Defense 999,999,999 Corps Commander chapter 11

11 - First Encounter of Terror (2)

11 – First Encounter of Terror (2)

“… A trap?”

Seina tilted her head.

I spoke cautiously, not even looking at the carriage.

“Listen up Seina. Just look ahead and run. Don’t even look over there.”

“Oh, okay.”

We pulled the reins.

The horse gallops forward.

‘… Even those in armor aren’t normal.’

There was something awkward about their movements.

It’s like a poorly programmed character.

Moreover, the face reminiscent of an unpleasant bone is itself bizarre.

‘She’s the only one who would do something like this.’

Bloodlord Rosaria.

She was a formidable true ancestor vampire and synonymous with cruelty without blood or tears.

Jinjo did not become a vampire by being sucked in blood, but a being who was born as a vampire.

In other words, it is fundamentally different from ordinary vampires and is thousands of times stronger.


Another thin scream came from behind.

As if he was asking why he wasn’t helping.

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It feels like they are telling me to come back quickly.

‘Do you think you will be deceived?’

It was really fortunate to see the level.

I would have gladly helped her if I hadn’t seen her.

Then you must be curious about this.

Why is she doing this?

The reason was simple.

I want to kill people, but it’s no fun if I just kill them, so I enjoy that type of play.

In a word, he is a dog psycho.

When I glanced back, I couldn’t see the carriage before I knew it.

[Survived the first encounter with the corps commander.]

[Characteristic Spirit is unlocked.]

I let out a sigh of relief.

‘Damn it, why the hell is that woman here?’

Suddenly, an idea popped into my head.

Meeting of monarchs.

It seemed that Rosalia was also heading to her meeting place.

That meant that if she was unlucky, she might run into her again.

‘… That’s not allowed. I need to go as soon as possible.’

It was good for her personality to not get involved with Rosaria as much as possible.

She is the blood lord who brings misfortune.

“Whoa. Can I speak now?”

Seina exhaled from the side.

Even so, she didn’t have to hold her breath.

“Speak comfortably without slowing down.”

“Okay, Gerard. What is it for?”

She looked at me with a face that said she had a lot to ask.

“I wanted to see if you were listening to me.”

“Then did you pass?”

‘Shouldn’t I usually say that I threw it away for that reason?’

Feeling bewildered, Seina looked up at me with her face as she wished for something.

‘Do you want an explanation?’

“That woman was hiding her power. She has no reason to help those who are able to get through on their own.”

“That was the reason.”

“Did you want to save it?”

“No, I won’t blink an eye just because a human woman dies. Rather, dying is my happiness?”

“… ….”

Seina’s words left her speechless.

She must have asked out of genuine curiosity.

“Oh, of course I want Gerard to live with me for a long, long time. You are my master.”

Thank you, but it took me a while to say that you are with me.

What, you mean to be together for the rest of your life?



A dark-haired, red-eyed woman stared out of the carriage with interest.

The figure of the man and the woman riding the horse is getting farther and farther away.

“Aren’t you helping me with this? As well as being able.”

She licked her lips with regret.

For ordinary people, most of them acted righteously.

By the way, it’s all about giving a glance.

This is really…

“Ha, that’s fresh….”

She smiled at that thought.

“That man, was he surprised to see me?”

Rosalia remembered what happened earlier.

The man was surprised to see himself.

As if he knew his true identity.

Then he left in a hurry.

“No way! Did you even notice?”

She laughed hahahahaha and shook her head.

That was nonsense.

There was no way for mere humans to see through.

“Suddenly, are you curious? What surprised you to see it? What will your expression look like when you face death?”

Excited just thinking about it, Rosalia sucked her finger once with an erotic expression on her face.

Then she turned to a cold face and opened her mouth.

“Follow that man.”

The eyes of the man who attacked the wagon sparkle at her horse.

Soon after, two men mounted on horses with bizarre movements.

Allen Lugard von Rael Asher Rosaria.

She was a predator who never let go of her prey once she caught it.

There won’t be anything to miss this time either.


‘Somehow I get chills.’

I shuddered.

It must have been too shocking to encounter Rosaria earlier.

“Gerard, you look hungry?”

“You must be hungry.”

“… Oh, no.”

