Defense 999,999,999 Corps Commander chapter 29

29 - To the Battlefield of Maslantia (5)

29 – To the Battlefield of Maslantia (5)


The demons charged in front of the fortress violently, raising dust.

As if they had waited, the gates of the fortress opened wide, and the resistance soldiers pulled out their swords with solemn faces.

“Our sacred bond cannot be defeated by demons!”

“Let’s decapitate the filthy demons and conquer Maslantia-!”


The reason they opened the fortress was simple.

Since we lost several ranged soldiers and wizards in the skirmish we had two days ago, it was more advantageous to lead them into close-range combat.

If each other’s armies are intertwined, the demons can’t make long-distance attacks, so they can overcome their inferiority a little bit.



“What a bastard!”

The armies of both sides clashed with each other.

The human at the forefront drew his sword diagonally with a grim face.

The demon twists its body to avoid it and pierces the human heart with its sharp hand.


The sense of superiority of victory is fleeting.

As if the other humans were waiting, cut the demon’s head sideways.


With a cheerful sound, the head falls to the floor.

The demon kicked off the ground and jumped up.

The human immediately raised his sword and tried to stop it.

My eyes squinted at the figure hidden by the sunlight.

At that moment, the human body was split in half as if sliding.


“Don’t back down! Kill them all!”

The battle was literally close to a fight.

Soldiers engaged in bloody battles with each other, and when a soldier in front of them fell down, someone took their place behind them.

No one backed down in the scuffle where they couldn’t yield an inch to each other, and corpses piled up like a mountain on the floor.

“Die, savage humans!”

The aspect of the early battle leaned toward the demons.

The reason was simple.

For nearly two days, the resistance forces have not been able to take a break.

According to the commander’s order, they dug traps all morning and stood on alert without being able to get a good night’s sleep.

I couldn’t be in good shape.

On the other hand, what about the demon side?

They were so light that they were about to fly away after taking enough rest for two days, excluding those who stood guard under Gerard’s orders.


‘The monarch is watching.’

‘We have to show that we can be useful too!’

‘This is an opportunity for me to go to the front too!’

The ripple effect of just one person watching this scene from behind.

It exerted a strong enough influence to lead their morale to its peak.

“Turn it off!”

“Don’t let the fleeing humans live!”

Push shu shuk!

The demons boasted blue skin that reflected light and slaughtered human soldiers indiscriminately.

Screams echoed here and there.

The resistance forces are gradually losing momentum.

At this speed, pushing the base is literally instant.

Thinking of that, they kicked the ground.

Meanwhile, Robert’s complexion began to distort as he watched the scene.

“I can’t do this. You can’t do this! f*ck!”


The huge boulder loaded on the catapult curved and slammed into the fortress wall.


Fragments of broken stones fall like rain.

Siege weapons were tools owned by the Resistance until just a few days ago.

“Damn-! Asmodians, even catapults… !”

The fort’s defensive magic was slowly breaking down due to the catapult attacks that had been flying continuously since earlier.

It is a self-evident fact that if we continue like this, we will be defeated without moving.

Robert started walking up and down the fort with a nervous look on his face.

“What the hell is your identity… !”

He looked at the silhouette of a man who looked like a dot in the distance with a lively face.

I couldn’t see the detail, but he could tell.

That guy is the commander in charge of commanding the battlefield this time.

In my head, I couldn’t quite understand.

His own tactics were flawless.

Besides, from memory, he never used any special tactics.

But why can the aspect of the war, which was held tightly until just a few days ago, be reversed?

“Poo-sup, you moan like a poopy dog? ROBERT So I told you earlier. Don’t show your petty pride and ask me for help!”

At that time, the woman next to her laughed and shouted.

Robert replied with a frown on her face.

“Shut up, Grace! The girl who came to Count Galbert’s job! What can you do… “

Robert couldn’t follow his back.

It is because the blade of a cool sensation suddenly entered his neck.

“What are you doing… !”

“Just be kind enough to let me know that you can do this, Robert. So, accept my terms.”

“… Hate! I can’t hand over the recommendation to a b*tch!”

For some reason, Count Galbert’s army, which was originally scheduled to come, did not come.

Instead, Grace, who is usually called a vicious lunatic even within the sacred bond group, came as a substitute.


Once more, the stone carried by the catapult hit the fortress wall.

As if the defense magic had been pierced, this time the walls of the fortress were hollowed out.

Grace glanced at him and said with a creepy smile.

“If you lose on this battlefield, you will have a lot to lose. Are you sure you won’t regret it? Come on, roll your hair like a rat. Which one will do you more good.”

Robert did as she said and quickly began to turn his brain around.

Then he opens his mouth.

“… Promise me one thing. Don’t kill your comrades for getting in the way.”

“I can’t promise, but I will try.”

“Trying hard? Such a crazy year… “


Grace struck Robert in the philtrum with the hilt of her sword.

At the same time, he feels lethargic.

“Now then, shall we go to decorate the end with splendor?”

She jumped lightly, and she fell over the fort.

– Kung!

Turning her neck as if she were stretching her body, she approached her Demon.

However, the same humans were blocking Grace’s path.

“Sorry, I’m getting in the way.”


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It was simply an act of swinging.

However, she was not as simple as her power.

With one swing, dozens of people in front of me are sliced like bamboo shoots.

Blood gushed in all directions and splashed on Grace’s face.

