Defense 999,999,999 Corps Commander
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Defense 999,999,999 Corps Commander

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이거 버그 아니야? 버그 맞다.
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2023 Native Language: Korean Posted by: Noble nible Posted on: Updated on:
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Synopsis Defense 999,999,999 Corps Commander

isn’t this a bug? It is a bug.

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  1. Yoninj says:

    Update please

  2. Klien says:

    Update please

  3. Ucup Ucup Ucup Ucup says:

    already read until 52, its like a ripoff of “Fell Into Game With Instant Death”
    if you read that novel you will see many resemblance
    demi-human wolf aide, became the 7th lord under overlord that really strong af, etc.

    The cheat power is no damage cheat, many of his enemies injured/died because of the absolute defense cheat (like hitting a rock with an egg)

    the difference is the mc is tend to like demon faction more than the human faction
    the humor in this novel is in the misunderstanding of the people around mc towards mc

  4. Forgotten one says:

    No this is not a bug but a lizard….

  5. Jacg says:

    Not whoever has been on this page will know that it is a copy of “instant death” only that in the latter they did not put a harem and it worked wonderfully and the other is that mental ability always works

  6. Copyreight says:

    I’m alone to know this novel IS a copyright of “going into the game with an instant death skill” ?
    But just changes the instant skill death in defense

  7. Ninja says:

    Misunderstand? Trash!!

  8. Ain’t no way I’m letting humanity be ruled by dogs. The other races can suffer, but not humans. I agree with the protagonist, let the hate grow. Who cares that they could really care less about each other, my pride matters more than some useless lives!!!

  9. Suherman Joshua says:

    This novel is still readable. Basically, the novel tells about the OP character, who enters another world with cheating power and becomes one of the rulers there. In terms of originality, the story just tweaks a few plot points with the same cliché. The story is like a combination of “Overlord”, “Going Into the Game With an Instant Death Skill”, and “0.01 Second Sword Master”. I found some of the dialogue funny, though I know it’s the same as any other story. MC always pretends he is right and it is part of his plan.

    MC became monarch no. 7 after confessing to killing the previous monarch 7 and accidentally killing his successor. Monarchs are people recognized as strong, and they are given military and government power too. There are 7 monarchs and Overlod Arieal is the leader. The story is set in the fantasy world where demon come from another world and defeated human and other race. For thousands of years, demons ruled. The invasion was caused because the demon’s place of origin was a hostile environment. Not all demons hate humans and vice versa. Some want to form positive relations with each other and live in peace together.

    MC became a monarch because he wanted to weaken the demon’s position by losing the war. He also wanted some characters to hate demons, so they could help heroes. But each of his plans turned out the opposite. So yeah, the MC is an assh*le who only cares about himself. On a romantic level, all have female characters that are attracted to MC like his 2 subordinates, fiance, monarch 4, and overlord.

  10. Des says:

    Read up to ch52

    Adding just a few comments:

    Other powers seems : Spirit King (queen) Sylph, and a mf Nuclear Shotgun.

    Yes, there are Misunderstanding.

    Mc doesn’t seem to dislike the idea of harem though with the mental ability (like overlord) it refreshes the emotions so yeah… Idk seems sht.

    One thing I don’t like about these kind of stories when they have an OP power is that they don’t fkn experiment with them. Yes you could say he did 2/3 tests but ffs If I were him I would stay probably a week try to test all things with the Absolute Defense.

    Plots seems… Meh?
    Overall I’d say not really good. Enough if you’re bored

  11. Des says:

    Alright, read up to ch19

    I can confidently say that this work (at least until now) is almost the same as “Going into the Game with an Instant Death Skill” (also on the site) just without Instant Kill but with Absolute Defense.

    He takes the place of 7th Lord during the Overlords meeting… It’s almost the same lol. Not that it’s bad.

    Fyi until ch19 his powers are: absolute defence (999kk DEF stat), absolute mental strength(999kk too) and Maximize (strengthen something)

    I’ll keep reading if there’s something I’ll write about it.

  12. Shadow says:

    Hey, if you can’t learn to do it well, atleast learn to enjoy doing it badly.
    *Me choking on poison and being crushed by work

  13. Sephir says:

    China is killing me, i need mental support it’s 30 degrees or something idk why i’ve been on a cold for 2 weeks, i’m moving everywhere.
    I miss being a worm wriggling in my couch doing nothing but read.

  14. PerlicaLover1 says:

    The heroes of old, poison testers of the ancients. Now that time has passed, no respect are given to them when they wished nothing but a little goodluck in their back. Eras have changed where there is nothing but people screaming that it’s poison… Yet the masters themselves still do it nevertheless. Although I don’t appear quite frequently I wish you all poison testers to your never-ending journey of poison novels a goodluck.

  15. Kaniya says:

    @ insufferable

    Sexy woman comment and who will kill you…

    Maybe you already died !


    kiss a girl to be alive .

    ( I give the author a new skill damn it )

    Aaaaahhhhhh *Inner rage

  16. Owlish says:

    Insufferable how dare you!!?(angry feminist noises)

  17. Sephir says:

    Noble’s schedule is getting farther and farther away from what it was

  18. Rizqi says:

    Ceritanya mirip “I Fell into the Game with Instant Kill” cuman bedanya ini stat nya yang nge cheat

  19. Insufferable says:

    I noticed i was a little sexist there with the woman comment. Eh doesn’t matter.

    I’m sorry please don’t kill me

  20. Insufferable says:

    Good enough. But the mc has boldness attribute but he acts like a goddamn child, flustered by the most basic things like a woman. Dude if you as the author wants to make a badass invincible mc then at least commit to it. Im fine with frequently flustered mc’s and timid ones but if you promise a certain type of mc and I go in with expectations then the novel just gets ruined for me if it’s not met. What bs.

  21. Crosz says:

    Sigh what the fu*k is this?? Damn admin really likes to feed us regret + obsessive = poison novels this week huh.

  22. Kaniya says:

    Just another creepy MC and heroines with same damn plot…One novel has plot like 121
    another novel with same plot like 121 …Same desuwa!!!

    Not even a single novel I find that is interesting this week!

    I will pray for you ….

    Skill : Poison god (MAX)

    poison doesn’t work on you!

  23. Yuki says:

    Rough summary plot
    So MC cheat and change his defence stat to max. Because he was caught cheating, he punished to possessed the prisoner’s body in game. But his stat defence still max 🙄 Escape, he pretended to be a Nobel and bought a werewolf heroine slave to be used as a sword to defeat enemies (similar to shield heroes plot) because his attack stats are normal. But many characters think MC OP because no one can penetrate his defense. He has skill boldness that help him acting

  24. Insufferable says:

    If I want a hack with me if I transmigrate I’ll just go all out and choose whosyourdaddy.

  25. Jahe Manis says:

    Lol the MC like me, use cheat engine and put that number 99999999 to all stat character to win game

  26. M-Art EA M-Art EA says:

    So Mc got transported to another world with 999,999,999 defense because he used hack to clear the game. Wow such a good thing. It should have been me, not him, it’s not fair!! Fu*k, now i am going to use hack to clear only up game.

  27. Big Blackclock says:

    No matter how powerful your defense is, there’ll be always that one part that can be penetrated with a holy sword.

  28. HmmGuy says:


  29. M-Art EA M-Art EA says:

    Godly defense 💀

  30. Hhhh says:

    Has anyone read it?  The title of the story and the introduction are confusing?

  31. Maumj says:

    i will dive pray for me

  32. Sectne13 Sectne13 says:

    The problem of being faster than light is you can only live in darkness.

    Damn, I am so fast that the chapter is not even out yet

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