Defense 999,999,999 Corps Commander chapter 45

45 - Banquet (5)

45 – Banquet (5)

It’s no exaggeration to say that the title of monarch is the best fighting skill you can get in this world.

Because he was able to exercise power similar to that of the emperor of an empire, it was truly omnipotent power.

However, even within the title of monarch, there is an invisible hierarchy.

On the surface, everyone seems to be equal, but the other side is different.

As evidence of that.

“Seven Lords, what did you just say?”

Lord 1 is trying to interfere with what I’m trying to do.

Lords, like other demons, have different ripple effects depending on their strength.

Of course, like the 1st monarch, there is no such thing as forcing or interfering with one another just because one is stronger.

But how does the first monarch look now?

He’s giving me orders now.

In other words, Lord 1 treats me not as a “Lord” But as a “Subordinate.”

‘Something like a dog.’

Because of that, there was no way it would get a good response.

“Are you deaf? He said ‘f*ck it’. You have no right to tell me this or that.”

“Humans always claim their rights. Seeing that, do you think you, who have risen to the position of monarch, are also human?”

He gave a fishy smile.

I said with a sigh.

“If you came here for a useless provocation, get out of here immediately, Lord 1. I don’t have time to spend on you.”

“Yes, I definitely told you. Say goodbye to Milos Island. If you ignore the warning, you’re not going to see anything good. Seven Lords.”

‘I will interfere until the end?’

The island of Milos has already been calculated in my head as my own land.

But you’re going to suddenly come and release me?

“What is the purpose? Did the princess even approach? If you’re usually crazy about human women, that’s understandable.”

“You know enough to make me feel bad.”

The 1st ruler has a lot of affinity for humans.

That’s only for human beings who are ‘female’.

Did you say that you wanted to protect her because her skin was white jade-like and fragile, unlike demon women?

He is crazy about women to the extent that all human women in the world say that he is his wife.

So if the princess of Argon Kingdom changed her line to 1 monarch, the explanation would make some sense.

‘No, it can’t be just this reason.’

You turn your back on me simply because of a woman?

That’s something an orangutan would do.

What is certain is that there was some interaction with the outside world.

I did have one doubt.

“Or, have you heard about me from other monarchs?”

“… ….”

He shut his mouth.

This is the moment when one doubt in your head becomes certain.

‘Is that so?’

-Humans always claim their rights. Looking at things like that, do you think that you who have risen to the position of monarch are also human?

Those are the words the 1st monarch said.

The reason why I dared to say ‘I guess he’s human?’ Was that he was completely ignoring me.

This was an indirect proof that I had doubts about my strength.

Isn’t strength everything for demons?

Actually, it was something I had been worried about for a long time.

Even at the meeting of the monarchs, I couldn’t show off my strength.

Only defense was one tool.

Of course, I unintentionally killed the next 7 Lords, but that alone would not be enough.

It wasn’t that he showed any power, he just died from being crushed by me.

Moreover, even on the battlefield of Maslantia, I have never shown anything of overwhelming ‘force’.

Rather, I tried to win by using soldiers.

That is.

“You doubt my strength.”


Some lords doubt my abilities.

First Lord, Milos Island is just an excuse.

It is simply to check my ability by causing friction with me.

‘Because it is impossible to fight between monarchs. I thought you were going to make trouble and confirm it.’

If the monarchs mutually agree, a duel can be held under the auspices of the overlord.

If he had told me that your ability was a lie.

Would I have accepted the duel?

I wouldn’t listen with the back of my ear, and I would have told him to turn it off.

However, to leave the first monarch alone, who clearly declared that he would interfere with the ‘purpose’ of Milos Island.

It was to prove that I was incapable of stopping him.

“Very well, 7 Lords. How did know?”

‘How could you not know that you show off like this?’

“This is a conclusion that can be reached unless you have a brain the size of a pea. 1 Monarch.”

“Good. Rather good. Some lords have concluded that your powers are not suitable for lords. Prove it to everyone. Your strength. Accept the duel with me. Then I will not touch the island of Milos.”

‘It’s completely selfish.’

I clicked my tongue as if I couldn’t help it.

If you’ve come this far, there’s no reason to refuse.

“I will accept it.”

“Refreshing. Soon we will be able to see your true abilities!”

I touched my chin and thought.

Right now, the 1st monarch is not a problem.

More than that, it’s more urgent to find out who the lord is trying to harm my position.

There are a few suspicious monarchs. I am not totally sure.

“Who are you? The monarch who first raised the issue about my ability.”

“Why don’t you figure that out with your proud brain too?”

There was no easy way to say it either.

