Defense 999,999,999 Corps Commander chapter 28

28 - To the Battlefield of Maslantia (4)

28 – To the Battlefield of Maslantia (4)

“Very good.”

I inspected the inside of the garrison with my hands behind my back.

All of the soldiers are taking a break.

Originally, they should have been fighting a war by storming into the Resistance’s stronghold with the momentum of victory.

I was given a two-day break for expressing my strong opinion.

‘This amount of time must be enough time for the Resistance to regroup.’

It was when he was smiling.

“Good morning! Lord-!”

One of the demons saluted me with a fighting spirit.

I nodded moderately and accepted it.

The guy lowered his arm and ran to the demon in front.

‘Bastards, you’re very polite.’

It was when I was looking at his back with a satisfied face.

Suddenly, he hit the back of the head of the demon who was walking well in front.

“Good morning. You b*tch!”

For a moment, I thought I hadn’t seen it well.

Why do you suddenly hit another demon in the back?

The demon who was stabbed in the back turned around and looked at him.

I thought that he would get extremely angry and angry.

Rather, he smiles brightly and speaks.

“Quuck! Yes, good morning!”

He stared blankly at it.

‘… What?’

After that, he hit the heads of the other demons one by one, as if playing a rhythm game.

“Good morning!”

“Did you have a nightmare last night, you bastard?”

No one got angry.

Rather, everyone greets him warmly.

As I stopped with a puzzled look on my face, someone next to me started talking.

“hahahaha, our soldiers are rather bright.”

It was Commander Sirius.

I said with an absurd face.

“Is that a greeting?”

“Yes, it is. It is a sign of friendliness.”

I laughed out loud.

Saying goodbye like that, as expected, the emotions of the demons were very different from those of humans.

“Aren’t you tired of living here?”

“It’s okay, so you don’t have to worry about it.”

“I’m glad. If you don’t mind, I’d like to show you our soldiers while they’re resting. Would you like to go over there? The soldiers are playing a very interesting game.”

‘It’s a fun game… ‘

I was curious.

What do demons usually do to play?

I nodded.

“Come this way.”

I walked all the way along Sirius.

The soldiers are giggling and encircling something in a circle.

I squeezed through their gaps.


A shocking scene unfolds soon.

A demon is putting his head in the mouth of an ugly griffin.

It was like watching Thai trainers put their heads in the mouth of a crocodile.


“Our soldiers are so brave that they usually enjoy a thrill like that. How are you?”

Sirius said to me with a proud face as if he was proud of his child.

I ignored his words and hit the head of the demon in front of me.

He turns around with a puzzled expression.

“Guy, Lord?! Loyalty! Good morning!”

A guy who salutes with a bright face.

‘Ah, that’s right. Hitting me on the head said hello.’

I sighed and opened my mouth.

“That guy with his head stuck in it. Take it out right away.”

“Yes! Got it!”

As he hurriedly approaches and tugs at his body, his head pops out.

The demons ate their appetites with regretful faces, as if their excitement was broken.

I clicked my tongue.

“Everyone, pay attention. In the future, this type of play is prohibited. Everyone read the book.”

“Chae, are you talking about books? Isn’t that what weak people read!”

“I’d rather exercise! If the body is bad, the head suffers!”

‘These nice but ignorant guys. What if my throat is cut off?’

Then I suddenly felt a question.

Why did I just leave?

If even one Asmodian disappears like that, wouldn’t it be advantageous for the Resistance?

I shook my head.

‘… Anyway, I don’t want to see my head cut off right in front of my eyes.’

This is overkill.

It was time to think so.

“Uh, uh! Catch him!”

“I can’t… ! The mascot of our garrison!”

– Quick!

The griffin broke the chain with force and began to fly into the sky.

Of course, he wasn’t tamed.

The only one who can tame a beast is the black sea lord who fought with me.

They just brought a demon beast from somewhere and tied it up like a mutt in the neighborhood and raised it.

“Terius! Don’t go!”

“Come back—!”

A griffin named Terius disappears in the distance, frightened by their shouts.

They made despondent faces.

“… Terius.”

“It’s gone.”

“Ah, damn it.”