“Ha, the bloody smell is disgusting.”

She sang her hum and rubbed her blood on her face as if she were washing her face.


‘These guys don’t really have an answer….’

I was sitting in the seat of honor and watching the battle with my arms crossed.

At first, both sides seemed to be boiling, but before they knew it, the war turned to the demons.

Despite giving them many chances to win, it’s like this.

The Resistance guys didn’t even deserve to win.

‘What should I do?’

That said, I was just watching and doing something.

Seriously, should I pretend to be crazy, shoot allies, and troll?

It was when I was thinking about what to do.

“Thanks to the monarch.”

Sirius, who was next to him, quietly opened his mouth.

“What do you mean?”

“This war. If it hadn’t been for the lord, we might have been defeated long ago.”

“… ….”

He was looking at me with a faint smile and a very grateful expression.

“… I didn’t do anything. And, the war isn’t over yet. You never know the outcome.”

“That’s right. It’s not over yet. That’s why I wanted to say thank you even more. Because of completely unexpected variables, the lives of the soldiers and myself may be in jeopardy at any moment.”

‘… ….’

Sirius’ words stabbed a corner of my conscience.

He was handing me thanks without a single pretense.

Without knowing my twisted heart.

“When I first saw you, I thought you were no different from other monarchs. However, it wasn’t long before I realized that it was a huge mistake on my part. The monarch is a warm person.”

He continued.

He said with an embarrassed face that he didn’t know what to say.

‘Why are you suddenly saying this dude?’

I bit my lip.

Sirius’ words feel like digging into my heart.

Even though I have high mental power, I can’t help but feel guilty because I’m human too.

However, Sirius, who did not know my feelings, continued to speak.

“I’m sorry, but to be honest, at first I thought you were a ruthless person who used soldiers like horses on a board, and threw them away as soon as they got tired of them. However, after living with the monarch for a few days, I learned that he always worries about the safety of the soldiers and is struggling more than anyone else to lead this battlefield to victory.”


I raised my hand to stop him.

If I continued to listen, it seemed that my conscience would confess the truth.

“I’m sorry, my presumptuous mouth was outrageous.”

Sirius bows his head.

He rubbed his brow and sighed.

Don’t shake.

Asmodians are bastards.


It was then.

The terrible screams of the demons were heard along with a loud roar.

Me and Sirius felt unusual and fixed our eyes in the direction of the sound.


And at the same time, our eyes widened.

Only one person.

A single woman is pushing ahead against several demons.

“I-that woman… !”

“Sirius. Is she someone you know?”

“Yes, this is a woman named Grace… She’s only been dealt with once. He was such a terrible opponent. I never wanted to see you again, but I never thought I would see you here!”

He continues his words with a darkened complexion.

“… The reason we haven’t won a single victory so far is also because she wasted a lot of troops. This, the situation is not good.”

If I hadn’t seen her level in my eyes, I might have thought she was making a fuss.

[LV. 353]

However, her level was clearly visible to my eyes when I used visual maximization.

To say that humans are at that level is to say that they are really insanely strong.

‘Wait, that’s what it is.’

It might have meant that the demons would be defeated in this battlefield.

I glanced at Sirius.

He still looks at the soldiers being swept away with dark complexions with worried eyes.

‘… sh*t.’

Throughout the war, he prayed and hoped that humans would win.

But for some reason, it’s not as pleasant as the charter turns.

How should I say it’s a bit uncomfortable?

It was time to look at Grace with that thought.


Her eyes met hers.

No doubt.

That’s probably because she looked in my direction and muttered something.

‘… Hang in there? Do you want to die?’

After she said that, she started slaughtering the demons again.


When I spit out those words while holding the knife, the chicken meat tried to come up.

Why are all the screws missing from these worldview women?

I try to understand, but I can’t.

– Die!

The demons continued to rush at Grace like waves.

However, it was not enough. With a relaxed face, she took one step forward and slaughtered them indiscriminately.

‘Why won’t you back down?’

Everyone’s expression was full of fear. And yet, without hesitation, I run.

If the opponent doesn’t work out, you’ll have to do something, whether it’s retreating or planning a strategy.

Why do people keep running around like dogs and being killed by dogs?

“My lord.”

At that time, Sirius quietly opened his mouth.

Are you asking for help?

“What is it?”

“I have a request for you.”

“Tell me.”

“We are fine, so you don’t have to step out.”

I was surprised by the unexpected words.

Even if you ask for help, it’s a hat.

“What do you mean?”

“It literally means that we are enough.”

“So, could you please leave?”

“… Avoid your seat?”

Sirius smiled bitterly.

“I’ll just be honest. I don’t want to show my lord how mercilessly defeated I am. Look at the guys’ faces. Everyone, don’t you rush to the Lord even though you know you’re going to die in order to remain in good shape until the end?”

I looked at the dying demons with a dumbfounded expression.

Even though their faces were full of fear, they seemed to have no regrets.

That look is really stupid, and I think it’s rather like them.

Why am I fighting so fiercely to show myself a good side until the end?


Could there be other guys so full of romance?

Absolutely not.

And, is there anyone who can keep an eye on it?

This also does not exist.

I jumped up from my seat with an indifferent face.

“…Lord? Where are you going?”


You might regret it later, but let’s help at least this once.

No more, no less. Just that woman.

“I’m going to go for a walk.”

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