I Got the Worst Skill in the Academy
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I Got the Worst Skill in the Academy

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아카데미 최악 스킬을 얻었다
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2022 Native Language: Korean Posted by: Noble nible Posted on: Updated on:
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Synopsis I Got the Worst Skill in the Academy

[Poor adaptability (D-)]

A unique ability that must be in the top 3 worst trash.

In addition to direct combat,

An ability that doesn’t even help much with support such as recovery.

Just an ability to help you survive a little longer.

It’s natural for anyone to say that it’s garbage and to raise it again.

But this is reality.

You can’t grow a new character like a game, or you can’t play more through the load function.

Of course everyone will think.

He said, ‘I’m so screwed up that I can’t even speak.’

But the reason for my silence was different.

Obviously trashy abilities. There is no doubt about that.

But to survive and reach the end.

It was enough.

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  1. idiomancy says:

    Slippy kitten unleashed a full on 15k word statement regarding this novel jdfknfn

  2. idiomancy says:

    Slippy kitten unleashed a full on 15k word statement regarding this novel :skull:

  3. D says:

    These stories really be out her with plots like: I got the trash z ranked skill “become a god” and after defeating everyone who looked down on me for my weak skill I became the tyrant of gary stu land.

  4. Rader says:

    Well I went back and read that passage again. I thought that Author was showing the guardian in shower sheen but man, I missed yuhana written. My bad, I skipped that mainly because I never thought that the Author will write such a steamy scene for a teenager.

    It was my fault, Guardian doesn’t lust over him. But I am really baffled to see that Author based that scene on an under aged girl. Damn, he could have shown her thinking this while on bed or what, why using the bathroom scene for this?

  5. Rader says:

    Nah, just pause and read again the chapter where he comes back from the entrance test. There is a scene of his guardian bathing and her getting heat up and pouring cold water to cool of twice. She even mentioned her hypothesis that many of his school teachers must have taken illegal photographs of MC just because they can’t resist him.

  6. Arcus 101 Arcus 101 says:

    Correct me if I’m wrong but as far as I remember his guardian didn’t lust for him though his adoptive sister does. From what I remember his guardian is doing quite well in her role, are you sure you didn’t mix up his guardian with his mentor? Also, some of the girls have less than romantic or lusty reason for wanting to date him. For example a certain kamen rider girl want to date him because with him by her side, she thinks he can make her and her company grow better, since he for some reason reveals that he can basically see the best path for her to get stronger and she wants to make use of that skill for herself.

  7. Rader says:

    Read only 20 chapters but can infer what this novel is all about.

    MC is a seasoned gamer with bad skill but he got a good plot Armor. He is a standard Mary Sue character, everything goes his way. Him defeating a mini boss just because it is “young” suddenly, getting an evolution of some perk because “some unknown” being helped him, and then got 1st rank on S Class when he acted as if he was okay with B Class. He is a gamer but still does not treat completely as a game making him picking strange takes like avoiding his guardian but embracing everyone else because he does not want to treat any relationship as real.

    And then, well I am fine with incest or similar forbidden twists but here his guardian is lusting over him and even most of the girls and women lust over him as if he is the most suitable mate in the world. It can be true, I have seen many novels with super handsome protagonists,but at least they don’t push the handsomeness to this level that even his guardian is crazy for his dick just because of his appearance.

    Overall, a novel similar to many game based academy novels, it will easily fall in medicore category; not so bad but not so good too.

  8. Extra says:

    @Slippy Kitten

    Are you trying to become a Korean Isekai Protagonist?

    Because with that long critique of this novel, your probability of transmigrating into the novel’s world has just gone up lmao

