers and chattered among themselves.

It was clear that these beings, who showed interest in my magic in a corridor where countless spirits roamed, were truly talented despite the world’s misguided evaluations.

“Oh, yes! It’s a marvelous and beautiful magic that I created.”

“What is it?”

“It’s a dream-like button that fulfills all desires and grudges in the world.”

“Desires? Grudges? I don’t understand.”

“They are all the good things necessary for living. Here, take a look.”

With a warm smile, I opened the administrator page of the notebook.

And I showed them the magic of “that button,” which I created with the coding slave.

As a master of extreme magic, there were detailed explanations of the formula and operating principles that I could understand to some extent.

Although access to the trials’ internal gallery was not possible, I also attached the reactions of users archived from it.

As the all-powerful and unrivaled magician who had turned the Mahtop upside down, this would undoubtedly meet the spirits’ strict standards.

As expected, the spirits who encountered the magic immediately showed a dramatic reaction.

“Kyahuk! Cough, cough!”

“Why, why like this?”

“It’s dark, it’s eerie…”

“It’s like a disaster, no, the end…!”

“Kkehahahaha! To think such magic exists! It’s perfect for burning this rotten world to ashes!”

“Kyak! F-friends have become strange! Queen! Yeo-waang!!”

With painful screams, sparkling dust was expelled from their mouths several times, and the crowd of light spirits instantly became engulfed in darkness.

Warmth and mischievous smiles were nowhere to be found.

Those who had gotten too close to the abyss began smashing the pottery and crafts around them, engulfed in black flames.

When I took out another location note from my pocket and handed it over, they disappeared in an instant, leaving the 20th floor to catch the signal.

Is it ultimately a good thing that the gallery users have increased?

Although they changed into different forms in the middle, they were still spirits who lived in the illusion, so they should be able to overcome the trial, right?

While lost in thought, an owl approached.

Seeing the carpet, which was fine just a moment ago, on fire, it was startled and attempted to evolve.

“What is this? It turned into a complete mess in just a moment!”

“It suddenly became like this. It seems to be the spirits’ prank.”

“Shh! There are many watchful eyes here! Use polite speech until we leave. Is there any more area to confirm?”


There isn’t really.

If I were a spirit user, I might have tried to make at least one contract in this place overflowing with spirits at my feet, but that wasn’t the case.

“There are no more matters to attend to.”

“So, will the 20th floor continue to serve as a resting place for our spirits, just like before? I didn’t expect this! I have recorded everything here!”

As I nodded, the owl turned serious and guided me towards the exit.

The robe that was wrapped around my neck was retrieved.

As we approached the exit, the location note gradually became active, and signals began to be picked up.

I couldn’t help but marvel at the numerous buttons that had invaded the gallery.


[Aren’t you tired of pressing buttons and losing your mind?]

No, I’m not. It’s interesting every moment.

Each press gives me a new feeling

(Button) – 790P

— Yeah, I expected that~

— Here we go again, losing our minds

— But what button is this time?

ㄴ Let’s press it first

ㄴ Oh, f*ck! It’s that female climax button from earlier!!

ㄴ hahahahaha


From Noble mtl dot com


A Bee Lover

[When you press this button, 100 innocent bee squads will no longer be able to fly]

But you will be able to exterminate one wicked wasp squad

(Button) – 5,000P

Bee squads, assemble!!

— Buaaang!! We declare war!!!

— Juwaaang!! We won’t be oppressed anymore!!!

— This is a total mess lololol

— So the leader of the wasp squad, Badak, got his head smashed and now the war begins, huh



Astronomical Cemetery Keeper

[When you press this button, you can find out who Jooddak is]

You can also use it as a one-day date ticket

(Button) – 4,243,626,132P

(Button) – 51,526,877P

I used up all my points and magic making that thing, so I couldn’t press it in the end

By the way, I tried pressing the one below by squeezing out my remaining points, but nothing happened

Maybe it’s because it doesn’t specify the time, place, or date, but I couldn’t help it since I didn’t have any more points

But someday, I’ll be able to do it. I have hope. Someone else can press the one above and die for me

— hahahahaha 42 billion hahahahaha

– How serious are you about this, Jooddak?

– What does it mean to press and die?

ㄴ Astronomical Cemetery Keeper: Even if you die, tell me.

ㄴ Are you a Black Wizard? Wow.

– If there’s a bastard with that many points, come out and show yourself hahahaha.

– What if we bet our lives on it?

ㄴ Last time, the prediction on the points store was 100 million, but it’s only half now.

ㄴ Is that all?

ㄴ If I were Jooddak, I wouldn’t even consider dating the bastard who saved up 50 million points and asked for a date.

– It’s a bluff, pressing that would probably blow up the entire Matap.

ㄴ There have been many cases where the person lied, so we don’t know what will happen until it’s pressed.


Fishing posts, bullying, a war between forum users, and even posts that seem to target me.

The situation in the gallery, with all kinds of buttons running rampant, was absolute chaos.

The timid figure at my waist started swinging his sword with all his might, but even with the combined forces of the Parthaks being restrained by various buttons, it was not enough to overcome this situation.

Just like me, the Jooddak of the gallery, being restrained, an ominous aura was already swirling in front of the exit.

Until now, it had been safe within the realm of the spirits, but it was clear that as soon as we stepped outside of that boundary, a fierce misfortune would come crashing down.

“I can’t do this anymore. How many points do we have left?”

“Me, me?”

“I’m going to create a button, and I think it would be better if you do it.”

“Oh, um….”

I couldn’t make out her words clearly, so I checked her account.

Surprisingly, the only thing missing was her agreement to the terms and conditions.

“I told you! The hierarchy is important to the Spirit Master! Huh, in case there’s some strange clause about me becoming a slave or something, I had to double-check….”

“Boo, I’m disappointed. How could you suspect me?”

And yet, you are a slave.

When I reached out my hand towards her head, she flinched and shook her head from side to side.

Her uneasy gaze, looking behind her, indicated that the spirits were still nearby.

“It’s not that I didn’t want to do it, it was an error! Yeah, an error happened….”

“Are you saying that the system I created was so shoddy? Come closer.”

“No! F-f*ck….! Ah, I can’t! If you touch me again, I’ll really….!”


The moment my hand touched her head, Owl’s spirit gate emitted a bright light and a small storm swept through.

For a brief moment, as the hem of her robe brushed against my hand, I heard the voices of the spirits.

“The queen has surrendered!”

“She deceived us?”

“The queen lied! She kneeled before the slave!”

“The spirits are escaping! Just like us!”

“No, this can’t be….”

With her face flushed red, she collapsed to the ground.

There was an expression of tremendous shock.

But, as if saying it again, there is weight even in the mask, just like the crown.



[Everyone, stop.]

I came here to end this war.


I put aside the distressed owl and first wrote a post in the gallery.

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