Became the Head of the Magic Tower of Another World chapter 50

Became the Head of the Magic Tower of Another World 50

50 – When You Press This Button (6)

“The queen is an owl?”

“What’s an owl?”

“You fool! It’s talking about the bird that cries stupidly every night!”

“The queen is stupid?”

“Actually, isn’t she stupid? My friend who went outside the palace earlier said that the spirit masters have no backbone or skill!”

“Is that friend… originally a light spirit?”

Watching her reputation being diminished in real time, Linji sobbed.

Among the spirit masters, she was a tyrant who held the pinnacle that only a very few could reach, and she received the favor of the six great dukes.

But now, she had fallen to become a subject of gossip for the lower spirits, the ones who couldn’t even reach her level.

Her skills were not lacking, but if such rumors spread, there was a possibility of complications in future contracts.

However, with a large hand pressing firmly on her forehead, she couldn’t summon even a drop of magic power.

All the spirits contracted with Linge were lying flat on the ground, overwhelmed by the scent of the being killed by Judak.

Meanwhile, he was completely oblivious to the fact that she was trembling beside him, engrossed in looking at her position notes.

“Don’t do that next time. Got it?”


“Bu-owl, answer me.”

She couldn’t help but answer.

The spirits watched with mixed feelings.

If she were to open her mouth, she would become the laughingstock of the spirit world.

However, Judak, or rather, Topju, knew that something even more dreadful awaited him if he resisted her words.

“Bu- Bu-owl…!”

“It’s an owl! It’s an owl!”

“It seems like an owl!”

“Let’s spread the rumor!”

It was over, with just a single word.

All the images they had built up while staying in the spirit world were completely shattered.

Linge, who had already collapsed to the ground, took out her notes quietly.

She couldn’t help but hope that Judak’s life would be ruined along with this situation.

Since the announcement was made, the situation in the gallery had turned into chaos.

No matter how capable Judak was, it seemed difficult for him to resolve this situation.

[You were the one who started it!!]

You’re the one who spammed the nuclear launch button in the gallery!!

Why are you suddenly creating bad guys only for us!!

— Seriously, who threatened us with knives to make the button? LOL

— It’s too late to beg now~ The gallery is already a mess~

— I can never give up, I love the button that turns me into a female

ㄴ Instead, it seems like they gave up on something else

ㄴ The dignity of being human LOL



[Yeah, even if you try to fix it now, it’s useless. We’ll press them all before getting rid of the button~]

I saved up points just for this day

Point shop? Bulletin board? None of it is necessary LOL

Press all the buttons in the comments that come up here, right on target

— Even if your head explodes: Wait for it

— Puppy lover: Wait for it

— Honeybee enthusiast: Booahh!! Sending one more guy!

— Spam ON

— Look at the bad guys all rushing in LOL

— It seems like it’s almost the end, so they’re making a last spurt LOL


“No! I haven’t pressed the s*x button yet!”

(Button) – 3,300,000P

Please don’t delete the button, I just need a thousand points more!

I’m begging you like this!!!

— s*x = 3.3 million ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

— Did nobody make it, so you made it yourself? ㅋㅋㅋ

— Freinana……

From Noble mtl dot com

— 2200 meteor showers falling above your head = 1 s*x

ㄴ A miracle-like exchange ㅋㅋㅋ This is almost alchemy

— It might be a given for some, but for others……

ㄴ Ah ㅋㅋㅋ

ㄴ Don’t say more than that! People die!!

— Well, looking at how abnormally high it is, I suspect they didn’t specify the target when making the button

ㄴ Yeah, with around 50,000 points, s*x itself is possible, the species and age range are random

ㄴ Age range? Ugh, gross……

— I gave it a thumbs up because I liked it

ㄴ I’m giving it a thumbs down after seeing this

I want to go with 3,000 location notes too.



[But seriously, how do we fix this?]

I’ve already pressed the buttons like crazy, especially the lower floor has become a playground for mischievous ones.

Even if you press it, the effect doesn’t appear right away. Can you handle it by yourself?

I really don’t know.

— Anyway, the cafeteria menu will be all braised black cod until next month lol

ㄴ They also added stir-fried eggplant and chilled cucumber soup lol

ㄴ Oh nooo!

— There are still a lot of tactical nukes that the button pushers couldn’t erase. What should we do?

— I converted the points to cash ahead of time, knowing this would happen lol

ㄴ I don’t care if I erase the button too~

— Yeah, you’re the one who can do that, Jooddak~

ㄴ Even if Jooddak is so amazing, all they can do is block and delete comments, right?

ㄴ Seriously, I already pressed it. What will be the aftermath lol


“Oh, oh hahahaha! Big trouble, huh? What should we do~ The remaining button pushers won’t be of any help, and those with potential… well, their glory is long gone.”