  9. Blue Shadow says:

    Wah thanks for the poison test

  10. Woah that… sounds indeed yes 👍

  11. What a hypocrite goody two shoes character…

  12. The plot armor, plot hole, and plot contrivance here are so thick. IDK if it’s what the author intended or not but the MC is really immature and kinda hypocrite. He said he wants to go back to his original world so he set a distance with his closed family in this new world, this has been stated and established in the beginning chapters of this novel, normally you’d expect him to find a way and set his vision onto the way he’s set to go back home, so in a way, it’s fair and logical to say if he also keep a distance with the other characters and just keep his eyes on his track, right? But nah, he instead always keeping himself close to the other heroines and characters while at the same time keeping his distance with his own family that has help him in the new world. That for me is a big hypocrisy. The protagonist also still doesn’t realize that the scenario or storyline of the world’s hes living in isn’t the same anymore since he already set a butterfly effect there, but he keeps whining why it’s different than the original storyline that he knew before. This MC with a little self-awareness is really a big red flag and a sign of really immature MC. He always gets what he wants. The other characters are there just to praise and makes him shine. He’s also your typical dense kind of main character in a bad way of course. The other characters also have the illogical reasoning, decision, and personality if you really dwell, analyze, and think about it. So there’s a character named Gu mihyang if I recall it correctly, she basically is your typical lonely girl with a throwaway kind of family background, she’s basically the daughter of concubine, so she has the bloodline of some kind of noble family, but is on the marginalized throwaway in the terms of her family line. She grew up alone, hence she’s lack of physiological and emotional maturity education, that’s why she also doesn’t realize that she’s lack of affection from the others, she also grew up alone and it makes her as a naive person, hence why she’s betrayed by the fortune-teller that she trusted the most to wake up her power and almost makes her as a some kind of sex slave, but surprise surprise! (Not really actually) the MC saves her, MC SAVES THE DAY! HURRAAAY, and after that, after she’s betrayed, she’s mad at it, and that makes sense actually, but what makes it doesn’t makes sense is that so the MC that helps her, tells her to come with him to some kind of dungeon exploration without any background intention there shown to her. Normally, as a living being, you’d expect her to not trust and also doubt MC, right? SHE’S LITERALLY JUST GOT BETRAYED LIKE 5 MINUTES AGO, AND SHE, AS I’VE SAID BEFORE, ALSO GOT HER HEARTBROKEN AND LITTLE BIT OF MENTAL BREAKDOWN HENCE WHY SHE’S BEING REALLY ANGRY AND LITERALLY CRUSH THE FORTUNE-TELLER HEAD RIGHT IN FRONT OF THE MC. BUT NAHHHHHHHHH! She just trusted and believed to our MC. Of course she’s being hesitant at first, it’s normal, right? That’s why MC needs to tweak his brain a bit so it makes her believe on him. Okay, that makes sense. Normally you’d expect the MC to tell her why she needs her to come and follow him, right? Like example he’d probably tell her, “Hmmm… i heard some words on the street that said there’s a kidnapping incident inside this area, precisely this street and alley. I didn’t really trust this kidnapping rumor at first, since this rumor is also a bit shady and not well-known to general public, and it’s just a rumor, so I didn’t really believe innit. But I just found out that she was holding the demonic item and also about to handing some force sleeping plotion to you. I thought she truly wanted to drug you. Hmmm… I think there’s a bit of truth inside of some rumors. Ah, but hey, are you alright? If you’re not, I’ll give you the first aid and then I’ll take you to the nearby hospital for further examination and curative medicine if you’re hurt somewhere. But, if youre fine, can we have a talk for a moment? I know that you might not trust me, since you have been betrayed a little while ago, so I’m not gonna force you to have a conversation with me and you can always go but I’m hoping that you want to listen to me and try to understand what I’m going to say if you listen to me since I have a proposal that needs you being as a part of it, ah, and of course im gonna be transparent and honest on all of it, they said that communication is they key to success, right? So, if it’s fine with you, I wanna have a little piece of it. Soo… I’m sorry but, I heard that youre talking about your special power that you want to wake up, hence why you came to this fraud. You know, I have some appraisal kind of ability too, and I see why you want to be awakened somehow, since it’s a special nine tail fox ability that you have but still being locked inside of you. You also talked about it to this fraud, so I guess my eyes and prediction about your power are somewhat correct. So, about the proposal that I want to talk about with you, do you really want to unsealed your hidden fox power? I actually can do that if you really want it. I don’t need you to pay me back with your background family or something. All I want is just some kind of investment on you as a hero. You… even without your sealed power could still reach the s-rank on the academy. And I found out that even some s-rank student still has some room to grow, but your room seems to appear larger than the other, that’s why I said I want to invest on you, not for your background check, but for you as a person. If it’s possible, I also want you to wake up your power, and in the future we can build our strong bond and connection together through some kind of reciprocal closed relationship. And about the way to unlock your power…… I can actually do it. I want to set my first thread and seat on you. I want to be the first person to invest on you as a hero and as a person. I think it’s a fair trade and equal exchange. I want you as a strong hero, and you want to be awakened. So, if you want, would you like to start with regular friendship first? It’ll be good if you can also share your contact person with me so we can have an easier time together. Don’t worry, I’ll give you mine too. I’ll tell you about how yo unseal your fox power soon, so I think I need your contact person. I’m a bit busy and I have much a little time. So, would you like to do it?” My point is, he could tell her some reasonable cause behind his action and also his next plan with her (to go to the dungeon). He can build his relationship first, or you know…, on the next day, he could tell her to go the dungeon to wake up her power, anything to make her believe on him, since she literally just got betrayed like 5 minutes ago. BUT NAHHHHH! INSTEAD HE JUST STRAIGHT UP ASKS HER WHETHER SHE HAS FRIENDS OR NOT AND PEOPLE TO BELIEVE OR NOT. MOTHERFCKER, SHE LITERALLY JUST GOT BETRAYED AND YOU WANTS HER TO BELIEVE ON YOU BUT YOU NOT GIVING HER AT LEAST A REASONABLE MOTIVES OR PURPOSES BEHIND YOUR DEEDS. How tf this is a logical dialog? Wtf is this?! Furthermore, why the fuck she just believes on him? Bitch, he doesn’t even give you a proper reasoning, and you just straight up got mental breakdown and mad like a little while ago since the person that you really trusted just betrayed you. I know that you’re mentally a child-like and basically a capital and bold naive. But bitch please, not like this. You’re basically mentally disabled. You didn’t even learn at all. And doesn’t even grew up as an individual. How tf she can even grew up mentally? You almost got kidnapped, you got super mad about it, and then protagonist came to save the day, you didn’t get mad suddenly, protagonist straight up ask you to go to the dungeon (of course, normally she’d not believe on him and shoulda ask him his motives behind his proposal and she did but he answered her by giving her a question that could’ve probably provoke and makes her suspicious again and distrust you), and but somehow you just trust him…. On her character profile, she’s known as an independent individual since she’s always living alone. After she got betrayed, she 100% needs to have her me-time before she can go out to relied on the other person and trust them, that’s a basic human understanding and logic psychology. But…… haeuhhh…… I’m tired writing this long…. There’s realllllyyyyyy a lot of illogical plot & event, character’s act reasoning and decision, and infuriating MC’s personality and other personality problem. Geez, I couldn’t find write it all down here since it’s really a lot. Even if you try to turn off your brain. This shit still frustrate you.

