Defense 999,999,999 Corps Commander chapter 51

51 - Preparation for Employment (4)

51 – Preparation for Employment (4)

Usually, monsters only operate within a certain radius of the mountain as their habitat.

However, named monsters like Akidna were different.

This whole mountain range is the radius of activity for him.

As evidence of that.

“How can I not see a single monster?”

I didn’t see a single monster even after wandering through the stone mountain for an hour.

Everyone ran away from Akidna.

“… I just wanted to relax.”

Seina moaned in regret. Luna looked around and answered.

“Still, I think this way is the right one. There are so many corpse remains.”

I also agree with that statement.

Rotten corpses and bones strewn everywhere.

It must have been Akidna’s work.

“This Vince is guiding the way, you can’t be wrong.”

Vince, who is leading the way, looked around slightly to see if he had been listening to our conversation.

To this, Seina answered quietly.

“You are a cheater!”

“A swindler! To the information manager who handles all the information in the world… !”

“Noisy. I’m watching with my eyes open! I know you won’t even be able to eat the soup like before!”

‘It must be soup?’

I laughed out loud because it was Seina-like.

Vince winces and quickly looks away.

I don’t think I want to feel the fear of being beaten again.


At that time, Seina stopped everyone.

“… Why do you think it’s not this way? Trust me!”

Vince makes an unfair expression.

“It’s not like that, can’t everyone feel it?”

“What are you talking about? Seina.”

“Some sort of vibration… “

It was then.

As soon as Seina finished speaking, the ground began to shake.

Koo Goo Goo Palace.

We urgently prepared for battle.

“… Boo, it must be him!”

Quietly raised his index finger to the bewildered Vince and signaled him to be quiet.

Then the guy nodded and covered his mouth with his hand.


Something in the distance is sliding toward us.

But, it wasn’t just one.

“… Snake?”

It was an innumerable swarm of snakes.

They came at a speed like bison moving in a herd.

“Ugh… ! Are those all snakes?”

“My head is triangular…. I think they are all venomous snakes!”

“Hey guys! Shouldn’t we stop commenting and figure out what to do?!”

“Can’t we just kill them all?”

Seina pulled out her sharp claws.

It was reliable, but not a good choice.

“Seina, stop. If you deal with that number, you will be annihilated.”

Come to think of it, I heard that snakes start laying eggs from May to June.

Then those snakes must be Akidna’s offspring.

I heard that one drop of Akidna’s poison could kill 30 trolls. The power of the children was evident even without seeing it.

‘Damn it, no luck….’

Maybe one or two.

There was no guarantee that you wouldn’t be bitten while dealing with that many numbers.

“You can’t just sit still….”

“No, stay still.”


Seina looked at me with her puzzled eyes as if asking what that meant.

“Trust me.”

“I will be better—! I think it would be better to run away now!”

“Trust me! You’re not the one to say anything wrong!”

We stopped right there.

The snakes stick out their tongues and approach with the momentum to devour everything.

The distance is about 2 meters.


“I didn’t mean to come here! sh*t… !”

Vince mumbled.

Like that or not, I was aiming for the timing.


When the snakes came up to our feet before we knew it.

I used Sylphid’s power.

A strong gale swept our bodies.

Not just once, but continuously.



At the same time, snakes slide in the direction of the wind! Turn

“… Are you passing?”

“Oh, what happened?”

He kindly continued to explain to the party, who looked as if they did not know why.

“It’s blowing the smell to the left.”

“What do you mean?”

“The eyesight of snakes is degenerated. It sticks out its tongue and smells or senses the shaking of the ground through the Jacobsonian period.”

That is to say, if we render these two senses obsolete, we can make them undetectable.

So I was using the wind to blow the body odor far to the left.

Snakes follow the scent and turn.


“The reason why they told us to stop was so that the snakes couldn’t feel the vibrations?!”

Seina and Luna look at me with their eyes shining.

My shoulders went up for no reason.

‘… Thank you, Mr. Kim Il-yong.’

This is the content of the class that I was forced to take after falling asleep in life science class.

