I’m the Main Villain but the Heroines Are Obsessed With Me
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I’m the Main Villain but the Heroines Are Obsessed With Me

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메인 빌런인데 히로인들이 집착한다
Status: Completed Type: Author: Released: 2023 Native Language: korean Posted by: Noble nible Posted on: Updated on:
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Synopsis I’m the Main Villain but the Heroines Are Obsessed With Me

I reincarnated as the protagonist’s brother in a yuri game.

As a villain who hinders the protagonist and is hated by the heroines.

I only tried hard to survive. But they started to take an interest in me.

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  1. Forget disliking clichés. This one had a good premise but the execution was so poor i had to scratch my eyes out with “wtf am i reading?” Better a cliche but well written than an unorthodox plot with sloppy writing

    1. And seriously why would people get shocked when MC fights bare-handed? Sheesh bare fists are literally one of humanity’s oldest weapons. Not unless this moronic setting didn’t have an existing recorded history.

  2. Bill Rammos says:

    This was a better read than I expected when i first started it. I also like that it ended in such a positive note and everyone got their happy endings with closure and stuff …
    Kinda sad that it lasted so little and has now ended but oh well it was still good nonetheless. See you around and peace out.

  3. IT ends at 125 and rest is epilogue, 126 is where Author explains stuff and answers most asked questions. He says this was supposed to 300 chs but shortened to 125 due to him being burnt himself at ch8 lol so yeah the story is getting all tangled and advance faster at some point.

  4. Big Blackclock says:

    Thx for the update!

  5. Manchester Black says:

    Capítulo 70

    Ps: Those who call the MC Beta have not had a personal relationship in their lives. Go out more to the streets to meet real people.

    1. Daver55 says:

      Tru, MC is a beta AND a cuck

    2. IME says:

      nah man, that’s my boi ROB Z is the one with a high standard one.

      he cant tolerant any beta mc even its just a slighly kewk

    3. rob z rob z says:

      Yeah, I called him a simp, and he is, as I demonstrated below. You live in the Bay Area long enough – simptown USA – and it gets nauseating. Don’t need that in the fantasy novels I am reading.

      And please explain how calling the MC a simp cuck – which is what he is – somehow indicates one has not experienced “personal relationships” – would love to hear the rationale on this one.

      1. Miguel O Hara says:

        Well its true initially he did take on quite a lot of hate and endured it like a self sacrificing mc. But in his pov the mc didn’t know anything regarding himself and had no one on his side so that he could retaliate without facing any consequences. The rest of the world hated him and if he retaliated against the unfair hate, there is literally no one whose gonna take his side and will only make the hatred against him stronger. And in the perspective of the rest of the world they all unilaterally believed that MC is a scumbag and they were right in abusing him. So the MC could either take on all their hate and become alone but self sufficient and donot care about them. Or endure all of that while trying to find more information and keeping the storyline on the original path, in the process mending his relationship with others. He choose the 2nd path and I guess that is not sitting right with you. We also later found out the original mc himself caused everyone to hate him. Regarding the teacher and sister you talked about earlier, Bro mc is literally treated as the guy who is against the hero( his sister ) and inevitably an enemy of mankind , do you expect him to be treated fairly? The sister is not a cnt but more of a naive hero with idealist mindset. If he had taken action against a major character without having any proper info whatsoever, He could have totally destroyed the storyline then and there. That would have been a dumbass move.

      2. Miguel O Hara says:

        The mc did have to let himself be treated as a doormat in the start but that was not without his reasons. Maybe you are being too harsh on the mc too early. And regarding personal relationships which Manchester said earlier , maybe he is talking about how it is hard to break off all relationships and become alone. Humans are, in the end, social beings who find it harder to break off all relationships and become a lonewolf. They tend to try and salvage the relationships they have until its broken beyond repair. Here the mc could not hate them since they were not wrong in treating him that bad and had valid reasons. So he chose to gather more information and mend their relationships rather than letting everyone go and hating them in return. And we later find out he was right in what he did.

        All in all he is not a character with the strongest of minds and hearts but he is surely not as bad as you describe him from reading 18-20 chaps.

  6. clown 🤡🎪 says:

    Is the obsessive love really that obsessive here or naaah cause I’m all of that obsessive love where even interacting with other girls will almost if not get killed/trap or in any way just to prevent mc from talking to other girls

  7. Guywithaname says:

    We Eating good today ☺️☺️☺️

  8. Novelpia completed the serialisation of this novel.
    Can someone request for update on discord.
    Please 🙏🏻🙏🏻

    1. By the way I’m banned on discord

      1. Guywithaname says:

        Yeah same lol

    2. myu says:

      yea the mod there are on power trippin even if you follow the rules

      1. Discord mods didn’t get such a bad rep across the platform for nothing, they don’t have power in real life so they abuse this to feel good.

