Defense 999,999,999 Corps Commander chapter 52

52 - Employment Preparation (5)

52 – Employment Preparation (5)


Akidna screams like a parent who lost their child right in front of their eyes.

According to the theme of the monster, maternal love seemed to exist.



“Sir, can’t you do something!”

The three people except me blocked the eardrums.

‘Then why did you break an intact egg?’

I wanted to say something, but now is not the time.

I summoned Blunderbuss and aimed at Akidna, who was hovering above the sky.

“Is it unfair? The world reaps what it sows. The people you killed were also someone’s precious children.”

I pulled the trigger.

With the sound of gunfire, the magic bullets spread out in a straight line.



As Akidna flaps her wings as if dusting them off, her bullets ricochet off her back.

Fortunately, there was no damage thanks to flying in our diagonal direction.


– aaa!

Unluckily, the diagonal is the space where her eggs are concentrated.

Akidna stares at us with red eyes radiating.

“Why are you looking at us! You did this!”

Seina raised her fist to the sky as if it was unfair and appealed, but she couldn’t understand.

Akidna spins her circle, and then she rushes towards us as if she is going to fall.

“Oh, coming deb show?”

“Everyone, don’t stick together, scatter!”


It was like a falling meteorite.

We quickly started to spread out in the shape of ‘╳’.

“I die-!”

“Run without looking back!”


Akidna fell to the place where we were in an illusion like the shaking of the earth’s axis.

A shockwave made of dirt pushes the surrounding area.

‘Such an ignorant….’

It was covered in dust all around, so I couldn’t see properly.

It doesn’t matter to me, but other colleagues may have been swept away.

“Is everyone alive?!”

“I am all right!”

“Me too!”

“Save Vince….”

Fortunately, no one seemed seriously injured.

I let out a sigh of relief and slowly opened my mouth.

“Everyone, listen carefully. His weakness is his face. Other parts must not be attacked under any circumstances.”

Her only weakness is her humanoid face.

If she tries to attack the snake’s body or wings, she gets hit in the opposite way by the snake’s reflex ability.


“I checked!”

After hearing the answer, I used the wind to remove the thick dust.

Then, the new type of Akidna is gradually revealed.


She is standing with her mouth open.

If I’m right, that’s a spoil breath.

“Everyone avoid it!”


As soon as he finishes speaking, a flash of green light rushes in, drawing an inverted triangle.

At the same time, the surrounding area touched by the light rots away as if it were corroded.

‘Look how bloody it is.’

Fortunately, the three other than me hid well behind a tree and didn’t get caught.

“Everyone, wait in your seats! You never know what kind of damage you might get if you make a hasty move!”

“Are you really okay? Gerard?!”

At Seina’s words, she nodded and approached Akidna.

She looks down at me with red eyes flashing.

I was amazed at the overwhelming size.

It was like standing in front of a huge pyramid.

I said it in a sarcastic tone.

“You look really ugly. Let’s try that arrogant attack again.”


Akidna slowly approaches as if sliding.

I raised the corner of my mouth.

‘Yes, attack me.’

If possible, use a physical attack.

Let’s see those great reflexes.

However, contrary to the wind, Akidna passed by her side ignoring me.

Her face distorted in an unexpected situation.

“Where are you going?”

Looking back, Akidna was heading towards Seina.

‘… I can’t do this!’

She aimed the blunderbuss in the back of his head and pulled her trigger.

However, he doesn’t even look back as if he’s insignificant and knocks them out with his wings.

I shouted with a puzzled face.

“Seina goes that way! Avoid!”

Shortly after she finished speaking, Akidna accelerated her speed.

Arriving at Seina at terrifying speed, she wields her body like a whip.


Seina leaned in front of her as if she was falling.

Above her head, the huge body of Akidna passes in a semicircle over her.

In the aftermath, trees are uprooted whole.

“I, I am safe!”

“Leave it to me!”

Then, Luna on the other side of her spur leaps off her land.

Akidna spread her wings to deter her.

However, Luna was much faster. She draws her face with her sideways.

– aaa!

Blood was drawn with a date.

However, she was shallow and could not fatally wound her.

Akidna opened her mouth with an indignant expression.