I never dreamed that I would be using it here.

After all, people have to study.

“… Then, is this strong wind the power of the king?”

Vince asked with his mouth open.

“Yes. Any problems?”

“No-! I will show my allegiance!”

This guy is more energetic than before.

I smiled and waited for the snakes to pass by.

“But is it okay to talk like this? If you ever hear us… “

“It doesn’t matter. Thousands of snakes are passing through the land at once. You can’t hear our conversation and feel the vibrations.”

“I’m so glad….”

‘Wait, come to think of it.’

Then, all of a sudden, I started to have some doubts.

Come to think of it, I’ve never measured how long the spirit king’s power can be maintained.

That’s right, I was busy moving here and there every day, so there were few opportunities to test.

I’ve heard that it’s ridiculously efficient that you can use 10 power with 1 mana for sure.

The problem was that I wasn’t sure how much my mana was.

‘Ah, but I’ll be able to endure this much.’

It was when I was thinking that.


Seina urgently calls my name.

“I think the wind has weakened a bit.”

“I think the snakes are moving a bit weird too!”

“… ….”

Don’t harass me.

Running out of money already?

That doesn’t make sense.


The snakes that were passing by us turned towards us.

“Listen up, everyone.”

I exclaimed urgently.


The worry was not long.

We started to run the 36th line.

– Squeeze!

The snakes, sensing the vibrations, pursue us fiercely.

I took out the blunderbuss and fired at them.

“If you get bitten, you die instantly!”


“Heh, heh.”

“I barely escaped.”

“I almost died. Right?”

After about 10 minutes of escape, we were able to escape from the snakes.

Fortunately, wild animals appeared and they changed their target.

“Vince, how far is it until we reach our destination?”

“That’s it, it ran like crazy… “

He scratches his head and says.

“You say that now?”

When he said it coldly, Vince continued urgently as if he were making an excuse.

“Yeah, but I guess I didn’t get on the wrong road…. If you go straight from the place where you saw the snakes earlier, you will find their habitat! Maybe if I go a little further, it will definitely not come out?”

He sighed.

No matter how urgent the situation is, what if you lose your mind and run?

“I can’t help it. Let’s go further.”

We moved forward, cutting through the bushes with knives.

How far did you go?

“Gerard, there are eggs.”

I began to see a space where hundreds of eggs the size of a small child were placed on the left and right.

There were quite a few broken eggs among them.

It seemed to be the baby snakes we encountered earlier.

“… It seems to be here.”

“hahahaha! Am I right? It will come out if you go straight.”

Ignoring the chattering Vince, I moved closer to where the eggs were.

Judging from the fact that Akidna is nowhere to be seen, she must have gone hunting.

We’re not guests and we have to wait.

It was absurd.

“How good would it be if the eggs were this big? You could eat as much as you like.”

Seina licked her lips and touched her eggs.

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At the same time, the eggs are broken.

“Oh…. Why does it break so easily? I didn’t even give it my strength.”

“Ah…. Seina must have given me strength.”

Luna said that and touched the egg next to her once.


This one is also easily broken.

“… Does it break really easily?”

“I am right. However… Isn’t this a bit of a pleasure?”

“I will.”

“Shall we try one more time?”

Kwajik! Kwajik!

Seina and Luna touch the eggs one by one.

“Keuheum, I’m curious too.”

Vince also started to join in, not to be outdone by this.

I muttered, touching my chin.

“I think it’s because of the body temperature.”

Having to lay eggs in a humid and shady place means that they are quite sensitive to temperature.

I think the reason why the eggs are broken is because they can’t stand the mild heat of humans.

‘Wait, this isn’t the problem.’

She shook her head and opened her mouth.

“Everyone, do that. Then, when even Akidna comes, he stimulates me for nothing… “

– aaa!

Just then, a terrible scream came overhead.

Let’s lift our heads with hope.

Akidna, with the upper body of a woman and the lower body of a snake, was glaring at us from the sky.

‘… sh*t, I knew it would be like this.’

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