“When is the showdown?”

“Come out immediately. You just have to prove your abilities in front of everyone.”

Saying that, the first ruler opened the door to the reception room and left.

I sighed and followed him.


Jerking around.

Inside the banquet hall where a party is in full swing.

The 1st monarch smiled and recalled what had happened a few days ago.

3 Days before the banquet.

He had an encounter with the Lord of Annihilation.

-Have you heard of the 7 Lords? I hear you did a great job in Maslantia. It’s quite

-Is that so?

– What?

-From what I’ve heard, he hired soldiers. But was it really necessary?

That was right.

With overwhelming force, is there any reason to waste time appointing soldiers?

For some reason, it only seemed that he had hired soldiers.

-Looks like he wanted to play chess. Isn’t this an act of scratching and making boils?

-Think carefully, Lord 1. The fist he extended to the Lord of the Black Sea at the Lords’ Meeting.

-hahahaha! I thought it was refreshing. By striking such a weak fist, didn’t he trample on the pride of the ruler of the Black Sea?

-That’s his real strength.

– What?

-From the beginning, there were not one or two things that were suspicious. That ‘human’ guy defeated the Seven Lords, who were as powerful as the Overlord? It’s a lie.

-How to confirm?

—Then how can we prove that he defeated the Seven Lords?

-Didn’t you kill the next 7 lords?

-Also, it can’t be seen that he applied physical force. Because he fell from a height.

-… I see.

The first monarch was speechless.

Come to think of it, I tend to believe too easily.

It was even more so because the words came not from the mouth of the 7th Lord himself, but from the mouth of a third person, Rosaria.

-So what are you going to do? You mean to test his strength?

-1 Monarch. How about you try it out?

-Don’t say anything funny. Why should I?

-Don’t you want to rekindle the overlord’s interest? How long are you going to pursue human women?

-… ….

-7 Monarchs are now monopolizing the attention of the Overlords. What would happen if you proved that guy’s lies?

-I guess interest will come back to me.

The 1st monarch’s upper garment went up gently.

As the Lord of Annihilation said, there was nothing like the best way to refocus attention.

He looked at the overlord, who was enjoying the banquet alone and indecisively.

“Listen up, Overlord—!”


The first monarch’s voice filled the banquet hall.

People, regardless of you, turn their eyes to him.

The overlord also looked at the 1st monarch with puzzled eyes.

“I intend to fight a duel with the Seven Lords right here!”

At that, the overlord’s new model, Pass, disappeared.

Soon after, it appears in front of him.

“Huh? Suddenly?”

‘You’re really interested!’

He opened his mouth with a happy face.

“Yes, there was a collision with him once. Allow me to duel, Overlord.”

“Hmm, I think we should also listen to the opinions of the 7 lords. Just come over there.”

The 1st monarch’s head turned back.

He approaches with an expressionless face.

“The 7th and 1st lords want to fight a duel, what do you think?”

“It doesn’t matter.”

“Okay, then it’s confirmed.”

The overlord snapped his hand.

Then, the earth’s axis shook, and a large rectangular stone floor rose from the floor.

And beyond that boundary, something like a faint veil appeared.

“We can’t hurt others, so the two of us only fight here. Is this wide enough?”

“Enough every time. Don’t be shocked, take a good look, Overlord. I will clearly show you what kind of person the Seven Lords are.”

A smile appeared on the overlord’s lips.

“You make me happy today? Good. Show me where 1 monarch.”

“Look closely at the people who came to the table! What kind of person is the newly appointed 7 Lord!”

Key figures also approached the two of them.

It was like passersby watching a fight from outside the cage.

“You can’t kill each other. I don’t want to lose any more monarchs. Do you both know what I mean?”

“Don’t worry. Overlord. I’m thinking of just cutting off his arms and legs.”

“He won’t grow up because he’s human.”

“Then it can’t be helped.”

The overlord shrugged his shoulders and stepped back.

“Now then, let’s begin!”

That’s how the duel began.

There was no polite greeting.

The 1st lord immediately rushed towards the 7th lord.

“Have you ever been kicked at the speed of light?”

“I heard that somewhere.”

“Shut up, Seven Lords.”

1 Lord’s legs are dyed in bright yellow light.

Soon after, his legs headed for the head of the Seven Lords at a speed that the eye could not follow.

“I apologize in advance. Die-!”

Then, everyone present, including the overlord, gave a look of astonishment.



The moment the body of the 7th lord was hit directly, the 1st lord’s leg was ripped off like a tree branch.

Soon after, he loses his balance and is slammed backwards.

Gerard smiled and opened his mouth.


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