    3. Manchester Black says:

      The story is over?

  9. Ok, after reading the comments here and also reading something around 60 chapters of this novel, I had to say, there are a lot of misconceptions here, and the biggest one, IMO, is calling MC a beta simp. That’s far away from the truth. He is just a cold and calculative man, who only does what is strictly necessary to do to achieve his objective. If there is no gain for him, he will not take any action. Someone here complained about a scene where he one shotted his ex-master during a practical class (mock battle) while in front of the entire school and, to protect her image, he faked foul play. He did this not because he was a simp, but because he needed to keep her high reputation within school, so she could still be useful to him in the future.

    1. rob z rob z says:

      It’s not a misconception, and the MC is CLEARLY a beta simp – in fact, how you can possibly read the first 20 chapters and not come to that conclusion either is mind boggling, or an indication of how far you’ve bought into this stuff. If you like beta simp MCs, more power to you, but call a spade a spade. The MC was unfairly abused by his family, viciously treated by his c@nt of a sister, has his swordsmanship destroyed by his teacher – unfairly, and all he does is bend over and take it, saying crap like “I just have to endure”

      And with his sister how many times do we read “oh I have to protect my precious sister” and “I have to hide the truth that would justify my actions from her and everyone so she won’t feel bad,” even though she and her cronies treat him like garbage. And if you read chapter 5 and aren’t seething, grossed out, or some combination thereof at the cuckery by his sister, I don’t know what to say about you. That is the very definition of a simp – “Someone who does way too much for a person they like”; “when a male is overly submissive to a female and gains nothing from it.” Sorry, I have no interest in reading novels with pathetic make leads like that, and will blast them in reviews if I come across them.

      And let’s talk about the scene from chapter 16-18 if that is what you want to get into. MC is just starting to get some kind of measure of success and appreciation. And his class teacher at the time is his former swordsmanship instructor – you know, the one who destroyed his swordsmanship for bullsh!t reasons related to his c@nt of a sister, which screwed him up for quite a while and would have ruined his life if not for the lucky break in meeting Nelltalion. So what does she want to do now, after he is finally getting some legit skills after what she did to him? As Elizabeth explicitly said, “humiliate him” and “break his spirit”. But he turns things around on her and wins. However, he deliberately casts obstruction magic so no one sees, because, boo-hoo, her spirit may be broken losing one practice match with a student (and she does whine like a b!tch afterward until finding out what MC did). I don’t give a sh!t about some crappy rationalization like “oh, I need to keep her around so she can continue to train my c#nt of a sister.” This was a dag nasty evil woman, and he goes and protects her image after almost ruining his life, in the very match where she was trying to break his spirit, all for that awful sister. Beta simp MC – QED.

      1. Kyryuu says:

        Very beta MC CUCK INDUSTRIAL

      2. amogustimestwo says:

        !Spoilers! Chapter 1-41

        Yeah ngl that was weird. Honestly, we didn’t really need the possession. If it were the original Ian and he regained his pre-regression memories it’d be way better. Now we have MC NTRing the original Ian pretty much. Wait no he actually is. And if it were the original Ian, after so much struggling, he’d realize why he’d had to suffer this much. He’d also realize: it was his choice to be hated by everyone. And I think that would’ve encourage him. Now I can’t understand the MCs motives. Is he taking over the mantle for Ian who sacrificed himself? Why would he do that? He doesn’t know him and he shouldn’t care about those girls who literally hate him (at least originally). And also the fact that its NTR really annoys me.

        1. One Reader says:

          I pretty much agree with everything you say haha, i felt the exact same way, the mc behavior really doesnt feel great when you consider the original regressor mc’s beliefs and why he chose to suffer.

          However, if you read on more, it mostly gets explained except for stealing the yuri mc/sister’s harem, which is distasteful but whatever. With that said, its explained, but not very well. The author drops the ball hard tbh, making the story complicated and forgetting settings i think. Ive tried reading this 3 times, and i got further each time, but its really not for me.

          I love self-sacrificial protagonists, but this one isnt done well imo, so im dropping it.

          Thanks anyways to the TL and editing team, and sponsors, as well as the author!