    1. Did you get into novel yet???

  13. Zen says:

    Good series… MC is not manipulative rather kind hearted and straight forward even though he knows alot about other characters beforehand… Hope they update more chapters… (Those who like chaotic neutral or evil MC should skip this one)

  14. Arcus 101 Arcus 101 says:

    Well, I just want to say that this is an enjoyable read so far. Though like the other commenter said, if you want a protag who struggles as he slowly grow stronger despite his weak ability then this isn’t for you.

    First off, I don’t believe that if this game came out for real over here that that unique skill of his would ever be anywhere near top 3 worst. For example, with his skill it really won’t be a dream for the player to eventually nullify all status effects once the skill reaches a high enough grade. I can already see that getting the attention of some players without even mentioning some of the other abilities of that skill. Also it is true that it is basically plot armor, you know like when an MC power up at the middle of a disadvantageous battle? Yeah, that is basically what the skill does. Just change it to every time he fight or get targeted and you basically get this skill.

  15. Hyi says:

    I love it its really funny please more hehe

  16. Winter says:

    Scam. Basically got plot armor with how ridiculous that adaptability skill. Additionally, he got more things going other than that skill so yeah, read at your discretion.

  17. I see boba, I click (3)

  18. I see research material, I click (3)

  19. Finally an obsessive novel again lel
    Keep the harem/obsessive/yandere regret/revenge tags coming.

  20. Ozaki Ozaki says:

    Lmao I just found this one lookin like a chill read since the last ones were pretty deep kekeke

  21. RAVENS says:

    I see some melons: time to read this

  22. Yahde says:

    i see boba, i click (2)

  23. My Mynnn My Mynnn says:

    I see boba, I click

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