Seina averted her gaze.

I smiled and opened my mouth.

“Hold on for a few hours.”

“No, I’m not hungry~?”


Just then, a faint scream was heard.

“Look over there, Gerard!”

A wagon was accidentally left on the crossroads.

A group of thieves were threatening the wagon.

‘… Isn’t it?’

Judging from the low level above her head, fortunately it wasn’t Rosaria.

She’s not like acting, she’s a real dangerous person.

She didn’t even think about it and stamped her feet vigorously.

– Hee hee!

The horse gallops at full speed.

“Seina, deal with the archers.”

I said to Seina, who was right next to me.

“Can I kill you?”


Seina got ahead of me.

Then, it jumps on top of the horse in an instant, lands in front of them, and charges at the crossbowman.

It felt like watching pseudo-acrobatics.




A brutal scene unfolding at the same time.

Seina’s body moved rapidly, and the crossbowman’s skin was ripped away like paper.

“Sir, f*ck! What is it all of a sudden?!”

“Gee, is it a beast?”

“Everybody! Catch that b*tch—!”

Due to one Seina, the war situation turned into a mess in an instant.

The thieves give up the wagon and run at Seina.

“To have multiple people attacking one person is really ugly.”

– Hee-hee!

I stopped talking and blocked their way.

“Damn, what are you?!”

“If your life is precious, you better turn it off right away!”

I got off my horse and landed on the floor.

“Okay, there’s no time, so go for it.”

“Kill that bastard too—!”

“A bastard—!”

Rumble they rush at me.

One of them aims for my throat and cuts his sword across.


As soon as it touched the body, the blade of the sword split in two.

“… ?!”

I approached him and hit him with a fist fight.

The body flies at high speed and gets stuck.

A mace flew from the right and hit me directly in the face.

Then, the mace collapsed like a deflated ball.

“What, what?”

“Am I looking at it wrong?”

They look at me with bewildered faces.

“What you guys saw is right.”

Using maximization, I rushed in front of them in an instant.

Then he let me taste the same course as the guy who flew earlier.

“What are these guys! aaah-!”

“Save me!”


When Seina and the escort knight joined in, the situation was resolved in an instant.

“It’s nothing.”

Seina said while wiping her hands.

“Da, are you all okay?!”

When everything was over, the woman in the carriage came out.

“We are fine, lady! Are you more hurt than that?”

“Yes, I was able to survive thanks to you….”

“Sorry. If only we had been stronger….”

“No. You two have already put in enough effort. Rather… “

The woman stared at me blankly.

“… I will formally greet you. My name is Maria Bridgelton. Thank you so much for saving us. If it wasn’t for the two of you, there would have been a really big accident. Are you not hurt?”

“We are fine.”

“I’m fine.”

The woman let out a sigh of relief and continued.

“I really want to repay the favor to the two of you, but I don’t know how to repay it… “

“Then buy me some rice… town!”

I blocked Seina’s mouth.

“Thank you for your words, but I did not ask for anything. We have to help each other and live.”

“You are even humble. Still, our family’s creed is to always repay kindness. I think it’s rude, but please make me repay the favor… !”

‘If you say it this far… ‘

“Okay. You offered me this far, but it’s not polite to refuse.”

Her expression brightened.


“Thank you for your consideration.”

Me and Seina were able to stay at a luxurious inn thanks to Maria.

This place was mainly used by nobles, and it was different from other inns.

“Really… Are you okay with this? You saved my life.”

“It’s okay. We just need a place to sleep.”

I said as I sliced the steak on the table.

Maybe it’s because it’s a high-class inn, but the food was amazing.

Seeing that Sei also eats food without a word, it seems to suit her taste.

“Excuse me.”

Just then, a woman jogged over to our table.

“I want to sit together for a while. Is that okay?”

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At that moment, it felt like my heart was sinking.

[LV. 999]

‘Again… A monarch?’

It felt like being hidden.

Is it possible to see two monarchs a day who are said to be difficult to meet in life?

‘No, not two.’

No matter how you think about it, that was impossible.

Other lords have no reason to be here.





Chicken fat started growing all over his body.

Again, there was only one correct answer.

‘Rozaria, Lord of Blood….’

She is her.

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