  10. Zzz says:

    Good enough
    You might feel very frustrated at beginning and dont expect much from regret tag
    Feels kinda lazy author mode on half of the plot as it is very predictable but readable

  11. Rader says:

    MC is a babysitter. Hero was weak so they created a babysitter to help her. That’s it. Kinda predictable story and all that.

  12. shelwyn shelwyn says:

    I read to chapter 70.
    Well the latest couple of chapters, it feels like Mc is the toaster in that meme. The one where the toaster robot asks its meaning in life and its told it was made to toast bread.

    Mc you were created to support your sister lmao.

  13. Su 183 says:

    At the start it was extremely poisonous ch.1 to 5

    But please give it a chance and keep reading

    Really good novel 8.2/10

    1. Su 183 says:

      And tbh they should come up with better title

      The Main Villain? Really??

      The guy sacrificed his life for ungrateful beaches 😞

      1. Busy Poo says:

        Sand is still sticking to my body

    2. rob z rob z says:

      I gave it a chance, and even went back for a re-read – 30+ chapters. 2/10 is being generous. If you are a fan of Korean web novels, don’t read this – its a JP web novel masquerading as a Korean web novel.

      1. IME says:

        for my webnovel enjoyer @ROB Z

        did you know that all of NOVELPIA novels are like this?

        maybe you should go to KAKAO, MOONPIA, etc for the type of your novel. like SOLO LEVELING sht

        i mean, ive never find your positive comment.

        idk much abt korean novel but i assume that NOVELPIA AUTHOR IS MOSTLY AMATEUR. and other like KAKAO, MOONPIA, that mostly got a MANHWA adaptation are “REAL” author.

        So dont coping too much for the story on NOVELPIA, some of them is good, and i know most of them is sht

        1. rob z rob z says:

          Then you obviously don’t read the same novels I do, or you just blew by my reviews. I have written numerous positive reviews on this site – as one example, I was one of the first to praise Incompatible Interspecies Wives. As some other examples, I positively reviewed I Became the Master of the Empress, I Was Summoned to Be Sold As a Son In Law, The Villainess I Have Served For 13 Years Has Fallen, and I Broke Off My Engagement and Got a Job at the Academy. There are many more, but too lazy to type all the titles in.

          I also write more detailed reviews that come down the middle, like Kidnapped the Saintess of the Hero Party, The Sage That the Sword Saint Is Obsessed With, and I Stayed Loyal When My Teacher Was Betrayed.

          What’s more, I have paid out of pocked for a half dozen or so novels to be updated so we can all read them, the most recent being My Fiancee Was the Villainess of this World, The Main Heroine Likes the Extra, I Give Up on Conquering the Heroines, and Childhood Friend of the Youngest Daughter of a Conglomerate Family.

          So to summarize, there are numerous novels to which I have given positive reviews, and yes, a bunch of them are on novelpia. I just don’t tolerate poison, which generally falls into the following tropes: beta MC, dense MC, and “hide my powers” because “reasons”, and am not afraid to call out novels for using these sh!t tropes.

          1. Kyryuu says:

            N le hagas caso gracias por tus reseñas me han salvado de muchos venenos y por tus donaciones por la novel amigo de la infancia de de la hija de un conglomerado ya que soy de un país que no tiene permitido accesoni entrar en páginas extranjeras ni pagar nada

  14. IME says:

    yooo this is so good

    everyone who says this poison absolutely they are a big fan of my hero academia

    1. Hehe says:

      I saw in the previous comment that we have the same passion, so I believe in you 😀

      1. IME says:

        yooo i hope you enjoy the novels that i comented @haha

    2. rob z rob z says:

      WTF are you talking about? This novel sucks because the MC is a pathetic beta simp b!tch in the worst of the JP web novel MC mold. And I hate My Hero Academia.

      1. Do says:

        Bluds the type of guy to complain about how MC acts even though it makes sense considering their situation. You want then to act like deranged perverts? Edgy psychopaths? Heartless jerks?

        There is no characteristics without fault, maybe try to look at everything’s positive side instead.

        If the MC had a perfect personality in the first place, there wouldn’t be a story to read.

        1. rob z rob z says:

          No one expects him to be perfect, but this MC is the typical beta male MC where he bends over and takes it all the time for bullsh!t reasons, and has no self-respect or dignity. And he never explains himself, but just sits there and takes all the undeserved abuse because he is a beta simp b!tch. I gave an example in my post below, but there are numerous examples.

          1. IME says:

            at this point, you will hate everything on this site dude.

        2. What is beta simp mean?

  15. Zero says:

    What does Munchkin mean?