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The scene was quite funny, but I felt like I would become a fool if I continued to watch it.

“Gu, lord? Are you leaving already? Still highlights… “

“All right. I need to get some rest.”

I left behind my grasping Sirius and hurriedly headed for my tent.

I’ll stay here and bond with them.


Meanwhile, at the same time.

Inside the Resistance Temporary Garrison.

“… Robert, this is strange. The demons don’t move much.”

“… It can’t be.”

Robert bit his nails.

If you had even the slightest idea, you should have taken advantage of this opportunity to visit the base.

But, there’s no movement?

No matter how you think about it, that doesn’t make sense.

‘Damn it, if that’s the case, it’s a waste of effort to get the soldiers to move at dawn yesterday.’

In fact, since dawn the previous day, he had hired hundreds of soldiers to dig up all the flat land coming to the base.

The plan was to dig a trap, delay their movement, and engage in a war of attrition by gradually reducing the number of soldiers in the ambush.

But, there was no movement, so it was crazy.

That’s true, the soldiers couldn’t even rest properly since yesterday’s dawn and were waiting in ambush for the demons to come.


Robert screamed.

Could he possibly have noticed that he was going to act like this?

Or maybe the strategy was leaked because there was a spy inside.

All kinds of thoughts ran through his head.

‘No, they will definitely come.’

He shook his head and brushed off his negative thoughts.

Just as 1+1=2 is a matter of course, it is also a matter of course for them to come to the base.

“Sir Robert. What should I do? Soldiers… Shall I bite?”

“Don’t talk nonsense, adjutant! Then all our efforts so far will be in vain. Wait unconditionally They will definitely not miss this opportunity.”

He asked for a cigarette with a nervous look on his face.

“Rather than that, how did the extra reinforcements go?”

“Yes, Count Galliver’s army is coming.”

Robert raised his chin.

If it’s Galiver, he’s an early strongman in Retrospective Expert.

Stronger than thousands of armies.

If you stop, the game of this war will change drastically.

It was when I was thinking that.

“Pepping, Commander—!”

A soldier gasped and ran toward Robert.

He asked, feeling a bit uneasy.

“What happened?”

“… It is said that a monster flew towards the soldiers who were ambushing near the base!”

“A demon?! Is it the work of demons?”

“… T-I don’t think so, but the witch beast is keeping the wild boar we hunted in the trap we dug!”


Robert’s brow furrows.

That meant that the traps dug so far were being dismantled in vain.

“Hey you asshole! Then, you won’t have to catch that demon beast anyway!”

“… Sorry, he’s pretty nimble, so I’m having a bit of a hard time dealing with him.”

“I hate to hear it! You incompetent bastards! What can I do about one of the demons approaching?”

That day, the resistance members spent a considerable amount of time and energy hunting down a griffin that suddenly appeared.


Two days have passed.

‘It’s finally the day of the decisive battle.’

– Jeobuck. That buck!

Thousands of troops are marching towards the resistance camp, raising dust.

In the meantime, judging from the fact that they didn’t take any other action, it must have been spent on additional reinforcements and reorganization.

“It is very reassuring to hear that the monarch is accompanying me.”

“Don’t get me wrong. Because I have no intention of leaving.”

I also decided to do this operation together.

The reason was that the humans were somehow unreliable.

What if there is no other income even after doing this?

Then I don’t know what to do then.

“hahahaha… I know. Just being by your side is reassuring. Other than that, the road is a bit rough. Be careful.”

It was as he said.

The land was full of visible traps.

Looks like something the resistance guys did.

Usually, isn’t it covered with soil to make it invisible?

It was a moment when I doubted my intelligence.

“I see humans—!”

“Prepare the catapult!”

And finally, we arrived at the base.

As if they’ve been waiting for it, the Resistance’s ranged attack comes flying.

It was fire arrows and ice magic.

– Clap!

The soldiers raised their shields in unison without being disturbed.

Arrows and spells pouring down like a shower bounce off the shield.

Sirius shouted with a mighty voice.

“A full charge.”


With a loud shout, the soldiers rush to the gate.

It was the beginning of a full-scale war.

‘Resistance Coin… Let’s go!’

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