Defense 999,999,999 Corps Commander chapter 27

27 - To the Battlefield of Maslantia (3)

27 – To the Battlefield of Maslantia (3)

A few hours ago.

Sirius troops.


The stones loaded on the catapult fly into the fortress in a parabolic arc and get stuck.

However, thanks to the defensive magic installed on the outskirts of the wall, it did not give much damage.

Sirius raised his voice as he gazed at the tightly closed entrance.

“If you want to live, you will die, and if you want to die, you will live. We are not committed to defense against humans. Fight against everyone! Kill!”

-Koo-Goo Palace!

As soon as he finished his words, the door of the fortress, which had been firmly locked, opened wide.

Thousands of troops run out of the fortress with a grim expression.

“Don’t leave even one alive!”

Sirius’s voice rang out.

The entire force slithered down the steep hill.

“Sval! I can’t lose to weak people! Let’s kill them all!”

“Ohh-! Kill them!”

“They are demons! They opened the fort!”

“Damn it! Turn the coordinates of the catapult!”

“What the f*ck! Raise the assault squad forward—!”

Sirius observed the dynamics of the enemy camp while being escorted from the top of a hill where the war situation could be seen at a glance.

As expected, there were many human troops hired to capture Point C.


‘What is it?’

He suddenly felt puzzled.

That’s true, too, the troop composition is too concentrated in one place.

From Ranged Soldiers to Mages and Siege Weapons.

It was deployed only with the power to capture the fortress.


Shortly thereafter, Sirius’s pupils dilated greatly.

My whole body shuddered, and I felt like electricity was flowing through me.

‘… Could it be that the monarch was aiming for this?!’

He thought with his mouth open.

How did you come up with this idea?

The Resistance guys expected that they would only focus on defense at the base, so they filled their strength with siege weapons, magicians, and ranged soldiers.

That is to say, they are helpless as long as you get close to them.

Sure enough.

“Turn it off!”


A massacre almost at the level of robbing an empty house began to unfold.

The ranged soldiers were in a hurry to be attacked by the demons who were approaching at a terrifying speed.

The wizards belatedly, canceling siege magic, applied elemental magic. While preparing for siege magic, the consumption of mana was large, so he suffered damage without any other resistance.

Embarrassed by this, the Resistance members belatedly set up an assault squad, but the war situation had already collapsed. He was busy being helpless by demons who used long-distance magic.

‘… Did you expect all of this?’

Sirius looked at the falling humans with a blank expression.

30 Seconds.

Hearing his own briefing, it’s time the Seven Lords came up with this tactic.

But, that’s an outrageous tactic to outmaneuver the opponent.

What do you mean by looking at how many numbers in 30 seconds?

It would not be an exaggeration to say that this was the realm of transcendence far beyond the general category.

‘… How dare you question the tactics of the Seven Lords. I don’t deserve to be alive.’

Just as a sparrow cannot understand the will of a phoenix, he himself could not understand the will of the monarch.

I felt like I wanted to cut my own throat.

However, he is the commander in charge of this Maslantian War.

He couldn’t do anything so irresponsible until he led the war to victory.

“Weak humans are running away!”

“Don’t miss even one! Pursue them to the end and decapitate them! Immediately retrieve all the equipment they abandoned!”

The war situation was sorted out in an instant.

The resistance forces chose to retreat and as of today, the demons have won their first victory.

‘… The lord is the most important key in this battlefield.’

Sirius opened his mouth thinking that with a determined face.

“Today’s victory is thanks to the former soldiers here! The fact that we won was the natural order and the result. Everyone, don’t forget this fact and engrave it in your heart!”



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After hearing the inside story from Sirius, I slumped into the chair with a distraught face.

‘No, can it be like this?’

I couldn’t tell if the resistance guys were stupid or if I was just unlucky.

However, if I think about it now, will it change anything?

The war is not over yet, and there are many opportunities in the future.

‘This time… I’ll be sure to annihilate them.’

It was when I was making up my mind.

“… As a result, our troop loss is less than 4%, which is an unprecedented figure. You are so amazing! Lord!”