“You seem strangely happy?”

“What are you talking about? I’m an owl, I can’t help at all! Hoo hoo~!”

Lynge chuckled as she closed her notebook, as if she found it amusing.

Although she covered her mouth with her sleeve, her twisted smile was still visible through her translucent robe.

True to her title as a tyrant spirit, she was naturally cynical and harsh in her speech.

With her already ruined reputation, she stood up, making the owl-like cry she had long desired.

As the spirits trapped in the spirit gate screamed, a chill ran down her spine from head to toe.

Nevertheless, with a desire to observe Ju-ddak’s despair up close, she leaned in close to him.

“Why not give it a try? If you appeal to them, those guys might show some restraint.”

“What nonsense, Owl. I don’t believe in pity.”

“Then what do you believe in?”


Ju-ddak still wore a mask hidden by the mist of the labyrinth, unlike any other magic known to Lynge.

The mask was so mysterious that its true identity could not be discerned.

The black and shimmering scales reflected light.

The bright yellow pupils and the long, torn snout were enough to send shivers down anyone’s spine just by looking at them.

Lynge felt like she knew why the spirits were trembling.

“The evil of humans?”


When she came to her senses, Ju-ddak had already posted a button on the notice after creating it.

Lynge was astonished as she raised her magpie-like foot to read the contents.

It was the only solution to end the war she had caused.


[Pressing this button will randomly remove the effects of a button created by someone else]

(Button) – 758P

Choice is yours


It was a button that any gallery user couldn’t help but press, literally.


It is human nature to do more of what you’re told not to do.

So, appealing in a normal way will only have the opposite effect.

My theory that “there is latent mischief in every user” was proven to be accurate.

At first, there were only comments like “Wow, trash” in the notice, but gradually, reactions started to appear.


Marine4444 (11,429P)

[Who the hell pressed the button made by Judaki?]

All the empty notes I made with the “location note copy button” disappeared

And you guys still call yourselves human?

— I’ll press it.

— Yeah, if you dare, you press it too~

— I was using it well, but now it’s all gone, damn it.

– This is a good villain.

– A high-quality cut pretending to be flexible!

– Marine4444호 <- It was 12,187 earlier, but it decreased by exactly 758, so you pressed it too, right?

ㄴ Gives me goosebumps ㅋㅋㅋㅋ



[You son of a b*tch!]

Don’t divide us!!

Delete that devilish button right now!!!

– From now on, let’s kill each other.

– The very idea is devilish…

– Once you experience it yourself, you end up pressing it at least once, ㅋㅋㅋ

ㄴ Even if it’s only 700 points, there’s no hope ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ



[Everyone, did you all enjoy yourselves?]

It was Juttak’s trick show until now!

– I’m going crazy, seriously ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

– The cafeteria menu is returning to normal.

– Juttak had a plan all along.

– Ah, it was a blissful dream.

Looking at the melted points, it seemed like reality.


The act of trampling on someone’s dream and hope.

If you’re a gallery user, you would definitely want to press it.

By the way, it didn’t matter if no one pressed it.

I was already tapping it with my finger.


[System: 758 points have been deducted.]

[System: 758 points have been deducted.]

[System: 758 points have been deducted.]

[System: 758 points have been deducted.]





The number 758 is the average value of the buttons pressed by users so far.

Except for the extraordinary buttons, most wishes only cost a few tens to a few hundreds of points.

Under the mutual surveillance and restraint, the button bait quickly lost its appeal.

Taking advantage of the silence, the system deactivated the function, and everything came to an end.

“Be careful, the record of the strange button makers is still there, right? Check and stop it.”

— What?

“You just need to activate it for a moment when you’ve collected enough points.”

— Okay.

This kid’s words are getting shorter and shorter.

I stepped out of the barrier and took in the clean air of the 21st floor with my whole body.

As expected, I passed the trial.

It seems the owl has decided to stay in the corridor and not follow me.

While waiting in front of the exit, I checked the points that had been changed for this event and calculated them.

Just in case, it would be troublesome if my ‘cancel button’ didn’t work properly.

Events that have already ended, like the dried cuttlefish stew that Marie has chewed and swallowed, cannot be undone.

That’s why there was inevitably an error between the points spent by users pressing the button and the points spent to cancel it.

Seeing the gallery quiet, most of them seemed to be gone, but as I finished calculating, I couldn’t help but shake my head.

“50 million points gone…?”

— What?

“Be careful, did you mess up in the middle?”

— No, I didn’t!!

Someone used up 50 million points.

Well, maybe it’s possible since it was late for them to pass the trial than I thought.

I closed my notebook, only harboring doubts.

Sal Sal-yi gently insisted on his innocence until the end.

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