Luna has yet to come down to the ground.

A green light hovers around Akidna’s mouth.


I used maximization to accelerate her speed.

If you hit her spoiler breath head-on, everything from her internal organs to her bones will melt away.

She had to be saved somehow.



However, Akidna was faster.

A breath spewed out of his mouth before I arrived.



The moment of despair.

Seina jumped up and kicked Akidna in the face.

Thanks to that, his head was bent and his breath hit the other direction.

“Luna are you okay?!”

“Yes! I live thanks to you.”

I let out a sigh of relief and stopped where Seina and Luna were.

But after the two of us train every day, we can breathe well.

Anyway, this is not important.

‘… Let’s think about it.’

The only way to defeat him is with your reaction ability.

But, earlier when I stood in front of you and provoked you. He didn’t attack me.

Rather, I sniffed him and headed towards Seina.

Why do they bother to take the prey in front of their eyes and aim for other prey?

Did I simply look unappetizing? Or are you trying to save money?

If that’s not the case, he’s saying he knows my abilities, but that doesn’t make sense.

‘Damn it…. I have no choice but to try again.’

I came up with many reasons, but none were plausible.

I looked at Akidna.

He was preparing to attack again.

“Seina, Luna. Get behind me.”

At my words, the two nodded and stepped back.

This time, I was thinking of a stronger provocation.

That’s it, Padrip! This is not child abuse.

This is probably more upsetting for parents.

Jerking around.

I approached Akidna and opened her mouth.

“The children who went first must be grateful to us. I’d rather never be born than live with an ugly mother like you.”

He whispered cautiously in case Seina and Luna would hear.


Even though it was a fairly strong statement, Akidna didn’t seem interested.

Rather, she rushes towards Seina and Luna again.

“Coming to us again! Take the left side of Luna!”


‘Damn it, can’t you hear me at all?’

I sighed as I was caught in a cold meal again.

No, he asked me to hit him, but why didn’t he hit me…

Then, a spark flew in her head.

I thought of a way to get his attention.


I hurriedly called his name.

However, there is no response.

‘Yes, keep ignoring it.’

Holding the shotgun, I aimed at the egg from about 30 meters away and pulled the trigger.


The blue light spirals through the egg.


The response came at the same time.

Akidna turned around and looked at me with cold eyes.

It’s finally paying attention to me!

‘As expected! I was right.’

What’s the use of swearing at a child for a hundred days against a deaf person?

For these brutes, it was the best way to show them as intuitively as possible.

Because it would be more sad to see a child die right before your eyes than a child lost right away.

‘Perhaps the reason I ran only against Seina and Luna was because I witnessed the egg breaking.’

It’s not certain, but it was the most probable inference.

“Are you saying you won’t come?”

I started pulling the trigger one after another.

Whenever that happens, the eggs start to break like glass.


Finally Akidna changed her target to me.

It rushes at me as if it were gliding with a meowing sound.

“Yes, welcome! Boil me, bake me, do whatever you want!”

Akidna approaches me and opens her mouth.

It seemed like a haze was rising as if the air was getting warmer.

A wriggling, intense blue light flashed for an instant.

– aaa!


Dude deuk dude deuk!

The living, breathing things around me are turning gray one by one.

Starting from tree branches, grass and flowers were all turning to stone.

He used his petrification ability.

-Turn it off?

However, there was no way I could get through.

The condition for absolute defense to be activated is when there is a threat to life.

It was only natural that petrification would not work because it would eventually stop life’s activities.

“It wouldn’t be the time to use such tricks. Are all your children dead?”

I aimed at the egg again to induce a physical attack.

Meanwhile, Seina and Luna’s expressions caught my eye.

‘Are you surprised?’

In a way, it was only natural that he hadn’t been caught by Akidna’s ability to petrify.

It was time to get rid of the egg, regardless.

Seina points her finger at me and moves her mouth.

‘What is it?’

I focused on the shape of Seina’s mouth by maximizing her hearing.

“… Suga!”

‘What do you mean….’

“… Vince—!”

At that, I quickly turned my head.


What caught my eye was Vince’s frozen posture as he was running away.

‘Why is he like this again?’

He clicked his tongue and pulled the trigger at the egg again.

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