Sirius has finished his briefing on this victory.

His eyes were shining as he looked at me.

He seems to think of me as a hero.

“So, what are you going to do next?”

“Yes, I plan to hit them with the momentum. Resistance bastards. You would have been very upset. We lost our siege weapons, and we also lost a lot of mages and rangers. That’s a really huge loss. So, we should take this opportunity to hit them.”

‘Why is the head of the 10th kid working so well?’

In war, momentum was a very important area.

At the time of the Korean War, think of Korea, where Seoul was taken away in 3 days and pushed back to the Nakdong River defense line.

Didn’t General MacArthur’s Incheon Landing Operation turn the tide of battle again?

‘Not good.’

In that sense, the demons have gained momentum now.

The morale of the current soldiers will also be at its peak.

If I went on like this, I might really turn the tide and drive all the resistance guys out.

‘That’s not okay.’

Looking at Sirius with a sad look, he seemed to be expecting something.

“hahahaha, do you have any instructions for me this time too? I will reflect right away!”

He pricks up his ears and waits for my words.

I sighed and opened my mouth.

“Commander, you are being fooled by the mirage of momentum.”


“Shouldn’t you at least be able to distinguish between momentum and recklessness?”

At my words, Sirius made a puzzled expression.

He continued as if he had been waiting.

“Excessive enthusiasm inevitably leads to anger. Can’t the resistance guys guess we won’t miss this chance? No, they must have already prepared. Surely, they will lead us to a war of attrition in order to recoup the damage somehow.”

“That’s right. It is also expected. However, we must not give them time to reorganize. Additional reinforcements may come, but at this point we must keep pushing, demoralize them, capture the stronghold, and drive them out once and for all! “

“Commander, there is a complete error in your words.”

“… You mean an error?”

Nodded and continued.

“Prevent additional reinforcements and demoralize. Isn’t it rather the opposite?”

“What is that… “

“It is not possible to completely conquer Maslantia by breaking their morale only when they completely trample on those who have even received additional reinforcements.”


Sirius looked at me with dilated pupils.

Then, he suddenly collapses on the floor.

“Oops, sorry—! I hadn’t even thought of it having such a deep meaning. As expected, your idea is different from that of a lowly person like me. Learned again… !”

‘I was caught.’

I gently raised the gargori.

As soon as additional reinforcements are added to the resistance forces, the map of this battlefield will change again.

So, if you give them time to reorganize until then….

Finally, the demons will be completely defeated in this war.

‘So this time please… Make no mistake. Resistance bastards.’

I sighed thinking that.



Inside the Sacred Covenant Temporary Garrison.

Commander Robert Freisson slammed the table with a mad face.

“f*ck—! That filthy bastard of the demon tribe, is struggling!”

“Go, fix it. Commander.”

“Shut up! Commander, you stupid bastard!”

He picked up a map from the table and threw it at the man.

The anger did not subside.

One step forward.

If they had gone one step further, Maslantia would have been completely theirs.

By the way, did that purple demon lose his head?

Unexpected strategy that was very different from the existing ones.

‘I wasn’t like him normally.’

Commander Sirius.

Usually, he was a guy who used a defensive strategy to minimize sacrifices and losses.

However, today’s tactic was extreme and unbecoming of a guy, and it’s safe to say that it was a gamble.

“Aha… Was it like that?”

Then Robert snapped his fingers as if he understood.

“… Why?”

“There must be a new commander for the demons.”


Otherwise, it was not explained.

So far, I was the one who saw through all of his tactics.

He is not a nerd who can use this tactic.

There is only one such thing.

“It’s fun.”

A sluggish Sirius means that the commander has been disqualified and a new commander has been appointed.

Robert put a cigarette in his mouth, and the adjutant quickly lit it from the side.

“Then what happens now?”

“Whoa, how did the brain fight between him and I begin? hahahaha-! Stupid asshole I will make you regret meeting me.”

Robert said that and raised his shirt.

He had the confidence to hit anyone with his brain.

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