Transformation or Death
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Transformation or Death

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변신 아니면 죽음 뿐
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2022 Native Language: Korean Posted by: Noble nible Posted on: Updated on:
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Synopsis Transformation or Death

If the hero protects the citizens.
Who should protect that hero?

[The price for non-compliance is death.]

I am saying this because I feel unfair.

help me.

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  1. It’s okay. I couldn’t finish it though. Things started to get a bit repetitive with some of the girls but that doesn’t mean it was bad.

    I’m kinda just looking for some nice single FML romance right now.

  2. Women with no white hair. How unique. It appears that once you are so used to something, you crave something that is different.

    1. Disgusting. How dare I have such dastardly thoughts.

      1. says:

        Every single one of your comments is another step towards insanity.

      2. Mysteries reader says:

        Bruh, I think you’re going insane at this rate….
        …… I see in every comment you make your one step getting closer to insanity
        If you’re not before tho……..

  3. Suherman Joshua says:

    Rather than power ranger, his transformation more like kamen rider. If you look in novelpia, his battle suit combination design of kamen rider W and Zi-O

  4. The story starts off average but gets amazing, it starts off with the MC a little confused about his situation, then he starts to evolve and get stronger both in mind and body, he’s actually acting like a “true hero”. The story can be thought of him acting behind the scenes to save the world and recover the memories of the “body” or himself since he is in doubt about himself in all these chapters I can say that he only has two friends I am not a fan of harem but I’m even rooting for them the story is a little tiring in the middle but it gets better. I read until chapter 81 even made me nostalgic when I watched the story of heroes when I was a kid

  5. My Mynnn My Mynnn says:

    Indeed.. We see a boobtiful woman..

  6. Rader says:

    Have read 40 chapters for now. And yeah its not for me.

    Premise here is that the world has monsters and there are magical girls who star chooses as their envoys and task them to defeat the monsters. These magical girls get powers based on love and friendship but in exchange if they violate the tenants, they will suffer.

    Now, besides monsters and magical girls there are some humans also chosen by the stars in the sense that they get fully corrupted, they are also classed as S Class monsters, basically those humans are considered ministers now. You can say that while Magical Girls are employees of the Stars the S Class monster humans are slaves for the stars in the sense that they lose the human emotions and become obsessive to validate and promote the star they have. For example a Libra user will be crazy to create a situation with perfect balance where both a great hero and villain does in a grand fashion.

    So, these S Class Monsters are crazy and have lost their memories as a human. MC is different. He is a person who chose the stars, he want to have the stars, as many as possible as he hate the current situation. That’s why he got a special form of power, not chosen by stars and not corrupted by stars but wilfully want to use them. Due to this MC get some Power Ranger transformation which is considered as a S Class throughout the story.

    Problem here is that even if he saves everyone including the Magical Girls people forget his deeds quite soon and treat him as a normal monster, this is a problem with the novel. It’s fine if MC does not want to get seen as a hero, but to do that Author wrote in such a way that everyone seems to have doubts over his actions and quickly forgets if he even exits, this looks forced to me.

    Besides this, novel is too focused on magical girls and Power rangers, that is the power of plot Armor is too much here. Even if MC survives by just one breath he gets an insane powerful by leaving hospital to fight a big boss, this level of using plot Armor is too much for me. If you like MC and everyone fighting hard just to get a Super Saiyan Transformation in every big boss level fights, have fun with this novel.

    1. Your comments is was helpful, thank you.

  7. Iok says:

    Man i love the mc, a realistic guy haha

  8. Ozaki Ozaki says:

    I see bootiful woman 😋

  9. Hensin says:

    Seems interesting, any poison tester?

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