    1. IME says:

      it means overpowered. cmiiw

  16. Biggins Moog says:

    Overall a good read. Recommend this.

  17. Manchester Black says:

    Let’s see, let’s see, that I find out. Do yuri heroines get rid of their lesbianism (???) or do they become harem bi (which I haven’t seen so far and would find very interesting)? Or does the author/translator confuse yuri with Otome?

    I can’t come up with such different opinions. And the ideas of milky violet they go deeper and lower into the abyss of madness.

    1. Dootdeedooterson says:

      There are some cases of Yuri being translated incorrectly by MTL when they mean otome but I think this was a Yuri setting but they became that way due to certain things that occured in their life.

  18. Extra Extra says:

    This didn’t vibe with me whatsoever.
    It felt too cookie-cutter and flat, even for my liking.

    Dropped at ch 13.

  19. DoomGuy says:

    Ok y’all hear me out. This novel is acutally…….not that great. It has decent moments (I personally love when the abusive family/friends get their comeuppance), though it’s few and far between.

    I can’t even properly hate on the family and friends though, because the original Ian LITERALLY CURSED them to hate him. It seems that he originally had a good relationship with everyone, so all the hate/abuse was brought upon by himself. Why this novel socks is that neither he nor the possessor seem to want to try explaining anything, especially cause it seems that the curse is no longer active (adding more hate, it seems to have left the aftereffects in place).

    1. Slow Reader says:

      No, it’s literally stated and repeated that his relationship with his parents from childhood has always been and always will be bad. Without the curse, his parents spend the time arguing and ignoring him and possibly also ignoring his sister. With the curse, they’re a happy family because they’ve been busy despising him and pampering the sister instead. Not to mention the curse is only new to this round of regression.

  20. This had an interesting premise and a solid potential… But Author couldn’t execute it properly… Most of the plot felt forced, especially the regret… *Oh! What have I done?*… Like fk, at least make it such that it feels a little real… Just some random events and regret starts… Sigh..

    I would rate 6/10.
    And dropping at the latest chapter.. don’t want to read anymore.

  21. Reafan says:

    Not a poison, but not really interesting story

    Idk how to tell it , but the story line its a bit Bland, many character interaction that really not interesting

    The way MC fight the villain to, its bland , to OP protag, the villain who Appear got defeated in 2 chapter even tough he say they are subordinate of main bos , where the thrill? Wheres the big problem?

    Its too bland, where salt? where papper? Who’s cooking this food?

    This just edible food without taste , you can eat it, but not really enjoying it

    *personal opinion, try it atleast its edible for me

  22. RoshanDistaste says:

    After reading 8 chapters (lol), I dare to say that this novel is one of the best in this site. This isn’t a posion, so read it, guys.

    1. crow raven crow raven says:

      in my humble opinion, this is average on this site. MTL is average, the story is average, Mc on the lower end and high grade poison. Read the tyrant empress is obessed iwth me.

      1. That was one good novel

  23. Daver55 says:

    Yuri is for cucks.

    1. What for? I am not averse to some chick screwing a girl , i mean at most she will be licking. However anyone would not tolerate a man even touching his wife. Honestly in real life though I would be disgusted.

  24. Anyways now that my tantrum has subsided, I have a new idea.

    “I became a very convincing villain”

    Synopsis: perhaps I was a bit too good

    tags: all of them besides the bad ones

    Prologue gist: MC gets gang banged by the heroines party, the remnants of the demon kind, the chaos gods and divine beings themself, the high elven of old, the dwarfed of smith, literally everyone. Then the MC goes “yeah, so you’re wondering how I got here” and then you’re transported 90000000 years back in academy arc or some similar bs, and the MC is not guided by some stupid system or anything, he is a villain because he hates the stupid goddess that made him possess a villain.

    1. Errr I meant, he just very immersed in his role as a villain.

      1. Tsk, if being a villain really led to that, a couple of my exes would have already *aped me a long time ago. Either I’m too kind of a villain, or the world is not as friendly to villains that the author doesn’t lead by the hand through history with incredible luck. However, the concept of the book sounds amusing.

  25. rob z rob z says:

    Just started getting into this but have to write this quick note because I am frustrated by the deceptive title. The character the MC possesses is NOT a villain – he is a pathetic, self sacrificing simp b!tch everyone thinks is a villain because he takes steps to protect his c#nt of a sister and doesn’t explain why, and everyone reads his intentions as bad / evil. I HATE that kind of character.

    1. rob z rob z says:

      Nope – I’m done. This novel sucks. As one example, MCs swordsmanship master / teacher blamed MC for something to do with his sister and intentionally destroys the MCs swordsmanship, burning a curse into him so he can’t even pick up a sword. After the possessed MC acquires some new powers and hand to hand combat skills, she sets out to embarrass him again in front of the whole class. He stomps her ass in one move, but intentionally does something to hide that she was defeated by a student to protect her image and self worth. F#ck that sh!t, I’m out. Say no to beta simp MCs.

  26. Jahe Manis says:

    Unlike Japan, Korea really doesn’t like little sisters huh. Like other novels I’ve found, the author makes the little sister (ori protagonist of yuri game) is annoying and the culprit behind the original MC’s suffering. With that character, how the hell she is the MC in game lol. The younger sister hates her older sister just because of what her mother said. MC’s childhood friend stays away from MC just because she believes his little sister’s words more than MC. Weird. Tropes that I don’t like, MC’s mother doesn’t like MC just because he has a dark attribute which makes MC overpowered. Weird. If your son is disabled and has a disease, it is more believable, but your son is healthy, genius, and handsome, and as mother you dont give him love and prefer love your daughter more. The author just wants to make the reader sympathize with the MC by arguing that his life is bad but it doesn’t make sense when write it.

    1. Usually korean girls have very high body count, so they don’t look at there younger sister as appealing and they probably don’t respect or care for there brothers. While in Japan the families have deeper bond

  27. M-Art EA M-Art EA says:

    Who play Yuri here 👀

  28. If I reincarnated as a villain, I would be a villain. No stupid “im actually good guys!!” Nope, I’m going to die for the reason I, or rather this pitiful meat sack I happened to possess, was made for.

    But I’m not a heartless person, I’d be an anti hero but still villainy enough to where I am clearly bad. No wimping out, maybe if you wanted me to save the world, you should’ve had reincarnated me as a hero or nameless NPC. Stupid gods and goddesses.

    1. No stupid hero/heroine seducing too, I will crush them under my villainous foot. Stupid idiots. I hate villain stories

      1. grrr thinking about villain novels makes me want to Germany 1932-1945 all demon kind possible, I despise this genre

        1. Bocchan says:

          Bro you gotta calm down

        2. Cero says:

          Mr.Violet, you are very violent 😫.

        3. Jack says:

          Chill….bro chill… honestly why did they write this kinda bs…..if they have so much free time then why not write a better one????…..i hate this kinda author who didn’t dwell deeper into the story and character they made

  29. Zen says:

    A terrible novel… It reminds us of those Chinese novel where the memory of villian is exposed and heroines beg for mercy troupe… This full of plot holes and nonsense..

    1. Insufferable says:

      I don’t know man, I read that particular chinese novel and I ate it up like it’s a delectable feast prepared by the god of cooking himself. I cried pretty bad too.

      But then again there were many copycat of those thay were absolute garbage so Imma see for myself if this novel is good.

      1. Zen says:

        Sorry if I conveyed the wrong conclusion Ya the Chinese version is really really good I love it I also had a few tears in my eyes and sore throat 😔 I was not able to read the whole thing cause could not find a translation apart for some initial chapters but I was able to read another Chinese novel with the same troupe… But this novel Korean one is a the bad, cheap version with some plot changes and that’s why I am angered (and I was wrong about the troupe thing cause this novel has a few major changes to that troupe and I prefer the Chinese) i skipped a few chapters are tried to read other chapters still it’s nonsense and bs.

        1. Insufferable says:

          I see. I agree it does spark a little anger when a trope that was done beautifully by a novel you really liked was suddenly used for a subpar story and implemented badly

      2. I liked that novel too, for anyone wondering the name it is ” the villain make heroine beg tearfully” or something similar you can just google it

        1. Zen says:

          Ya noble translated it too but not the whole thing

  30. crow raven crow raven says:

    not yuri i think thankfully

    1. crow raven crow raven says:

      the game is a yuri game but i don’t think the novel is yuri to be more in dept.

  31. Ryuu says:

    I feel like every mc who reincarnated as a villain are getting a harem easily. Maybe I should become a villain too if I reincarnated.

  32. Kaniya says:

    Yuri?? 😅😅😅

    100% poison..

    Pray 4 us

  33. Imperador imortal says:


  34. Oh god. Regret+munchkin+academy+harem= heavenly celestial super ultra legendary ultimate mythical level poison.

    1. Cero says:

      Strong poison ☠️

  35. Big Blackclock says:


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